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Kate Beckinsale remains Queen of the Ponytail, and this one she wore out just yesterday shows you why.



I love when she does this—she brings her ponytail forward and pins it down so it creates a cute little bubble on top of her head. Sounds like it would be a teeny-bopper disaster, but somehow it always looks so chic on her. And I bet some of you could pull it off too. You can either pull your hair into a regular ponytail, then bring your ends forward into a loop and pin them to your head, or if your hair is on the longer side, you can let your ends catch in your ponytail holder to create the loop and then pull it all forward and pin it that way. Either would work.

Easy enough, right? And isn’t it cute? I bet I won’t be the only one trying it soon!

Photos: Splash News

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Size of the boat versus motion in the ocean. It’s a classic debate without a clear answer, but it would be ridiculous to claim that the size of his most favored body part is completely irrelevant, right? But just how much does it actually matter?

According to an Australian study in which 105 women were asked to rate 49 computer-generated nude male figures, a lot. Unsurprisingly, women preferred tall men with broad shoulders and narrow hips, like a swimmer (which explains a lot), but surprisingly, penis size was just about as important. As penis size increased, so did the attractiveness scores, especially in flaccid (sorry for that word) penises up to 3 inches.

Interesting factors: Women with greater body mass index more strongly preferred bigger penises, and size was most critical to a tall man’s attractiveness, probably for proportional purposes.

Luckily for dudes concerned about being judged on their possibly inferior characteristics, how often to women go around meeting totally naked guys and ranking them on their bodies? That has never happened to me. Unfortunately. So by the time we get to see how they, uh, measure up, I’m pretty sure we’ve already decided we find them attractive on many other factors outside of their pants.

Are you shocked—just shocked!!—that women prefer larger penises? Would you say you have strong feelings on size, or that it doesn’t matter much to you?

Dudes down there:
*Your Naughty Penis Questions, Answered
*6 Secrets About His Man Parts
*Ask a Guy: “Why Does My Boyfriend Always Comment About His Size?”

Photo: Thinkstock

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Стас Михайлов о воспитании детейThe main singer of Russia told how he plans to bring up their young small daughters – Maria, and Иванну

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Рецепт постного пирога на чайной заварке
In Great lent even sweet tooth can pamper themselves with sweets. I WANT to share with you the recipe vegetable pie to tea tea leaves. Cook this delicious dish, invite guests and enjoy a Cup of tea.
You will need:
1,5 tbsp. flour,
80 g of vegetable oil,
1/2 tbsp. sugar,
0,5 tbsp. dried fruits,
150 g of tea-bags,
1,5 tsp. baking powder,
1/6 tsp. salt,
vanilla or cinnamon,
a handful of nuts
The way of cooking:
Mix the flour with salt, разрыхлителем, vanilla or cinnamon, carefully add the vegetable oil. All the ingredients carefully grind, so that the whole meal was thoroughly imbued with oil. Add the sugar and washed dried fruits. Large fruit finely cut. According to your desire add coarsely chopped or crushed nuts. Pour the tea pot. Gently mix it all up. The sensations should get wet dough, a little ляпающей consistency. Form grease butter and pour the flour.
Turn out the dough in the form. Flatten the top. Tighten the form of foil and put in the oven, preheated to 220C. After 30 minutes, gently remove the foil and допекайте another 10 minutes until Golden brown.
Remove the pie from the oven and sprinkle with a strainer powdered sugar. Cool cake in the kitchen towel. A pleasant appetite!

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Ученые определили, что женские руки грязнее мужских
Women often blame men in carelessness and unwillingness to follow the rules of cleanliness in the house or personal hygiene. But when scientists look at the well-groomed women’s hands more closely and found that they were much more bacteria than in male hands.

According to research conducted by scientists from the University of Colorado, in General, the women’s hands occurs on 50% more than other micro-organisms, than on men’s. Scientists believe that women’s hands are programmed to be for microbes far more conducive environment. Men have their reproduction prevents the higher acidity of the skin, in addition, the representatives of the two sexes are sensitive gender differences in sweating and fat content of the skin. A role can also play hormonal background and the use of various cosmetic products.
Summing up the results of their research, the scientists admitted that, in General, the palms of the hands and the men and women have learned much larger number of bacteria than previously thought, lives there. The total number of species of microbes, who lived on the palms of my hands, out of the three times above, than on the forearm and elbow, and their number was comparable with the number of bacteria live in the mouth and rectum. The washing of hands practically did not influence the number of microorganisms, noted the researchers. On average in the hands of one man lived about 150 kinds of bacteria, of which only 17% met at the same time on the right and left hand.

Always pleasant to realize that we have on hand are teeming with bacteria, but this is not a reason to panic and start regular disinfection. According to scientists, the fear of a greater number of species inhabiting the hands of bacteria are harmless or useful for the organism, so as prevent the settlement of pathogenic organisms.

Source: medikforum.ru

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The other day in new York was held a charity gala-dinner United Nations World Food Programme, which brought together the most beautiful models of the world and other celebrities.

The aim of the party was the collection of funds to help the starving children of the world. To support the project came top-model Irina Sheik, Даутцен Croesus, Erin Хитертон and many others.

Pregnant actress Halle berry (already seen the tummy!) appeared under the hand with fashion designer Michael Корсом, who developed the design of the watch, part of the funds from the sale of which will be transferred to the account of the United Nations World Food Programme.


Halle berry and Michael cohrs.

“Now, being a mom and waiting for the birth of a second child, I understand how important it is to help children who are less fortunate. A great honor and responsibility to be a part of this initiative, but I firmly believe that we really have the power to change the lives of those in need of support,” says hall.

By the way, the project is truly global in nature – the efforts of its activists managed to provide food to more than 90 million people in 75 countries of the world.


Irina Sheik one…


… with the model Erin Хитертон…


… and with Michael Корсом.


The ex-model, the granddaughter of a millionaire and founder of the “yellow press” William Hearst Amanda Hurst.


The top model Даутцен Croesus.


The top model Hilary Rhoda.


The top model Constance Yablonsky.


The top model Liu Veins.

Photo: AFP/Scanpix

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Mass series hours in honor of the 160-year anniversary of the brand. Jubilee model Navigator 160th Anniversary created on motives of Tissot Navigator World Time, which in 1953, the company celebrated its 100-year anniversary. According to the creators of, a remake of 2013 can claim the title of the first mass-produced hours with indication of the time at once in 24 time zones.   Housing Navigator 160th Anniversary made of stainless steel with a transparent sapphire back cover. The mechanism of the clock has a certified chronometer COSCO. The main feature of the chronograph is a rotating disk of the dial with the names of the capitals, located in their respective time zones. Along the perimeter it is surrounded by a timeline, showing the time in 24-hour format. 0 The model will be available in two colors: light and dark. Read More →

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