Before the New year 31-year-old TV presenter parted with his wife for the sake of relations with his new lover – 24-year-old star of «Interns» Christina Asmus. The eye is the relationship between Kharlamov and Asmus have already lasted more than a year. And during all this time the star … Read More →

Autumn-winter collection 13/14
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First Britney goes brown bombshell on us, and now one of the most influential bob haircuts of recent years has gone from dark brown to full-on blond. I’m talking about fashion muse-DJ Leigh Lezark; here’s a before/after (and then I’ll show you something REALLY odd).



Leigh’s blond mane made its red-carpet debut about a month ago, but things really got interesting when she started styling the blond bob wavy, which has the eerie effect of making her look almost identical to Jennie Garth. Here she is at the Zac Posen show.


Everyone’s favorite raven-haired ice queen suddenly morphs into everyone’s favorite sunny-California ice queen (Kelly Taylor)—I’m not sure anything more strange and unsettling has ever occurred in our beauty universe. I’m sure there is some scientific explanation, like Mercury being in retrograde, or those recent meteor showers—or something.

What do you think of Leigh Lezark as a blond (as Jennie Garth)? Let’s discuss down below.

Photos: Getty Images

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If you prefer to wear clothes, пошитую with their hands or on order, then surely the fabric store are a frequent buyer and, probably, it happens so, that in the presence of no tissue, which would perfectly fit to the style of clothes.

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Приготовление йогуртаHomemade yogurt it turns out always in a hundred times healthier and tastier the yogurt, which is prepared on an industrial scale in production. The majority of sales of yoghurts I call plastic, so as to them, only not added. I’ll have the only two ingredients!

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Oh, the after-sex conversation. I mean, what do you say? What can you say? It’s a weird time. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with perfect nonawkward sayings that guarantee a lifetime of dating happiness (maybe).


1. Your body is SO YES.

2. You just massaged me from the inside.

3. Happy Tuesday.

4. My inner 15-year-old just gave me a high five.

5. I’d have the butler bring you some water, but I’m afraid he’d be terribly jealous of us.

6. You should be president.

7. What are you doing every night in the foreseeable future?

8. Your passion and skill are unrivaled!

9. You should write a book.

10. Your skin smells like YOLO. It just does.

11. I’m chaining you to this bed for the rest of your life. Sorry.

12. Next time, change nothing.

13. Victorious!

14. Even a terrible version of that would have been mind-blowing.

15. Rinse, lather, repeat?

16. I have discovered world peace, and it is in your sex parts.

17. I know I can’t write about this on my Tumblr, but I want you to know that I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO.

18. You taste better than a burrito.

19. Thank you.

—Written by Emily Winter for HowAboutWe

What’s your best after-sex line? Used anything on this list?

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See the most beautiful dresses guests of the ceremony “the TV star 2013”
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I was put into a springlike state of mind this morning when I came across these fun, colorful shades from Essie’s new collection. Every lacquer is named after a famous, fashionable street somewhere in the world. “Everyone wants to know my favorite city. But just like a spectrum of color, it’s not about choosing one,” says Essie Weingarten, brand founder of Essie. “It’s the differences between them that makes each one so special.” Essie might not play favorites, but I love Avenue Maintain, a lovely Parisian blue. Which one do you like best?


Avenue Maintain (Paris)


Madison Ave-Hue (New York)


Hip-Anema (Rio de Janeiro)


Go Ginza (Tokyo)


Bond With Whomever (London)


Maximillian Strasse Her (Munich)

Each bottle is $8, and the collection comes out this month. Which color is your favorite?

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Receive salaries – it is always a joy. With great pleasure we begin to dream about where to spend it, what’s new buy and where to go to with friends.

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