Look, whose clothes made fashion critics shudder
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Мода 2012 - особенности некоторых коллекций

The prophecy of fashion designers on the models, which massively appear on the streets of our cities come true, not always. Of all known collections only a certain percentage of clothes became popular in reality. The немение, several trends can be confidently identified, as probable hits of the next season.

Skirts and red dresses already at anybody does not cause doubts, their relevance was confirmed to be the first successful sales in Europe.

Fantastic bright patterns of clothes and a floral print accessories presented by leading fashion Houses, the credibility of which do not doubt. For example, bags Dolce & Gabbana, the last line of shirts Hermes, sandals Jimmy Choo. They simply combine with the main squad of ” one saturated colors of things is enough for one color background silhouette, if desired combination can be difficult.

Christian Dior and Burberry Prorsum presented a spring coat, as an integral part of the core of women’s wardrobe. Designers outdone themselves, showing femininity and charm, gave the model of genuine sexual magnetism. Coats of skin, it seems, will be at the peak of their popularity in 2012 and maintain their positions in the future. 
Shirt-dress on the buttons or shoes in the entire length of a neutral office of color from Lanvin or Twenty8Twelve pretend to the title of the standard style. Shirts this year have a special place in many collections of the season 2012. As a Supplement – trendy make-up in bright shades.


Shoes with soles and heels into the strip claims to be in the list of fashionable novelties, as well as handbags and scarves with the intricate cheerful drawing. Donna Karan included in the collection of these sandals, and Fendi it is so decorated Szabo.

Skirts promise to be made of tight fabric, as in the collection of Lanvin or Balmain. Trousers and skirts of these designers have significant high waist, visually extending the legs.


 Dolce & Gabbana and Collette Dinnigan turned to use the Lacy material share of tailoring their new collections. If such блузам the public is not used, the lace dresses made an impression on women and men. The style is sexy in combination with classic lines of the silhouette create a marvelous evening dress.


Jewelry saved fashion trend increased size and volume. Will be actual not only for gold accessories, Golden color of jewelry remains hit. This is confirmed by collection of fashion 2012 from Christian Dior, Chanel and D&G.

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Look who of the celebrities was the best looking
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Until recently, the tie was considered only as a man’s accessory. The woman did not want to try it on yourself and at first only helped a strong half of coping with завязыванием this item of clothing, because most men do not cope with such a task. And only with time, women began to use the tie to your own style. In the record, no tags. Read More →

Independent creation of soap at home something like creating a cake for a holiday – it’s nice, creatively and efficiently. In any salon, продающем soap хендмейд, you’ll see a big price, and after the purchase of the necessary ingredients understand that this luxury can be made available. In the record, no tags. Read More →

Look how dressed up ladies
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Learn how to use unusual cosmetics
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Among the preseasonal Shine ботильоны can be called the most popular, as they are combined with different clothes and for several years already actively used in the fashion Olympus (you probably see them in the collections of Valentino, Prada, Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and many others). In the record, no tags. Read More →

Посмотри, кто из зарубежных знаменитостей выглядел лучше всех
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Индийские женщины издавна носят такую красивую и сексуальную одежду, как сари, и не все знают, что в разных районах страны сари носят по-разному. Каким бывает этот красивейший индийский наряд?
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