Как приготовить лифтинговые маски для лица?
Means for skin care with lifting effect has always enjoyed great popularity. Perhaps they remove wrinkles, because that’s not intended, but tighten the skin of the face and neck, to familiar the contour of the face – they afford.
Lifting (from English lifting lifting, lifting). The effect of lifting products visible due to the improvement of elasticity and elasticity of the skin, restoration of basic contour lines of the face – chin, cheeks and temples.
The cost of the salon procedure of lifting is not always justified, and not all can afford to be their. I WANT to offer you simple cooking recipes лифтинговых masks at home.
Lifting mask instant action
Helps you to achieve the magnificent tightening effect, it is not inferior salon procedures. One teaspoon of starch and pulp of one banana mix thoroughly and evenly apply on face and decollete for 20-25 minutes. Wait, when the mask dries, rinse with warm water. Gently, but thoroughly clean your skin from the mask. Apply moisturizing cream on the face and the decollete area.
Lifting mask with a refreshing effect
Mask for this recipe perfectly refreshes and tones up the face, pulls up the skin, improves the contours and shape of the face. The juice of one lemon mix with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of white clay. Evenly apply on face for 20 minutes. In this recipe clay is used as one of the ingredients, as it has not only a tightening, but also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions. In addition to tightening effect, removes redness and minor defects of the skin.
Lifting mask, remove the traces of fatigue
One egg mixed with 1 teaspoon of the children’s talcum powder and 1 teaspoon lemon juice, add a few drops of ментолового oil. Apply a mask for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Wipe the face tonic, apply moisturizing cream.

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Recently ASPS – American Association of Plastic Surgeons ” has published an annual report on the activities of the clinics of plastic surgery throughout the country. In the report it is mentioned about the incredible popularity in recent years, such a procedure, as a brachioplasty or pull the top of the hand. According to the ASPS in the past year, through a similar operation has been more than 15 000 women.


In the opinion of the representatives of the Association, the main reason for the success of брахиопластики became the stars, щеголяющие on the red carpet dresses, оголяющих hands. The main famous person with fine-looking hands referred to as the first Lady of the United States Michelle Obama.


According to an opinion poll, 31% of Americans would like to have the same hand, as the spouse of the President. On the second place in the beauty of the hands is Jennifer aniston, then go Jessica Beale, Kelly Ripa and demi Moore.

photo Reuters/Scanpix, AP/scanpix

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Yesterday in new York was held the annual Ball of the Institute of the costume. The event was devoted to the subculture and fashion punks, but unfortunately (or joy) not all comply with the dress code and came just in beautiful dresses. I WANT to chose for you 15 the most luxurious, original and harmonious images of celebrities.
Элеттра Видеманн в платье Prabal Gurung

Элеттра Видеманн in dress Prabal Gurung

Photo: WWD

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For a loved one: the new shampoo «Lemongrass» from Schauma

Tear into small pieces! Keep recipes barbecue on may

the 20-year-old British model Kara Делевинь, which is considered to be one of the most successful to date, has become the heroine of the Coca scandal.

It caught the paparazzi on the threshold of your own home, when she took the keys out of the bag. She was tipsy and at the same time from her bags dropped the bag with white powder, reminiscent of cocaine. Cara stepped on his foot and closed from extraneous eyes.
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The world’s media exploded from updates to the headings, in which appear the words of drugs, cocaine, addiction. While neither the Kara, nor its representatives did not comment on the incident.
The Swedish компанияНМ, the face of one of the lines of which is Делевинь, began its own investigation of the case. Representatives of a brand noted, that if in the bag was cocaine, and of judgment to be punished: most likely, the termination of the contract.

Photo: Splash/All Over Press

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And we are with you, of course, are just good friends, No one at each other not in love, You call me when the cold, And I hasten to cook for you soup… And we are with you, of course, are just good friends, And no problems with you, we live apart, calling You, when I need a Man to score me a nail into the wall… Read […] Read More →

The exposition of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum
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10 pairs брогов for spring walks. Броги – shoes «with history». The first «брогирование» – that is, punching holes in the skin boots, began to apply the Irish farmers back to the 16th century, to shoes quickly got dry and ventilated. Over time, however, perforated boots have become urban residents and representatives of aristocratic circles, and patterns of holes were decorative. These shoes can have a lot of variations: discreet colors or bright «explosive» colors, thin sole or thick, leather, suede, or and not a combination of several different materials. Since броги – shoes informal, then wear them should be loose costumes, jackets in casual style, вельветовыми trousers.


0 The average price of  4 680 rubles.

J. Crew

0 The average price of  6 500 rubles.

Paul Smith

0 The average price of  10 000 rubles.

O’ ‘keeffe

0 The average price of  13 200 rubles.


0 The average price of  14 500 rubles.

Dolce & Gabanna

0 The average price of  15 000 rubles.


0 The average price of  18 000 rubles.


0 The average price of  19 160 rubles.

Maison Martin Margiela

0 The average price of  20 500 rubles.

Thom Brown

0 The average price of  26 500 roubles. Read More →