Цитрусовые ноты в парфюмерии
Spring – the time of freshness and fragrance, the beginning of a new life and reset negative emotions, the feeling of joy from the lightness of being and time for the emergence of new desires. But that gives lightness and freshness of aroma? What makes the perfume composition bright and fast? Today we will discuss the notes of citrus in perfumery.
Their second, more sonorous and complicated name – геспериды (hesperides), or гесперидные notes. They called so in honor of one of the nymphs of ancient Greek mythology. It is interesting, that to the class of citrus, suitable for formula perfume, include not only the usual and familiar to us fruits and plants: orange, Mandarin, bergamot, neroli, lime. Citrus aftertaste and aroma, are also verbena, lemon, литцея кубеба, цитронелла, цимбопогон (lemon grass) and other exotic plants and herbs. Relatively new ingredients to create compositions are pomelo, grapefruit, Union and хассаку.
Fragrant citrus oil is obtained by cold pressing of the skin of the fruit. The exception is petitgreyn. This essential oil is derived from the leaves of the orange tree or bitter orange method of steam distillation. In perfumery this definition is used to denote the fragrance that is the leaves of the orange tree, which is different from the flavor of the fruit.
Citrus components, as a rule, is decorated with top notes of perfumery compositions. Sometimes they are included in the heart of the perfume. Juicy sound, brightness, vigor, a sense of happiness and emotion of joy, the rapidity and impetuosity, искристость, lightness and freshness of aroma – it is a merit of citrus notes. Fragrance with their help becomes volume, ringing, she is able to charge you a positive image, to give optimism and self-confidence, improve your mood and inspire!
You can check this for yourself, try the compositions, which are the best category of citrus fragrances: juicy Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain, exotic fragrance unisex Tropical Splash Kumquat from Marc Jacobs, gentle O de Lancome by Lancome, fresh and bright Cerruti 1881 Fraicheur d ete Cerruti, Escentric Molecules Escentric 03 with the seductive tone of Lyme, passionate Pulse of Beyonce, feminine Dior Addict 2 Eau Fraiche from Dior, sparkling Be Givenchy from Givenchy, matchless Versace Versense, caring and easy Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

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Как сделать жизнь интересной и насыщенной?
Often we notice that the former lost the passion and the desire to do something falls sharply.

How to cope with it, and will be devoted to the present the Board-exercise How to get rid of the boredom out of his life.

Open risk and changeslook for new opportunities.

Create for himself a Mission. Choose any noble Mission and act for the sake of it. About how to find your mission, you can read here. And also, how to implement his mission in life.

Install two goals, which lead you to the realization of your Mission. The goal should ALWAYS be in your life. And objectives need to be able to correctly put.

Act in the direction of your goals EVERY DAY. 5 action every day this is the basic principle for achieving the goals.

Mark their daily achievements and successes. Each day!

Be inspired by the and inspire others to achieve the goals.

I Know You Can!!! say it to yourself and others.

To you it was easy to do this we created a Diary, Scheduler for 49 days to Create Success!. He will help you implement these 7 principles and fill life with HAPPINESS!

You’re bored? You have depression? Find activities that you believe with all your heart, live for the sake of this and you will feel the happiness, of which not even dreamed of! (Dale Carnegie).
– Doctor, help, my husband went mad!
“What happened?
“You see, in the apartment for a week go white horse, and he cannot see them!
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The Soviet sneakers sample of the 1970s resurrect through краудфандинг-project. Nostalgia for the USSR manifests itself in different ways: someone lacks the dolls and ice-cream, pioneer ties and delivery of the norms of the TRP, but the founders of the краудфандинг-project «the Soviet sneakers» wanted new shoes «Two Ball». This model of the Soviet Shine, popular in 1960-1980-s, is not made for about 20 years. Rather, had not been made. In 2012, a group of Moscow entrepreneurs bought the rights to the release of the brand. Now they collect the money at the launch of the new industrial line of the «Two Ball» and other Soviet Shoe through краудфандинг platform. 0 0 0 Having made a donation on the project pageyou can support this initiative, providing the owners of the brand means for footwear production. Of course, not free of charge: in gratitude, they will send a sample of your finished product. The award varies depending on the amount of donations: for 800 rubles investor will receive a t-shirt with the logo of the «Two Ball», for 1000 rubles – Soviet sneakers made by GOST 9155-88, in 1850 roubles – the model of the Shoe «Two Ball» in 1965, for 2000 rubles – sneakers «Two Ball», 1974. 0 0 0 In addition to a nostalgic design, according to the founders of the brand, sneakers will differ the same неубиваемым quality, and that the Soviet model. For this sneakers «Two Ball» will be produced in China to the same plant, and equipment, that 40 years ago, of the original cotton and rubber machines-1970s. 0 0 The idea of a return to the Soviet sneakers proved to be popular: the week page of the project attracted for more than 70 investors that are already collected about 100 000 rubles. To collect the remaining 612 000 rubles for businessmen there are another 2 months. Fundraiser ends on may 23. Read More →

Мобильные приложения, которые помогут организовать свадьбу
Perhaps, no one can argue that, in the last decade, the phone has become not only a means of communication, but also a reliable assistant in everyday life. There was a set of functions and applications, which help us to plan the everyday worries, read books, routes without traffic jams, to listen to and create music and much more. There are also mobile applications available to facilitate предсвадебную training. And review of the most interesting, in my opinion, annexes I and will dedicate today’s article.

Basically wedding mobile apps help the bride with the layout of the wedding as a whole, but there are specific to simplify the specific task.

Vera Wang on Weddings
Free wedding application created one of the most popular designers of modern times. This program is intended to help the bride doesn’t get lost in the midst of wedding Affairs and meetings, but, first of all, the girl offers to choose the dress of a wedding collection from Vera Wang . The program also contains tips from Vera Wang to create a unique style. The application allows you to see the process of creation of the dress, starting from scratch, to learn, what inspired by the designer and virtually поприсутствуете on the podium, where were presented the works of art. Also there is a rich photo gallery for inspiration wedding cakes, flowers and real wedding ceremonies.
Such a free mobile application for brides offers PRONOVIAS, though there is no photo galleries for inspiration.

iWedding Deluxe – the Wedding Planner
Mobile application designed to help you organize the wedding from A to I. As the description, this program will guide, teach and inspire. The application provides the opportunity to create personal to-do-list, and will be automatically calendar download, special fields for notes, a lot of sections, which simplify the life and planning. Annex pay and costs $9,99.

Wedding Budget
Wedding budget is a delicate matter. I chose a free application that allows you to easily and simply count and see spending for the wedding. The costs are divided into the categories of: music, photographer, flowers, etc. Thanks to this application, you will always control costs. The total budget is displayed in chart form. You can also indicate the limit of money, which you are ready to spend on each of the categories, and if it is exceeded, the diagram of this category is painted in red color.
Of course, this application is not unique, especially, if to take into account the fact that the application for the overall preparation of the wedding contain a section budget with a wedding calculator. But, if you do not have to find a calendar of meetings, or to-do list, and we only need to strictly keep track of expenses, then a similar application at the time. By the way, this application can be useful for grooms, which was not very enthusiastic, as the bride participate in the choice of colours, decor, but the material side of their care.

Wedding Party
Offers newlyweds look at their wedding the eyes of the guests. Everything is very simple, all guests load the application, make pictures during the wedding, and the application collects them into one album. A wonderful opportunity to look at the wedding with the parties. The application is free of charge.

Wedding Flowers Moodboard
The application, which will help find the perfect bouquet of the bride. Contains many pictures for inspiration and advice on the selection of the form, style, style and other attributes of the bouquet. The cost of the application of $1,99. The bride selects the images that were her favorite, creating a kind of a compilation of the variants of the bouquet.

Destination Weddings Honeymoons Mag
Free mobile application of the magazine, which will help the couple to plan the honeymoon. Informative articles, stories of couples, proposals resorts, etc.

My wedding

Well and finish my brief review of the Russian-speaking application’s My wedding, which is a kind of wedding encyclopedia, divided into 6 main sections: the bride, the groom, training, budget, ideas and portfolio. In each of the sections are their subsections, where you can find all sorts of informative articles. The application was developed by the Moscow wedding Agency, so if you wish, the pair can with the help of the application order of the Agency of certain services or organizing the festival in General.

As you can see, the mobile applications designed to facilitate your life, and created a lot, and only you to choose what and how to use. But the main thing to remember – preparation for wedding should be fun.

Always yours, Sasha Дергоусова


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Send photos of their bright rubber boots and win gifts from http://good-kovka.com
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In the United States at the auction, put the manuscript of the novel the prominent American writer Truman Capote «Breakfast at Tiffany’s». It is expected that she will go under the hammer not less than 250 thousand dollars.

Organizes the online auction, which will be held from 18 to 25 April, based in the state of new Hampshire auction house RR Auction, ITAR-TASS reported.

The text of «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» is printed on a typewriter, but the hand of the Hood in him made numerous amendments. In particular, in all the 86 pages of the name of the main character changed from Connie Gustafson to become a cult Holly Golightly, told the Vice-President of the auction house Bobby Livingstone.

The famous novel the Hood was published in 1958.

It tells the story of 18-year-old girl from the Midwest – Holly Golightly, trapped in the world of the new York Bohemia.

The book has gained immense popularity due to the eponymous film adaptation directed by Blake Edwards, where the main role is brilliantly played by Audrey Hepburn.

As reported by the representatives of RR Auction, the attention of collectors will be also offered hundreds of items related to the Hollywood film industry: autographs stars such as James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Clark gable, Carole Lombard, Judy garland and Lucille ball, as well as the 8-mm film, on which sealed the speech of Marilyn Monroe to American soldiers in South Korea in February of 1954.

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The world saw a new collection of Chanel makeup of the season the summer of 2013 – it is dedicated to the cinema.

A line is called Avant-Première and was created by specialists under the impression from watching French films. It was composed of lipstick and nail varnish, which have received the titles of films Dialogue, Starlet, Saga, the Paparazzi, the Plot, the Provocation, the Suspense.
The palette of summer: tender and bright, colourful and soothing tones.

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The limited series hours Chopard with the horizontal gauge of the dial. This year, the Swiss watch company Chopard launched a new model in the L.U.C One Engine, which made its debut back in 2010. The letter H in the name of the latest means of horizontal, which indicates the horizontal location of the caliber of the dial. The design of the previous model, on the contrary, was made in a vertical orientation. 0 Corps news is made of polished and сатинированного titanium, its width is 44.5 mm. Crown hotel is located at the twelve hours. And the front side of the chassis, and the back cover is made in the sapphire glass, and manufacturing Swiss mechanism Chopard L.U.C 04.02-L is equipped with a 29-th stones and shows the carrying frequency 28800 полуколебаний per hour (4 Hz). 0 The functions of the dial is the display of hours, minutes, seconds, reserve (with the help of an analog of a pointer, which is located on the 9 hours). Besides the novelty is equipped with a турбийоном, located in aperture at 3 hours, which allows you to neutralize the effect of earth’s gravity and to increase the accuracy of the clock. Read More →