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«Shining» show at the fashion week in Paris
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Naturally, this was a clip on a song «Natalie». This happened in 1995, when the young (relatively) the singer tried to conquer Moscow. At that time he was not interested, despite strong voice with an unusual timbre. In essence, interesting, he was so musical … Read More →

If romance is on your agenda for the weekend, then you’re going to want to lean into your screen right now. Sophia Bush has a makeup idea for you that’s screaming to be worn on a date.


Here’s what I love about this: It’s just a ring of peachy gold eyeshadow around a ring of black eyeliner. So simple, but it’s basically boy-bait because it’s soft but with a hint of smoldering action. Perfect for fancy dinner, I tell you.

Don’t have a shade like this? I’d reach for Stila Sun or Kitten. Got another suggestion? If so, leave it below!

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Scientists managed to find out in what way the representatives of both sexes prefer to treat mental wounds Read More →

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Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan again appeared before the court of Los Angeles. This time she was arrested for giving false testimony. The court is considering the road accident, which occurred in the summer of 2012ого year, in which participated the car movie stars. The car of mark «Porsche» in June collided with … Read More →

Nick Белоцерковская, a friend of the scandalous TV presenter and a secular lioness, has officially confirmed, that Sobchak and Виторгана all seriously. It seems, known блогерше and the wife of a millionaire just can’t wait to give your favorite girlfriend to marry. First she told the country on the break of Sobchak with the opposition Яшиним, … Read More →


There are obviously sexy things you guys might do — getting spiffed up in a fancy suit and tie for a big date, giving you a candlelit massage — but sometimes the hottest moments are when he’s not even trying to seduce you.

Drew Barrymore knows what I’m talking about. Gushing about her husband Will Kopelman, she says “He’s really sexy when he talks about wine and I love it. I love it so much. It’s always a pleasure when you can talk to your partner about the things you’re doing in life.”

Oh yeah, I definitely see why that’s hot, and not just because there’s red wine involved (although that helps!). Watching a guy talk passionately about something he loves is always a big turn-on. And I’d add in that when he listens and responds enthusiastically if you do the same, it’s even better.

Because it’s the weekend and we want to start it on a happy note, feel free to spill: What’s the non-obvious thing your guy does that’s just SO sexy? Is it when he gets adorably engrossed in a new book? When he’s in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet frittata for breakfast? What does he do that just makes you want to rip his clothes off?

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The Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation and the sexy actress of the series «Univer» landed in a very unpleasant situation. She learned that from her name scammers conclude contracts on her performances on the corporate and private events. Speculators took the «appearance» of a famous actress from 20000 … Read More →