In the ongoing most important debate of our time, the rankings of seasons according to their effect on our love lives, the people have spoken. And when it comes to sex, summer reigns supreme.


According to a British survey of 2,000 people who were asked to share the month in which they have the most sex, things heat up in more than one way in August. It was the most popular month for getting it on. In last place? February, so thanks for nothing, Valentine’s Day!

Clearly people’s preferred sexy times correlate with warmer weather, with July, June, and May taking the next top spots. December was the only winter month to sneak into the top half, so I guess holiday cheer (and by cheer, I do mean too much eggnog) trumps being cold. After February, November and January also proved to be real mood killers. And luckily, it’s almost May, because April also fell into the bottom half when it comes to sexy months.

Spring showers, go away. Summer sex, are you here yet?

What’s the sexiest month for you?

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In the U.S. state of Maryland penitentiary Department was in the center of the scandal. There once the four employees of the prison had been caught in love with a dangerous criminal – one of the leaders of «The black men» (BGF – Black Guerilla Family). Moreover, engage in sex with the leader of the gangsters тюремщицы-коррупционерки conceived from him five children, writes The Washington Post.

Massively knock up guards and turn them into his приспешниц managed to 36-year-old Тэйвону white. Scandalous facts of corruption and almost sex-orgies in prison, the largest in Maryland city of Baltimore surfaced in the course of the investigation, which lasted a month.

One of the guards, accused of involvement with the criminal, became pregnant from Тэйвона white twice. In addition,the

two of the defendants have made a tattoo in the form of name of the beloved Mafioso – «Tavon».

These eloquent inscriptions, investigators found on the neck and wrist тюремщиц, reports ABC News.

In the materials of the case also contains a scene in which Тэйвон white engaged in the toilet sex with one of the guards, while the other was standing nearby and watching sex indulgence сослуживицы.

On вольготной the life of the white behind bars evidence and his own words, recorded in the «interception» of his telephone conversations. The leader of the gangsters, awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder, said to his companion: «This is my prison. Always have the last word to me.»

According to the FBI, thanks to the white relations with employees of the penitentiary Department, he managed to turn Baltimore prison in a shelter for their «black men», where they feel themselves in full safety.

Detainees надзирательницам prison Baltimore City Detention Center on charges of smuggling drugs and other prohibited items (e.g., drugs and cell phones) on the territory of the prison, as well as in facilitating money laundering. The press of the results of their names: of the 31-year-old Jennifer Owens, a 24-year-old Boat Stevenson, the 27-year-old notes Brooks and 27-year-old Tiffany Leander.

For the services of the prison staff received from the bandits various gifts,

including expensive cars of Mercedes and BMW.

 And they were bought at the expense of the profit, obtained white in the course of trade, smuggling in the walls of a prison. And the importation of prohibited goods were the guards, прятав it in underwear, hair and shoes. This was done in the case, if they knew that they are not carefully checked with the use of scanners.

Link тюремщиц with criminal investigators explain in the number and causes of psychological properties: for all lovers of white’s had low self-esteem, because of what they have fallen under its influence.

As he boasted himself Тэйвон white, for the month trade smuggling in prison brought him 16 thousand dollars of profit. For example, the price of a «dose» of marijuana rose behind bars with 50 dollars to 1000 dollars.

«Black men», the leader of which is the «sex-Gigant» Тэйвон white, appeared in California back in the 1960s. Since then the group has grown, and its members operate throughout the United States. In the 1990s, the «black fighters» for the first time and were in prison in Maryland.

BGF provides bandit attacks, drug trafficking and murder. Since 2006, the group actually controls the life of prisoners in a prison in Baltimore.

By the way, in 2009 in prison Baltimore conducted a similar investigation. Then one of the leaders of «black men», too, was caught in the relations with the four security guards. The perpetrator used a cell phone, giving orders to his killers, and he arranged behind bars «parties» and feasting on which the prisoners were submitted by the delicacies of the type of salmon and French vodka Grey Goose, is considered to be the best in the world.

Let’s add, that in the course of the audit of all the prisons of Maryland was found 13 women and two men charged in corruption. In the same case are seven inmates and five members of the criminal groups.

In the penitentiary Department in a shocking results of the investigation by the FBI anything terrible does not see. «99 percent of our employees do their job honestly and perfect», – said the Secretary of the prison Department Maryland Gary Maynard. He also noted that 60 per cent of the employees are women.

In the opinion of Senator Lisa Глэдден running a lawyer in Baltimore, it is

a large number of women in the prison system exacerbates the problem of corruption.

«We know many cases when criminals are lured by guards. They say compliments and exude a courtesy, and because тюремщицы fall in love with them,» explains Lisa Глэдден.

The Senator believes that for such work are more suitable rude and malicious men.

On the contrary, as suggested by Gary Maynard, sex officers does not matter. Another thing is that among the workers of the prisons there is always a «black sheep», which is able to destroy the law.

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Twins in movies with the actor’s talent – a real rarity. And today I would like to recall 6 the most famous of them.

Yuri and Vladimir Торсуевы

on April 22, celebrated his birthday two wonderful actor, which we all know from childhood Yuri and Vladimir Торсуевы. Those are the boys: Syroezhkin and Electronics from the movie “the adventures of electronics”. It was already 47 years old and they still remember from the film adaptation of the famous book.

In 1979 was declared the all-Union contest: we need were two boys-twins, who know how to play the guitar, sing, dance and ride a moped.

Were reviewed thousands of school students, but the choice fell on Muscovites Yura and Volodya, who had all the above mentioned skills. And for the role they came ideal.


The film had huge success, its review and up to now. And in many respects it is a merit of the young actors. Now brethren far from the movie, though, and played in the life of another in a few films. Yet they do not exclude the possibility that their country still sees on the screen!


Olga and Tanya Юкины

Sisters Юкины – girls Olga and Tanya knew each Soviet kid, because they were in children’s films “Morozko” and the “Kingdom of distorting mirrors”. Unfortunately, the further acting career is not formed due to the ban of the parents. Girls have graduated from College and had to work in the “Intourist”. There was a period of a beautiful life, which, unfortunately, ended sadly. Olga Yukina drank themselves, and Tatiana lived a modest life and tries not to dwell on the past. Who knows what might have been their destiny, if the mother, in his time, has not banned the actor’s performance to two talented girls…


David and Peter Paul

David and Peter Paul “the whole world remembers them in the film “Nurse”. Of such Jolly fellows, instead of the usual babysitter, could dream of every child. Brothers was played in the film with pleasure, but after this role did not become the stars of the movie screen. A couple of films – “the barbarians” and “Double trouble”, and the actor’s career ended with this. But they did not suffer from this. In the first place, they athletes and the cult of the beautiful body was the meaning of their life. Peter works on a TV show, and David became a photographer for the magazine about bodybuilding.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Olsen Sisters. Famous young actress became popular since childhood. In their Arsenal a huge variety of roles, including in children’s films. Mary-Kate and Ashley began his career in the nine months (!) age in one of the popular American television series, at the end of the 80-90s. The Russian audience girls remember in the film “Two: me and my shadow”, “Passport to Paris”. Already at the age of seven they became owners of the company Dualstar. At the moment the girls are not only actively continue to be removed and create movies, but are regulars fashionable parties and frequent guests of gossip.


Oliver and James Phelps

Oliver and James Phelps. Their most important roles can be described as the work of the films about Harry Potter. There they played George and Fred Weasley. From early childhood, boys played in all sorts of domestic productions and school productions. Once on the casting “Harry Potter”, they easily got their role. Now the brothers are looking for himself in cinema, in addition to all parts of the movie about the famous magician, they still have a few works, but as separate actors units.


Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts

Sisters Arntgolts. Tatiana and Olga also started early acting career with nine years. Continuator of the family acting dynasty, the sisters from the first time received in Schepkinskoe school and starred in many films. Moreover, it is not always together. They are often invited to be removed separately, but sometimes and called for “joint” role. Known for the films: “Why do you have an alibi?”, “Gloss” and others.



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Женщины тратят на косметику $15 тысяч
An integral part of the image of the woman are not only clothes and accessories, but also the make-up. Members of the financial portal decided to calculate how much the average women spend on cosmetics in the course of the whole life.
According to the presented their reports, for the rest of his life women buy means of beauty in the amount of $15 thousand. Of this money, $3,770 is spent only on mascara. Eye shadows, lipsticks cost the fair sex in the $2,750 and $1,780 respectively.
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And these figures are far from being the limit, and this is especially true of those who follow the world trends. Many feshionista update their cosmetics at least five times a year.
It is a pity that not included in his list of the amount that women spend on perfume. For the majority of wear perfume – strict rule, because as said Madame Coco Chanel, A woman that has no spirits, no future.

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Мужчины сходят с ума от женщин с высоким тембром голоса
Scientists from the University of California found out, what type of female voices of men consider the most sexual. It turned out that the stronger sex more than just start from the ladies with high timbre, who say with the expressed aspiration, as the actress Tatiana Doronina and Marilyn Monroe.
Men like it when a woman says, as if her all the time is not enough air, constantly making deep sighs. To the level of absolute irresistible woman rises, if this manner of speaking is combined with the high voice.
It was also found that women like men with a deep voice, in which there is a characteristic хрипотца. This implies that they are on the level of the subconscious are looking for physically large, but not aggressive men with severe male qualities.
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When a man is listening to a woman’s voice, he expects to hear the high pitch and how you can more effectively hush during the conversation, – say the authors of the study. – Similar features are characteristic for women with a small body. A perfect example can be called Marilyn Monroe.
It is curious, that some time ago other researchers have shown that people subconsciously make his voice more low, when they want to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

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Australian brand’homme Mystere produces collections of underwear for men a few years, but in recent years it has attracted the attention of the media, thanks to a unique collection of трусиков, sconces and lace kits for those same men.

Brand’homme Mystere suggested a strong floor dress in thongs, bras, stockings, shirts and body, which are not inferior to the design of women’s products and are very sexy and comfortable. However, management of the brand does not specify, for what categories of guys made their underwear. In the press release it says so: Gay you, heterosexual, a vegetarian, a Republican, Anglican, a Martian or people with other views on life, for us it does not matter. We develop and produce attractive luxurious underwear for men!
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The prices for products range from 20 to $ 54 per unit. And you would have purchased for your loved one something from the gallery?

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Если вы будете завтракать яйцами и мясом, это поможет удержаться от еды по ночам

Experts from the University of Missouri found that rich protein Breakfast significantly improves the appetite and reduces the need to eat food with high fat or sugar in the evening. Unfortunately, according to statistics, about 60% of young people neglects Breakfast and skips the most important meal of the day.

Associate Professor, Department of nutrition and exercise physiology Heather lady. undertook a study aimed at identifying the connection between systematic skip Breakfast and overweight. It shared the 20 women at the age of 18-20 years old, suffering from overweight, into two groups: one group no Breakfast at all, and the other used Breakfast with a high content of protein. The participants filled in the questionnaires, and during the day they took blood samples for analysis. Then each of them was made functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Eating Breakfast with a high content of protein led to an increase satiety, along with the reduction of the activity areas of the brain responsible for the control of appetite. In addition, almost all the girls from the second group were able to refrain from eating high calorie food in the evening.

Shade lady believes that rich protein Breakfast – one of the potential strategies to prevent overeating and improve the quality of the diet. For Breakfast perfectly suited eggs and beef steak, egg waffles with Apple puree, pies with meat, yogurt, cottage cheese or a cutlet from pork mince. And here in the afternoon, on the contrary, preference should be given to more «soft», vitamin-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

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Маленькая зарплата повышает давление
Many familiar with the well-known saying: money can’t buy happiness. However, most of us do not refused to have from the salaries of more, isn’t it?

One of the recent American research proves that thin purse have a negative impact not only on the mood and self-esteem, but also on health. As it turned out, workers with low wages have increased risk of arterial hypertension in comparison with the more highly paid employees. The most pronounced this correlation was among women and men aged from 25 to 44 years.

The results of the survey J.. Paul Лейх, Professor of public health at the University of Davis, was surprised by the fact that the level of wages was such a strong risk factor among men, which were not originally prone to hypertension. In connection with this, the researchers recommend that women and young workers with a modest income regularly checked by a cardiologist, including on the subject of problems with blood pressure.
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In their study, the scientists took into account the size of the salary and other factors of labour activity, as well as state of health, including your blood pressure. The experts relied on a sample of 10 000 people aged 25-65 years, the observation of which lasted for six years. People who have hypertension was diagnosed in the first year of observation, were excluded from the study. Wages calculated as the annual income from all sources, divided by the number of working hours. Hypertension was fixed on the basis of a diagnosis of physicians of each of the participants.

After the analysis of statistical data, the researchers found out that the increase in two times of material income reduces the risk of development of arterial hypertension as a whole by 16%, and among women and young workers at the level of 30-35% and 25-30%, respectively. Such sex differences scientists explain the fact that women are more responsible approach to the issues of their health and willing to go to the doctor, so they have increasingly diagnosed hypertension.

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Early photo of the Ukrainian singer Anna Седоковой argue that celebrity corrected with plastic surgeons many parts of the body. In particular, Dr. поколдовали over her lips, nose and chest. How was the artist previously and how much has changed in the last time, look at our photo gallery.

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Частые поездки в метро вредны для здоровья
Frequent and long distance travel in the metro can damage the health of, say scientists from the University of Southampton.
Experts compared the samples of dust collected on the European metro stations with samples of wood burning stoves and automobile tunnel. In the course of the experiment, the researchers found out, that the samples from the metro contain high concentrations of iron, copper and other metals.
After that, scientists have proved, that the dust is able to generate reactive molecules. Moreover, the smaller the particle, the greater the degree of their toxic effects. The larger dust particles can stick to the trachea and the sides of the nose, and small able to reach the bronchial tubes.
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The high level of mechanical activity in underground Railways, along with a very high temperature, play a key role in the generation of this rich metal dust, the impact of which is subject to a large number of people. This means that additional research is needed of its influence on the health of the population, ” said one of the authors of the experiment Matt Локсхэм.
In response to this, the head of the British metro Howard Collins said that the content of dust in the metro does not exceed the norm. He noted, however, that in the case of the proof of the danger and harm the health of citizens, standards change.

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