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Wearing a smoky eye while the sun is out without looking like a vampire or a crazy party girl who never went home the night before can be tricky. But Nina Dobrev nailed it…



Now, obviously the first thing to point out here is that the look is quite subtle, thanks to a very light application of gray liner and shadow. I suppose you could even call this look “smoky adjacent” and I have to agree.

The second this is that there’s very little to no shading in her creases, which makes her eyes look a bit less intense for day time.

And the third is she’s Nina Dobrev and she’s pretty no matter what, really. But let’s just gloss over that and go to the last point which is…

The warm peach eyeshadow on her upper lids, which keeps her looking friendly and day-appropriate. You’ve got to have some warmth if you’re doing smoky in the daytime, people. It’s key.

But enough about Nina. What’s your trick to pulling off a smoky eye in the daytime?

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How do you know when you should stop seeing someone, and when you should give it just a little bit more of a chance? Here are some suggestions:

1. When the thought of seeing them again stresses you out, STOP.
How you develop chemistry with another person is a mystery, but it certainly doesn’t happen when you’re dreading the thought of another date. It’s not going to happen with this person, so save yourself the stress (and save them the trouble) now. But! Dread is for bad dates, not for fine ones. If you find that you frequently react to the idea of dating with stress or anxiety, it’s probably something you want to get to the bottom of, sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you’re just getting in your own way.

2. If you’re having a good enough time, and things aren’t progressing too quickly, KEEP GOING!
What you don’t want to do is lead anyone on, or continue to date someone you feel uncertain about if you think they might be developing stronger feelings for you. But if that’s not the case, then there’s no reason not to continue to date someone casually, so long as you’re having a nice enough time. If you enjoy the other person’s company, what’s wrong with having someone to go out to dinner with, someone to see on the weekends? Just be honest about your feelings (aka don’t act as if this is going to turn into a relationship if you’re sure it’s not).

3. If you find yourself faking it, STOP.
If being out with this person calls for a lot of fake laughter, fake interest in conversations, and fake emoting, then don’t put yourself through the trouble. Fake laughter rarely turns into the real thing.

4. If you find yourself thinking of things to tell him/her the next time you see them, KEEP GOING!
That’s a sign that, even if you might not feel the heat yet, your date is growing on you, quietly becoming part of your subconscious. It’s a sign that you’re, at least in some way, looking forward to seeing them, that your association with him or her is positive. A sign that he or she is worth at least a few more dates!

5. If you find yourself thinking about it constantly, asking friends, asking strangers, and agonizing over whether you should continue, STOP.
You either have to be positive that you like someone, or at least fine enough with the idea of continuing to not agonize over it. “Do I? Don’t I? Do I? Don’t I?” doesn’t lead to true love.

–Written by Chiara Atik for HowAboutWe

What’s a deal breaker for you?

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We’ve written about this makeup trick before, but I don’t think you usually remember it as a sexifying move—it’s generally written up as more of a “make eyes look pretty on a regular day” sort of thing. But Spanish model Clara Alonso proves that it can also up your hotness factor when it’s time to get flirty.


I’m talking about tracing a light either peach or white eyeliner along the rims of your eyes on the bottom. We’ve seen it in practice many times because, well, it works. You can see proof on Anna Paquin here and Molly Sims here. And big eyes are flirty eyes, so it makes sense that it would make you look just a little sultrier when you think about it.

Going to try it? You just need a light eyeliner like gloPrecision Eyeliner in Peach or Tarte
EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener. So go pick yourself up one and get to it.

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“Ugh, why didn’t I realize how cute he was back in the day?”

The older I get, the more I kick myself for all the times I was afraid to take a chance with a guy back in my younger days. So when I saw this reader question this morning, I immediately wanted to give her the push I never gave myself.

She writes:

Hi Gena! Given your awesome posts I trust you won’t judge me as harshly as I judge myself on this one. I graduated college a few years ago, and six months ago relocated to the city I went to school in. And because Facebook is psychic/conniving, once I moved back to my current city I started seeing more posts on my newsfeed from other alum who live here-in particular a guy I had a few classes with back in the day. Long story short, I’ve wound up with a bit of a crush on this guy (who, for the record, frequently “likes” and comments on my updates and such) but don’t have any rational excuse to run into him. Would it be super weird to ask him out over Facebook? Do people even do that? I’m worried it could be creepy or awkward but then again, anything remotely internet-dating-like is totally new for me. Help!

Sincerest thanks for the flattery (blush!), but whoa girl, what’s to judge here? You saw a cute guy you used to know, you both conveniently live in the same city, and you think it would be cool to try to date him? You crazy irrational person! Seriously, I sometimes still try to google stalk my high school crush who does not ever show up in my social media and also, is married I think, so….your question is not even a little creepy or awkward.

And, I say go for it–immediately if not sooner, before you lose your nerve. Don’t overthink it. He’s interacting with you by liking and commenting, so you’re obviously on his radar and he’s into communicating with you. Is that a guarantee he’ll want to go out? No, but that’s a risk you have to take in life.

To minimize potential embarrassment if he’s not into it, I’d keep things on the casual side. Casual, but not vague. By which I mean, you don’t have to formally say, “Would you like to go on a date with me?” if that makes you feel too forward (although it’s not, really), but don’t go the other extreme and ask him to meet up with you and some other old college friends at a rowdy bar, so he doesn’t know if your intention is just to be pals. I recommend shooting him a message, privately obvs, and saying something like, “Hey! Now that I’m back in the city, we should hang out and catch up on what we’ve been up to since the days of Psych 200. Would you be up for grabbing a drink sometime next week?” That leaves him plenty of room to gently decline if he’s not into it. If that’s the case, just give yourself a little time to nurse your ego by blocking him from your Facebook feed for a while, and feel good that you tried.

But on the other hand, if he says yes, you’ll be all set up for some one-on-one time where you can make your interest clear. Plus, he’ll probably be in awe of how confident you are. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

I mean, everyone agrees she should just go for it, right? But please, give her specific tips if you have another idea of how she should do it or what she should say!

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