КруассаныCroissants with chocolate – this is the top of bliss. I can safely say that this is my favorite dessert. In General, I love croissants in any form and with any fillings, but as the true sweet tooth, it is with chocolate love them the most.

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A new spring-summer season…and make-up designers offer a new, trendy make-up,so we looked at all of 100%. In this new season in the make-up can be traced several trends,different styles and techniques of applying makeup. Let’s consider them in more detail. First of all the upcoming season will be marked by minimalism. Than … Read More →

Some couples occurs misunderstanding, when they offer a talk with a not yet born child. They do not understand how you can converse with him, if there is none, and that’s when he is born, and then it will be possible and talk and play. Even in … Read More →

Pregnancy is a time of changes of the female body. These modifications laid down by nature, and we in turn can help the body vary naturally and easy. What part of the body of the pregnant women undergo the greatest changes? Correctly, stomach, mammary glands, intimate space. … Read More →

The most interesting thing in the fashion-industry
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Hairstyles and haircuts are changed every year, just like the clothes that we wear. In the fashion trends 2013, it is not surprising that the most popular trends of hair, those who are the most light: the active way of life and the pursuit of universality puts elaborate hairstyles, … Read More →

Julianne Hough regularly pulls off dark lipstick like a boss, and there are a few reasons why. Let me go over them with you.


Notice that…

1) The lipstick isn’t matte. You don’t often want to go too shiny with dark lipstick because it’s so likely to run and end up looking like a big ol’ bruise but on the flipside going matte is really really tricky. It can be pulled off, but it takes a LOT of foundation to blot out any trace of skin imperfections and one heck of a tough attitude. Going with a semi-gloss finish like this is the safer, middle-of-the-road choice.

2) Her lips are in good shape. If she had any dry patches, the color would look uneven. This is why a session with a good lip scrub and a lot of lip balm is necessary before dark-lip application.

And 3) Her brows have been filled in. Having a strong frame to your face balances the dark lipstick so your eyes don’t hover on her mouth the whole time. Crucial.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt the whole situation that she’s incredibly cute. But I can’t make you look like Julianne, I can just help you peek into her bag of tricks. Speaking of which, does seeing them in action make you feel more confident about reaching for dark lipstick? Or does it still seem to intimidating to you? Discuss.

Photos: Getty Images

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Well, I guess I’ve figured out why I haven’t met the love of my life yet during my time in Ohio. I’ve been going to the wrong places. Coffee shops, bars, dog parks, forget it. The place in The Heart of It All–which is what Ohio likes to call itself because we’re very romantic, as you’re about to see–where guys are falling hard for passing women? Walmart. Walmart, you guys.

Dorothy Grambell put together a cool infographic for Psychology Today, showing the statistics of “Missed Connections” posted on Craigslist (check it out here), and it’s kind of fascinating to see the nationwide trends. Almost as fascinating as randomly reading the Missed Connections section in your city just in case any of them happen to sound like you which is definitely not something I do ever except that I totally do. Ahem, anyway, here are a few facts you might find interesting:

  • Seriously, Walmart? Besides Ohio, in Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, and practically every Southern state, the most frequently-cited place for a missed connection was everyone’s favorite/most hated superstore. Hey, if Natalie Portman could have a baby there, I guess anything could happen. Oh wait, that only happened in a movie.
  • Northwestern women, I salute you. The state of Washington had the highest number of women seeking men or other women. Nationwide, men seeking either women or men made up over three quarters of the posted missed connections.
  • The older we get, the less innocent the places in which people cross paths. At age 20, the most common missed connection spot was an ice cream store. So sweet. At 30, it was a bar but by 40, it was a strip club or adult bookstore. Yowza!
  • Unsurprisingly obvious places. In New York, the most frequently cited location is the subway. In California, it’s a 24-hour fitness center. Both of those seem to fall in the standard East Coast/West Coast stereotypes, right?
  • Wait, where?!?! Frequently cited places that seem kind of nuts: Gas stations in Colorado (I guess the smell is an aphrodisiac for some people), in the car in Georgia, and at home in Indiana. Don’t ask me how either of those last things work. I honestly I have no idea.

Anyone ever posted/responded to a Missed Connections post? Um, was it at a Walmart?

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When choosing венчального attire must devote a lot of attention tissue and its color. The bride’s dress is either white, and so have any other light color. Allowed also the colour of ivory, and champagne and cappuccino. The outfits are strong colors better swing for the secular … Read More →

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