on may 6 in new York’s Metropolitan Museum was held the annual Ball of the Institute of the costume. The theme of this year the celebration was dedicated to the punk culture and sounded so: Punk: from house to high fashion. The stars originally chose for himself unusual images, trying to please the hostess of the evening – Anna Wintour.


As a rule on the red carpet designers and the stars appear together: the couturier of the show and ornaments, and their muses. This year, Madonna and her beloved Brahim appeared in the company Ricardo Quiet, Uma Thurman with Zac Позеном, and Jennifer Lopez with Michael Корсом. See the photo gallery!

Photo: fotobank.ua/gettyimages.com

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5 bet, prisoners known people, and how they ended. Despite worldwide fame and huge fortunes, famous people are not deprived and quite human weaknesses, among which is not the last place is the excitement. Along with the traditional methods of satisfaction of the needs of the adrenaline – roulette, poker and other gambling – celebrity resort and to the wager inside of his «star» of the circle. 4 The measure of success in such cases, as a rule, is not the quantity of the won money, and the public interest in the process. If the audience is interesting the subject of «the duel», even the loser, by writing a cheque opponent, will be rewarded with unwanted advertising. Trendymen.ru specially for their readers picked up a few interesting examples of stellar bet.   Lucas vs Spielberg Let cash bet not so noticeable hit in the pocket of millionaires, but voluntarily give 2.5% of all cash charges Star Wars George Lucas didn’t want to. The cause of the loss of the Director his colleague Steven Spielberg is the uncertainty of the «father» of the space epic in his brainchild. Still in 1977, he put on the 2.5 per cent of all duties of the film against the same part from fees спилберговской tape «Close encounters of the third kind». 0 Lucas openly admired film colleagues and was sure that he will gather in the office a lot more «Star wars». The first year of hire has revealed the winner, so that Lucas and to this day continues to send the opponent checks to a round sum, not forgetting to accompany their sneers on the conditional failure Spielberg.  0   O’neal vs Coach basketball player The reason for this wager became confidence Шакила About the”Nile, the legends of basketball, in that, for he opened all the doors. Including the Cabinet of President Obama in the White house. Under the terms of a dispute with his coach, two-meter giant had to go inside without the use of force, their authority or a call to «who should be». In turn, the trainer of the sportsman was confident in the stability of the White house to such «ad hoc» visits, as well as in the fact that a thousand push-UPS his ward doesn’t hurt. As expected, security, learning from afar, the star of the NBA, however, politely gave him the cold shoulder, and the coach kindly offered to «give back» in the thirty and approaches.  0   Poker Pro Tony g vs Professional Basketball player Another intriguing dispute with participation of the unknown professional basketball player was held at the stars of the world series of poker and part-time Vice-призидента of the Lithuanian basketball Federation, Tony g. the 40-year-old poker Pro was to overtake the young athlete in a sprint, which is the last will be run on his back. Despite a decent start, Tony lost the bet, but noted that, if they were playing poker, he could win the enemy did not even looking at his cards.
It is worth noting that many professional players often conclude between them Paris, in which compete not only in the who of them is better for the table, but also on the treadmill in the water, and even in the ring. 0    Perry vs Willis The star of the television series «Friends» Matthew Perry, interested in attracting celebrities to shoot sitcom, visionary decided to argue with the partner on the film «Nine yards» Bruce Willis. The subject of the dispute was the painting itself and its place in the rating in the first week of hire and reward – free participation of one of the actors in the project of the other. The emergence of a «strong nut» as much in three series «Friends» transparently to the one who was closest to the correct answer. However, the fees of the stars of the militants of the producers of the series, just in case decided not to «pinch», and sent it to a charity, thanking Bruce, because he found time to take part in the filming.  0 0   Clooney vs Pfeiffer The stake of this dispute 100 thousand dollars and the marriage Clooney, one of the most prominent men, but at the same time and inveterate bachelor of Hollywood. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer sure that such a handsome man simply could not long remain free, and ready to part with an impressive amount, if this does not happen until 2017. The only one who is Paris did not like was the 28-year old Sarah Larson, which Clooney met at that time. And without the almost incredible mission drag George of the crown was simply impossible with the last significant monetary reasons longer to remain unmarried. Earlier, in the early 2000s, in the same way Clooney won Nicole Kidman 20 thousand dollars. To double-do not step on the same rake, Kidman decided to watch the new dispute with the parties. 0 0
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the 29-year-old teacher, преподававшую in one of the schools of the city of Osaka, Japan, was removed from his position after the authorities found out her «little secret».

Teachers are not always easy to find a job with a worthy level of wages. Even in Japan, where much appreciated good education, a teacher may be in trouble, and that’s what happened with the 29-year-old woman.

According to the version of the site Rocketnews 24, unemployed Japanese woman, whose name was not disclosed, often resorted to the services of a credit card to buy your favorite clothes and cosmetics. Debt wasteful ladies grew rapidly and soon exceeded 2 000 000 yen ($20,000).

The woman did not tell the family members of a difficult financial situation and decided to get a job to pay back the loan. However, the wage level is not up to the expectations of the teacher, and she began looking for a part-time job.

Soon the Japanese came across the announcement, which stated that

attractive and unfettered ladies can get large amounts of money

for a short period of time.

It is worth noting that earlier in Osaka was open a large number of massage parlours, which served as a cover for prostitution. Later all of them were closed, but the enterprising businessmen moved their business – founded the site, which offered «medical services». In fact

«nurses», whose photos were placed on the site, were call-girls.

This is the «healing» activities, working on the contrary teacher. The woman has invented a compelling reason to take shape on part-time work in the school and to devote all my free time rendering of «medical services».

During half a year (from October 2012-th to April 2013-th) teacher and part-time «nurse» on-call earned about 1 600 000 yen ($16,000).

Иллюстративное фотоIllustrative photo. Photo: Flickr/by Adam Holtrop

But the joy of Japanese women, almost рассчитавшейся with debts, was premature – the authorities found out, why the staff member took part-time work.

It turned out that the anonymous «well-wisher» – whether a member of the school Board, whether the parent of a pupil – sent to the Committee for education of the Prefecture Osaka e-mail, in which pointed out the name of the teacher, the name of the school, where she works, as well as a link to a website on which it was posted a picture priestesses of love ” really, blurred, but there is still easy to find a teacher.

on may 2, the administration of the school adopted a decision on temporary dismissal of a woman from his position, and on the same day «became famous» Japanese woman has filed a letter of resignation.

«I didn’t want to work in the sex industry, but I had to pay his bills.

Apologies», – said the teacher in the time of parting with his disciples.

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Oh, were there some interesting outfits at tonight’s Met Gala? I didn’t notice. This year, it was the nails that were out-of-control amazing. Apparently, when your theme is “Punk: Chaos to Couture”, manicure magic happens. Not surprising. Here’s a look at what 10 celebrities wore on their fingertips for the fashion world’s favorite night of the year.

Sienna Miller, via Deborah Lippmann on Instagram


January Jones, via Twitter


Nicole Richie, via Instagram


Anne Hathaway, via The Wall Group on Twitter


Chanel Iman, photo courtesy of Alliance Agency


Jennifer Lawrence, via Twitter


Emmy Rossum, via DKNY PR Girl on WhoSay


Blake Lively, via The Wall Group on Instagram


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, via Instagram


Katy Perry, via Twitter


Whose Met Gala 2013 nails do you love the most? What would your punk-rock fantasy manicure look like?

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Set for molecular cuisine at the home of the masters of experimental gastronomy Ferrand Adria. One of the 9 best chefs of the world, winner of 3 stars Michelin and the owner of the well-known restaurant Spain, Ferran Adria come up with a way to recreate the famous cuisine of his restaurant El Bulli, even at home. For this will serve as a 4 molecular set, developed by Ферраном together with his younger brother albert. Ферран Адриа

Наборы для молекулярной кухни  In the menu of El Bulli includes such delights as the foam of meat, caviar from fruits, solid juice and much more. Prepare the part of all of this on the home kitchen you can use the kits. They include funds used in the kitchen of El Bulli to сферификации (conclusions fluids and some of the products in a transparent spherical shells), эмульсификации, gelatinization and сгущивания. Each of the four sets designed for a specific purpose: сферификации, cooking, desserts, main dishes and cocktails. In addition to the ingredients in them are scoops and detailed instruction on the preparation of dishes. Набор для сферификации

Содержимое набора  Buy Ferran Adrià EasyKits can be on the sites of www.solegraells.com and www.guzmangastronomia.com for 70 euros (plus shipping). Read More →

Departing from its usual fare of Housewives, fashionistas, and Gallery Girls’ antics, Bravo’s latest show, Newlyweds: The First Year (which premieres tonight!), is a very real, very honest inside peek at the lives of four recently wed couples as they experience the ups and downs of their first year together. Curious to see how filming the show might affect a marriage that’s already trying to find its feet, I sat down with one of the shows’ couples, Kim and Alaska, to talk relationships, reality shows, and more. Check out their heartfelt (and honest!) advice for surviving that first year:


How did you two meet?
Kim: We were on the dance floor of our favorite nightclub.
Alaska: We would run across each other and end up dancing with each other at least five or six times, but no communication afterward.

Did you know each other’s names?
Kim: No, I loved it because he never tried to approach me. Back then, we weren’t really attracted to each other. It was just a familiar face that we knew. We found out later on that we had mutual friends, so I was like, ‘OK, I can let him in a little.’
Alaska: That’s how we actually met—breakfast after the club. We went to our favorite breakfast spot with two friends. Once I got there, I was like, ‘Oh! We know each other, but we don’t because we dance with each other but don’t talk to each other.’ We ended up hanging out every single day for nine months straight. It was a crew of six or seven of us. Then one day I figured out, ‘I think I like her,’ and I kissed her, and she kissed me back.
Kim: And the rest is history.

How long did you date until you got married?
Kim: Five years, and we didn’t live together.
Alaska: Old-school but modern.

Did you want to date a long time before getting married, or did it just happen that way?
Kim: It just happened.
Alaska: The first time I asked her out, and I wasn’t sure.
Kim: That was so weird. How do you take it back? He asked me out, and then he said, ‘All right, take-backs! I didn’t really say that!’
Alaska: I think I panicked and freaked out. I was young.

Why finally get married?
Alaska: I thought, I think I’m ready for this next step. I think the fact that she didn’t force it or pressure it made it easier. I’m the type of person that if you try to force me to do something, I just won’t do it. She’s lucky I didn’t propose to her earlier. I’ll just say that.
Kim: But it’s great now! It was perfect timing for our careers, our family, everything.

So, tell me about the first year. What are we going to see on the show
Alaska: You see ups and downs. You’re going to see me a little annoyed, slightly jerky but still compassionate and loving. Right, babe?
Kim: Yes. You’re going to see me trying to convince him to do…
Alaska: Everything.
Kim: Is it everything?

You didn’t live together before, so was that a struggle?
Kim: It was a lot of adjusting. I like to take showers with him, so I’d be like, ‘I want to be married. That’s going to be our time,’ and Alaska’s like, ‘No, we’re not taking showers together!’ You’ll see that.

If that’s your biggest struggle—not showering together—that’s not that bad.
Alaska: It’s not that bad. You married a good one.
Kim: We travel a lot. He travels a lot, so the time that I had with him, I just wanted all of him.
Alaska: To see her reaction when I was leaving…for some reason I never really saw it when we were dating, when we were without the cameras. The cameras gave me a chance to really see how she was affected by it, and that really clicked for me big time.

What did you learn?
Alaska: Pick your battles. If it’s not worth it, don’t get into it.
Kim: Everything doesn’t happen overnight. I think that was my biggest thing. I want to see results, results, results. It took time to adjust, to set a plan, and to be OK with riding the journey.
Alaska: And don’t argue over text.
Kim: Oh, yeah. Things can go so wrong. When you call them or text them, and they say, ‘No, I sent an email.’ OK, but you still didn’t physically talk to them. So many things can be lost in translation.

Especially if you’re doing long-distance.
Kim: It was really hard because we dated for five years, and we were together every day. Then we get married, and he’s never with me. And then, you’ve got your family and friends saying, ‘That’s not normal.’ Everybody has their idea of what marriage should be.
Alaska: You have to shut people off. There are some people we don’t listen to anymore.
Kim: Too much noise.

So what advice did you listen to?
Alaska: From her father. I don’t think he’s ever been wrong with the advice he’s given us, and he’s unbiased even though Kim’s the apple of his eye.
Kim: ‘I’m on the side of right.’ That’s his motto. ‘Kim, you’re buggin’. I’m with him. He needs to have NFL Sundays.’
Alaska: That’s the best advice he gave us. I definitely deserve NFL Sundays and not to do a thing on Sundays.
Kim: And that I don’t have to cook every day! That’s great advice.
Alaska: Oh, he said that? One flaw in the rule. [Laughs]

So, where do you guys see yourselves in five years?
Alaska: In five years, we will definitely still be married to each other. Have a kid—just one.
Kim: I want more eventually.
Alaska: Two, right? Two kids.

Sounds like you both have similar values.
Kim: That’s why we survive.
Alaska: You’ll see that we’re not perfect through the show. We just want to let people know that we’re not perfect, but we decide to work through everything we believe in and we stand on, which is the basis for everything we do—from work, our relationship, religion, anything. You believe in it, you stand on it, and you commit to it, and that’s what we definitely believe in. No matter what comes our way, we’re going to…
Kim: Move past it.

Were there moments when you felt the cameras ever interfered, or made problems worse?
Alaska: The cameras haven’t made any problems worse. It forced me to adjust who I was as a person because you get a chance to see yourself. I needed to adjust and change. My attitude sometimes, maybe I was a little too jerky that day. It didn’t make me lose all my jerky qualities, but I want to balance it out a little bit, you know?
Kim: Overall, it was good. They were like a fly on the wall. That’s what I love about it. It wasn’t scripted. It was very self-directed. They took cues based off our conversations, our interviews. Nothing was like, ‘We kind of want to make it seem like…’ I’m comfortable with what’s put out there. Even with the editing—at the end of the day, it was how I felt.
Alaska: It was honest.
Kim: Even when they were like, ‘Is there anything that you said that might’ve upset Alaska?’ Absolutely not. We’re very transparent. If it’s on the show, we probably spoke about before the show anyway. It’s something we resolved going through the show. We have no issues. We’re not nervous.

Tune in to the premiere tonight at 10/9C on Bravo!

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

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Witchcraft and only: as you new hair style Nicole Richie?

Laser becomes popular instrument of the artist, along with a brush and painting. To create stunning beauty, but inconvenient to use the «stained glass Windows of the» out of paper, the artist Eric Standley uses a real laser. It allows to cut intricate symmetrical patterns on hundreds of folded together colored sheets of paper. 0 0 0 0 «Stained glass» Standley, in which the influence of Gothic and Oriental architecture, could be an unusual replacement glass counterparts. Here are just a noise insulation will be doubtful. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 In addition to the work on the elegant designs of paper, Eric Стендли teaches at the School of arts at the Technological University of Virginia, and oversees the Studio of contemporary art and design. Read More →

Шампанское улучшает память и мозговую активность
Professor Jeremy Spencer from the University of reading argues that the daily consumption of champagne will help avoid the development of brain disorders and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as improves memory.
Spencer proved that in the black grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (of which make champagne) there is a connection that supports memory in good condition: loss of memory, in fact, begin somewhere in 40 years. The sooner people discover for themselves the positive effect of champagne, the better.
According to Spencer, that regular consumption of champagne increases the concentration of protein, necessary for normal functioning of the memory to 200%. His experiments scientist have already put it on rats, which exceeded all possible indicators. It took 6 weeks, and in the next stage Spencer hopes to test the pensioners, on what it will take about three years.

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According to scientists, the orange juice is the best drink for a hearty Breakfast.
Scientists from the USA conducted an experiment in which course have found out, what impact they have some drinks on the body and whether they can strengthen the immune system. As it turned out, for Breakfast, the man best suited exactly freshly squeezed orange juice.
In the opinion of researchers from the баффалского University, fresh orange juice is not only considerably strengthens the immune system, but also helps to control the education of excess weight.
For the study were selected volunteers at the age from 20 to 40 years. Their diet was the same, but the first part of the people saw in the morning sweet water, the second with Breakfast clean water, and a third – orange juice.
Once in a few hours they have blood taken for analysis. It turned out that only with the consumers of citrus juice in the blood appear less glucose and as much as possible increase the immunity of substances.
In other words, freshly squeezed orange juice is an ideal drink for Breakfast, because it prevents the development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, obesity, normalizes metabolism in the body.
Plus, the oranges are rich in antioxidants, which are able to neutralize inflammatory processes and fight free radicals. Read More →