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I want from you baby, Can the son, and even my daughter. I want them to change diapers, Worrying, no sleep all night. I want them to treat their knees After each game in football. I want to wean from laziness, And another – to share their pain. Read more… Copyright 2013, All rights reserved. | I want you to […] Read More →

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Киномода on Fridays
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If you’re headed to a party this weekend, or just feel like doing something a little special with your look, this hairstyle idea is perfect for you.


Here’s how you can recreate Emma Watson’s fresh take on the French twist at home.


Start by putting your hair into a ponytail that sits just above your ears.


Tease the ponytail to create a full shape.


Tuck the ends under and secure to the ponytail base with medium hairpins.


Finish the back by securing the bottom with more pins.


Mist with hairspray to get rid of fly-aways.


Use a hairpin to tuck back part of face framing layers that are too heavy.

Need a little more help getting it just right? Check out this tutorial video I made.

What do you think of this hairstyle? Will you try it out this weekend?

Photos: Emma Watson: Getty Images; All Others, Nichole McCall

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I assume lots of you will be shopping for Mother’s Day this weekend since it’s next Sunday. If you need gift ideas, you can find them here and here and here and here. That should probably cover everyone, right?

But whatever you might be gifting this year, if you just want an extra-special way to tell the world how amazing she is (and how glad you are that she’s not this mom), do it here on Smitten.

Send in your favorite photo of you and your mom* to and tell me a little about why she’s the best. For space purposes, try to keep it closer to a tweet than a novel, please. I’ll post as many as I can next week, and your mom will know that not only are you so past the stage of being embarrassed to be seen with her in public (ah, teenagers), you actually want to brag about her in public. Trust me, if my mom is any indication, she’ll cry a little.

And speaking of crying a little, check out last year’s Smitten readers’ moms on this post. Too sweet!

*Special grandmothers, stepmoms, mothers-in-law, aunts, godmoms, etc. that have been like a mom to you? They also apply!

What are you planning to do for Mother’s Day this year? Are you really close with your mom?

Mommies dearest:
*Let’s Talk Mother-Boyfriend Bonding…and Why I Think Kris Jenner Is Actually a Superstar Mom
*Real Moms Tell You 5 Ways to Be the Best Girlfriend He’s Ever Brought Home
*Does Your Mom (Who You Love Anyway, Obvs) Give Awful Guy Advice? Take Our Poll

Photo: Splash News

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Диетические куличи и пасхи: 6 лучших рецептов
During Great lent, our body is rebuilt in a more healthy and low-fat food, but on Easter lost weight back because of the abundance of food and calorie of meat. For those who care about their figure WANT to offer the best recipes dietary Easter cakes.
Cake dietary on kefir
500 ml of kefir,
500 g of sugar,
3 chicken or 9 quail eggs,
flour (how many will dough),
Dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts.
Soda extinguish vinegar and mix with yogurt and eggs. Small portions add flour and вымешивайте, until the dough consistency will look like, as for the pancakes. Dried fruit, candied fruit and nuts mix and grind in a blender. Mix the dough and this mass, and pour out the form for baking. Bake in the oven for 40 to 45 minutes at a temperature of 180-200C. Make куличь glaze and decorated on request.

Dietary scalded cake
½ Cup of milk (1%),
1,5 tsp active dry yeast,
5 eggs,
3 tbsp. sugar,
2-3 cups of flour,
dried apricots.
Boil the milk and add 1/3 Cup flour, again boil. The resulting dough pound until then, until there are no lumps. In the warm milk dissolve the yeast and add in the brewing dough. Thoroughly mix it all up and let it stand for about half an hour. Peretrite yolks with the sugar, and protein shake in the foam. Pour all in the dough and mix. Leave the dough for 2 hours in a warm place. After add to the dough melted butter, powdered dried apricots and raisins. Thoroughly mix the dough and spread on the forms for baking. Bake at a temperature of 180-200C.

Cake without yeast
300 ml of milk,
75 g margarine,
500 g of flour,
2-3 eggs,
1 glass of sugar,
½ tsp soda,
dried apricots,
Melt the margarine in a water bath. Peretrite with sugar, egg yolks and add to the slightly warm маргарину. In flour, add the egg mass, the warmed milk, vinegar baking soda and raisins. Mix well, add protein and замесите dough. Form for the baking, oil filter and pour fresh or flour, put the dough and bake for 40-45 minutes at 180-200C 40-45 minutes. Make ready-made cakes to your liking.

Dietary Easter with dried fruit and candied fruits
1 kg of low-fat cottage cheese,
0.5 cups of sour cream,
150 g of butter,
100 g of sugar powder,
dried fruits and candied fruits.
Cottage cheese wring out the excess liquid: for that, put it under oppression for 3 hours. After that wipe it through a fine sieve. Oil mix with sugar powder and add to the butter. Whisk together with sour cream, candied fruits and dried fruits and put in a form, which is tentatively cover the gauze. Maintain in the cold under the yoke of 12 hours, about before serving garnish with dried fruits and candied fruits.

Dietary Easter with dried apricots and nuts
0.5 kg of low-fat cottage cheese,
4-5 tablespoons of fructose,
150 g of dried apricots
150 grams of nuts.
Spread 2 tablespoons of fructose in 150-200 g of water. Add the apricots and provarite it on a low heat for about five minutes. within 5 minutes on a small fire. Once dried apricots cool mix it with the nuts and grind in a blender. Peretrite cottage cheese through a sieve and mix with half of a mixture of dried apricots and nuts, and the remaining fructose. The form cover the food film and put there cottage cheese. Make deeper in the middle of the place the remaining dried apricots and nuts, top cover with cottage cheese weight. Place in the refrigerator for 12 hours before serving, remove the tape and garnish with dried apricots.

Low-calorie Easter with ryazhenka
2 liters of sour milk,
2 liters of milk,
5-6 eggs,
350 grams of sugar,
100 g butter,
300 ml of sour cream.
Move ryazhenka, milk and sour cream. Break the eggs and separate the whites from yolks. Yolks peretrite with sugar and add to the mixture of milk, sour milk and sour cream. Put them on the fire and bring to a boil. Wait until depart whey, a lot of pull on gauze and allow to drain the fluid. Two hours later, all of the upper level, add butter and mix. Put the weight in пасочницы and leave in a cold for 12 hours.

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A team of sociologists polled inhabitants of the European Union about their attitude to sex in the car. Who ordered this study, we do not know, but the results are interesting.

It turned out that the overwhelming majority of heterosexual women are willing to accept and agree to when to have sex in the car. So, completely support sex in cars 70% of European respondents. 15% of women admitted, that has not yet practiced this kind of proximity and still do not want him to indulge in. But do not exclude, that the try…

And only 15% have declared, that not only never tried, but will never have sex in the car.


Photo: PantherMedia/Scanpix

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Пресс фотоPress photo «Fed the hungry do not understand,» says a popular wisdom. What is it about? About the fact, that on a place of the hungry can be each. But already in place of a pensioner we will all be. And it is very useful to get a feel of what awaits us.

They exchanged purses

«Many of us do not think about retirement. Well, if such thoughts come to mind, then they usually associated with the travels and Hobbies, the benefit will appear a lot of free time. This is only feasible if such dreams in income, half smaller than the current salary?» – asked a question in the framework of its spring advertising campaign of Swedbank.

To find this out, the Bank organized a real experiment, the participants of which – working young man Janis and pensioner Skaidrite for one month (from February 7 to March 7) exchanged income. And purses (in the photo).

Janis within a month had to learn to live on a pension Skaidrite to 180 lats.

In turn Skaidrite given the opportunity to spend a month salary Janis – 400 LVL. According to the Bank about such a sum would be straight monthly pensioner, combining income from the state guaranteed pension for old-age and from 3-tier pension. Of course, provided that at the time of her youth already existed Bank, where it is possible to postpone the accumulation of the 3rd pension level.

Leave now in the side of the reasoning about the reliability of long-term savings in banks. Much more interesting to watch how developed the experiment. The more so that both parties were a kind of diary – all the events described in their profiles in the «Conf» and «Twitter». And their friends on social networks commented on the record and gave their advice. Below we present a selective part of the record.

Diary of a pensioner

on February 7.

SKAIDRITE: – Solemnly informed that participate in the Pension experiment»! Now to the test, as this is when there is!

JANIS: – Challenge accepted! The first step is more walking.


Пресс фотоPress photo 

SKAIDRITE (put a photo of products): – – My lunch yesterday, on February 6. Now buy salmon (no dice). Take in the ATM 30 lats, eat cakes!

JANIS: – To wait for an invitation to someone’s birthday, to get the cake.


– Janis now will not have to spend money on public transport, as he pensioners in Riga is free of charge.

Janis, use the «Days of mammoths» in REMEY.

– Skaidrite, try to buy online.

8 February

SKAIDRITE, ” Good morning! Get enough sleep. The Breakfast omelet and bought the shares in «Супернетто» coffee (0.5 kg for 1,99 lats). Everything was purchased before…

JANIS: ” Thank you Skaidrite for the information. Now I know where to look for the cheap coffee and cheese.

SKAIDRITE: – Janis, this week, don’t look for ” no action. But cheaper there!


– Chao, Janis! I advise all the food to cook at home – so much cheaper. Make a simple salad, boiled buckwheat, add some sausage, put in a bowl and take with you – won’t need to overpay for lunch.

JANIS: – rice in a plastic box keeps me!

SKAIDRITE: – Janis not pay for plastic box, without it will be cheaper.

JANIS: ” It was my box for lunch.


– On the street is getting warmer. To reduce transport costs, should be timely start of the season.

SKAIDRITE: ” Today, «come off»… Took LMT-BRĪVĪBU! Ordered glasses for 37 LVL (is needed) and the Latvian cheese.

JANIS: – Exam exposed, but the stomach rumbling! Now the hour tour of the shops in search of that cheap.

SKAIDRITE: – Janis, tomorrow go to the Central market. In the fish pavilion buy ranges from salmon, look for cheaper and nicer – 0,95 Ls per kg. Boil in water potatoes and in the end put the pieces of ridges with spices for about 10 minutes. A pleasant appetite!

on February 9,

JANIS: ” Thank you for the tips, how to save! Write more.


– Janis advise you to make a list of expenses for a month, where do you plan to spend the money! Namely: utility payments, household goods, and so on. And also to make up menu for each week until the end of the month and stick to this list.

SKAIDRITE, ” Actually, with a card to buy more convenient. Today the 8,84 Ls bought a book and shoes!

Пресс фотоPress photo 

SKAIDRITE, ” Yes ” and ” and, now I’m living!

on February 10

JANIS: – Zigzags of health will make your pockets. Will have to additionally save. The last day of enjoying rice. A lot of what I say «no», is not easy.

SKAIDRITE, ” Yes, Janis, health is expensive. Be healthy! Eat boiled eggs – the feeling of satiety remain for a long time. Today is the first time took advantage of the Internet-Bank. I bought tickets to the theater, but did not like that it was necessary to pay 2,39 of the lat.

on February 11

JANIS: – The work has to go together with colleagues – cheaper and more fun.


– Porridge out cheaper than most. And if there is any латик, then you can saute onion and bacon, goes tasty, cheap and cheerful.

– If you try, you can fry grated carrot and chopped onions. Add ketchup. Put on white bread, sprinkle with cheese and 4 minutes in the microwave. If there are any remnants of sausages, you can bake in with all the rest. Bon appetit.

JANIS: ‘ it is Remarkable sat with friends in the basement. Like wine, but refrained.

SKAIDRITE: – IN the «Супернетто» action on the eggs and bread.

During the 20 years of itself did not buy tickets or to the theatre or to the cinema. In the «fat years» invite a family of the daughter. Yesterday I bought tickets to the theatre on 13 February, and in this time to ask them (daughter and son-in-law), and on 23 February go only with my daughter!

on February 12

JANIS: ” my Grandmother gave jelly, a very soulful.

SKAIDRITE: Twice a year I have to go to the endocrinologist. So today was staying in the laboratory.

Пресс фотоPress photo 

JANIS (posted a photo hair clippers): – this is the reason why I have two years do not pay for the hairdresser.

on February 13

SKAIDRITE: ” the Health of one (expensive!), and disease… for a visit to the doctor and reimbursable prescription drugs paid 39,76 Ls. And Fosavance – 23,51 Ls, enough only for 3 months. The last time was for 2 lats less.

Today it was in the theater. Son-in-law «ordered» champagne and cakes. He brought and took. A wonderful setting!

JANIS: – Saw a poster of The Killers (American indie-rock band. – Ed.), and his eyes lit up. But with pension on this and stopped.

on February 14

JANIS: – Plan the following: spend 2 lats per day to reduce the daily expenses. But it is not so easy, if involved in the dynamics of the everyday life, as the majority of working people. Despite this, so far everything is going well, let’s see what happens when will I get an invoice for accommodation.


– Go without a ticket, if there is no free travel, as the pensioners.

“Boil a pot of soup for a week.

JANIS: – Hare try not to go. And a big pot of soup necessarily will be organized in the near future. Look forward to another councils.

on February 16

SKAIDRITE (gives a link to the poster): – this film must go!

JANIS: ” Today we must be sent to the guests. Any ideas for creative low-budget gift?


– Draw a card from the hand.

– Origami. If not, then a homemade postcard with the wishes from the heart. Always works.

SKAIDRITE, ” I go to the guests only with a rose.

on February 17,

JANIS: – a Hobby that does not require daily spending – playing the guitar. Today satisfy the need in creation.

on February 18

JANIS: ” When it seems that you can sit on the bike – save and actively move, again the winter starts.

SKAIDRITE: – Janis, «Супернетто» action on the cottage cheese with green packs. There are also grey peas.

JANIS: ” he was Lucky that he was a subscription to RīgasLaiks, otherwise with the reading of this month would be a squib.

JANIS: ” Today it was necessary to spend some time in the old Riga. At this time the restaurant ” no!

on February 19

SKAIDRITE: – for eight years could not afford to visit a dentist, but the need is there. Today appealed to the clinic Denta and was shocked by the prices. When the fall of the first teeth, grow new. Third you can buy.

Looked great movie «the one Who kills the Nightingale».

Today was invited to the presentation of orthopedic mattresses, will be gifts (gifts I like!)

JANIS: ” Today, finally allowed myself to buy meat. In the recently had to largely refrain from him. Going to calmly prepare home a delicious dinner, but day plans so changed, that only by the night has come home. I am hungry and no planned dinner is not ready. Problems of modern dynamic style of life.

Morally I prepare, that in some of the days will come at the expense of the apartment. Up to now such a kind of turmoil is not felt.


– Near the station рыночка is кекавский shop, where for 0,50-0,70 Ls you can buy the chicken bones. There in the majority of his bones, but you can ask the seller to choose помясистее, then we get the delicious soup. You can fry with porridge or potatoes.

– The husband make delicious «burgers»: for 20 minutes with cold water oat flakes, then отожми the excess liquid, add the egg, onion, pepper, salt and other spices as in the usual burgers, and fire away on oil. If there is still money to cream, then put the spoon, eat and the like.

– Take a rope and a soap and expenses will be no…sarcastically, but the fact is… I Have no jobs, no benefits, no more hope, that this state… And gentlemen deputies wisely hope that you can survive, but they are many times more.

on February 20

Пресс фотоPress photo 

JANIS: ” enjoy your meal, dear friends!


“I don’t think that living economically, we should have sprats with dry bread! Ultimately it comes out more expensive than when you buy potatoes and meat. Speak from experience.

In Ilguciems on the final stop of the 5-th trolley on Saturday rolls on 10 centimes. For 1 lat I’m working physically man, breakfasted and dined.

on February 21,

JANIS: – Repaid account for the apartment. Half the pension left there. It is difficult to be aware of this. Now hold out to the end!

When it seems that we managed to stabilize the situation, then you know that the household goods. However, household goods this month seem to be particularly expensive in the rest of the background.

on February 22,

SKAIDRITE, ” This was in the movie. Liked the movie, and it was something to ponder.

JANIS: – the Costs for the following two weeks are calculated. I hope that all goes according to plan.

Telephone conversation: A.: – Ciao! I.: – Ciao! A.: “Well how are you doing, «pensioner», even if you eat? I.: – More or less, Yes.

Today, because of the rush eat not at home. Salad «Maxima» and a roll. It’s something!

23 February

JANIS: – Today has earned a bottle of wine. Once you can move away from the pension.

on February 24,

SKAIDRITE: – Looked performance of «open couple». Engage the audience! The Рафальсона was the problem, said, kissed her hand!

25 February

JANIS: – IN the last time, too much I think about the costs involved. It takes your brain, and little time you can devote to the daily pleasures.


– After some time, the concept of the «daily joy disappears as such.

SKAIDRITE, ” Yes, indeed it is. But we must get used to the fact, that you need not have what others have.

JANIS: is The event – was LVL 1 in his pocket not long ago надевавшегося jacket. Checked all my forgotten in the closet of clothes. How to save a little money?


– Vouchers, second-hand, vegetables at the market aunts, Internet and e-library, the Swedish furniture and so on.

– I advise you not to go shopping, not to catch the flu, for then have to buy medicines – they are very expensive.

on February 26

JANIS: – Balance from the beginning of the experiment: -1,5. Of course, kilograms.

on February 27,

JANIS: – a Very strange feeling that sitting next colleagues eat from had brought with them boxes at 9.00 11.00, 12.30 and 15.30. I have one jar at 12.00.

SKAIDRITE: – Colleagues too often eat. May not want to work?

28 February

SKAIDRITE, ” it is the name of the «Lido» with your favorite sister, daughter, son-in-law, grandson and a friend. Salmon steak and beer.

JANIS: – the Scale, which under the New year’s put in a purse, in this month unlikely to help. Superstition.


JANIS: ” it only Remains to visit to the man, with whom a long time not seen, and get the tasty sandwiches. Thank you.

March 1

JANIS: ” What kind of ” low-cost entertainment advise on the weekend?


– View TV. And very cost-effectively will be with friends to organize a culinary evening. But, may be, this is true only for girls?

‘You must change in women’s and go to the club to pay for alcohol. Come back himself home, not centimes not having spent.

– Invite your friends to you at the tea party, and make – come with корзиночками. Put good music and a great night is guaranteed.

SKAIDRITE, ” I’m out on the Internet and TV, with empty hands, the guests don’t go.

on March 2,

SKAIDRITE: – Today has been on the sea. A very long time could not afford. When something could and summer, went every day!

JANIS: – Began to slowly get used to the calm Friday evenings with a Cup of tea.

SKAIDRITE, ” don’t worry! In the near future can again live a decent human life. Participate in all pension levels, we have such an opportunity was not there.

on March 4

JANIS: – a Small opening weekend: lack of money you have more time to devote themselves and domestic Affairs, which in other circumstances could be neglected. On the other hand, the social activity with my hand is on the decline. To compress your teeth and hold out to the end.


‘A long time ago a friend of the room taught me a delicious dish. Buy a head of cabbage (or bring them from the village, if there is such), cut like a salad, throw on a frying pan, which already put 1 tablespoon oil, and fry until it becomes soft. You can really fill the stomach and cheap.

SKAIDRITE: ” Wow! In the winter I for 5 days until retirement no money at all! Bake the pancakes, eat porridge and potatoes on the street did not go out. In the summer – as when. Who feeds you, Janis?

JANIS: ” Who else but me?”

SKAIDRITE: – Then eat like a chicken. The weight off. Will be good.


– The torment of the people, I say. Especially if his life work, and in the retirement age still need to save.

– I have the same pension. As I increase your revenue?

1. Moonlighting, helping the schoolgirl of 8-th class in different subjects, if she has problems.

2. Rent one room in their 2-room apartment of the girl.

3. If you really need it, please help our daughter and granddaughter. Has never been denied.

on March 5

SKAIDRITE, ” After Jurmala, I have a sore throat.

JANIS: ” Thank you friends, that today treated bun. Even in a package with a given.

SKAIDRITE, ” AND I do not want to have, a temperature of 38.


“I have to go abroad, then you will not worry about the pension will also be paid doctors and medicines, as public transport, and all sorts of other Goodies. I’m not yet retired, but is already enjoying…

on March 6,

JANIS: – Feeling the taste of the finish line (really taste), it is difficult to focus on the last day.


– Somehow it is hard to believe that with 180 armor impossible to survive. If mobilized, then you can.

JANIS, ” Just so. These two words say it all. To be mobilized. Survive.

on March 7

JANIS said, ” Today is the last day. I hope treat yourself to a tasty meal. Well, as far as it goes. Experiment Swedbank has ended, and the pension overcome the month. Back to normal life!

SKAIDRITE, ” I’m with champagne! We successfully finished!

A final word

SKAIDRITE: – at the beginning of THE experiment plans I have been very large. Well, I think I can make this, I can then. Then see: and I can’t, and it can’t.

And now quite sad to go back to the regime’s survival. Much nicer was «fat» month, thank you «Сведбанку». Glasses finally acquired. Out of the 400 LVL 30% went on an account, 20 – the culture (I go in theatres, in cinema, books bought). Like to buy via the Internet Bank, for the first time I have used.

I now understand that the minimum salary in Latvia should be 400 lats, without taxes. Be sure to advise you to use the opportunity to save for retirement. We have no such opportunity was. If I now worked, would have created accumulation. Then you shouldn’t the will to survive, you will be able to live.

JANIS: – For this month I really realized that the old age it is necessary to think now. If not you, then who should he think about this? Must be something set aside for unforeseen expenses, which will be in the old, since man does not choose, hurt him or not.

About my life, I realized that, with age it becomes easier, do not run, as it is now. But if the old age will remain current income, life will be too quiet, I think. I really wish people something to understand. I myself tried it and I assure you that you don’t want to live like that in old age.

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The long weekend, accompanied by excellent weather – not only the perfect occasion for the opening of шашлычного season, but also the risk of impact on health.
That will help you recover after a long winter, the rest in the bosom of nature with your favorite company and a barbecue? But experts advise to keep themselves in the hands, so as not to harm the body.
Naturally, only a few will listen to the recommendations of the experts to steer away from the tempting fragrant shish kebab. But, despite this, the doctors still prefer to warn in advance, in order to somehow облагоразумить meat gourmet.
In fact, almost every one of us knows that red meat is dangerous for our organism product. If you use it too often, you can cause the development of many diseases, including cancer. And if the meat roasted on an open fire – it becomes dangerous twice!
And now, in the midst of the may holidays, nutritionists combine their efforts to protect the fans insidious shashlik from possible troubles. In the red meat contains too many animal hemoglobin, which at high temperature provides several chemical compounds with carcinogenic nature, provoking the development of cancerous tumors. Doubly dangerous meat, fried in animal oil.
The doctors are not able to prohibit the use of barbecue, but because they are strongly advised to use dietary lean meat and fry it only in vegetable oil. Of course, dissuade fans shish kebab from cooking them on a fire of coals – a problem in General from the category of science fiction. But all is not necessary to forget, that the effect of the open fire in the times increases the level of carcinogens, getting together with the meat in the body. Read More →