Many parents feel that lead her to a gynecologist should only after the beginning of puberty. Actually this is not so. Of course, the girl does not need to show the children’s gynecologist 1 time in 6 months, as recommended adult women, but avoid visits to the doctor before puberty, can in no case be. In the hospital a new-born girl examined by a doctor. […] Read More →

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Диета для бизнес-леди
The girl, who is building a successful career, time to myself at times is quite short. After a hard working day of work, coming home, she feels just incredibly tired and a severe famine. As a result, satisfied with a hearty dinner, giving his firm promise tomorrow to go to the gym. But tomorrow will be the same as yesterday, and so is the whole week.
In support of purposeful girls, nutritionists have developed a special diet for business-ladies, which will help control your weight and at the same stick to their traditional way of life. Everything in this program there are no restrictions on the time you get your diet only on the basis of the received results and your well-being.
Breakfast consists exclusively of fruit, or rather of half a kilo of fruit. For a change, make a fruit salad, constantly changing the ingredients. This morning meal will provide the body with essential vitamins and trace elements and feel the charge of vivacity and energy, which is necessary in the beginning of the day.

The dinner can give up the slack, but, naturally, within reasonable limits. The best ingredients for nutritional and at the same time, dietary dinner will be:
salads with the filling of vegetable or olive oil

macaroni products made from flour wholemeal

brown rice

lean beef, seafood, fish fillets, lean poultry (Turkey, chicken)

the whole grain, bran or rye bread

boiled or stewed beans, vegetables

baked or boiled potatoes
All dishes can be combined at will and do not think about the extra calories.
Began the day with fruit, and completed vegetables. For dinner you can by some vegetables, but in unlimited quantities. It is this power after 18:00 will not have a load on the pancreas gland, increases the level of sugar in the blood, has a low caloric value and the glycemic index (excluding sugar beet) and is an excellent source of vitamins and fiber. Besides the preparation of such a evening meal did not take much of your time and effort, and vegetables, you can always find in any supermarket.
The most useful for supper products include: eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts.

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On the occasion of the 87th anniversary of the founder of Playboy, Trendymen chose 6 ideas, made Hugh Хефнера the icon of the publishing business. on April 9, Hugh Хефнеру turned 87, of which 60 years he devoted to the magazine Playboy. In spite of solid age, the chief-editor of men’s magazine continues to invent something that the whole world will dream tomorrow. Because the Хефнера is something more than a business model, it has a Philosophy. 0


Not a lot of public persons in the United States can boast such a successful propaganda of the American way of life. And it is Hugh Hefner offered to the reader Playboy model «stylish consumer», the basis of which laid the symbols of material prosperity: the security, stability and satisfaction As he had expected Hefner in 1953, at the call of the magazine responded to the young, ambitious and mobile men in the age from 20 to 40 years. Now we all live in the world, invented Hugh Хефнером 60 years ago, where the main benefits are: time, money and technology. 0


By launching Playboy, Hugh Hefner has decided not to abandon the cartoons, comics, jokes and humorous stories, favorite from childhood. Elaborate joke only contributed to the strengthening of influence of the publication. Like the one which States that «not one generation of men increased, believing, that the women in the middle there is a clip». 0

Popular personalities

What a way to let the young publisher to find the Golden mean: on the one hand, the face of the magazine were eminent musicians, actors and politicians, on the other – the voice of publications sounded through the texts of well-known writers, scientists and journalists. Thus, the popular characters created a buzz around the magazine and provided the intellectual Polish, which helped perceive Playboy seriously. 0

Moderate rebelliousness and Acceptable protest

The position of Playboy magazine has never been radical, but the editors have always responded to changes in society: the struggle for civil rights, counterculture, feminism, anti-war movement and other. However, in the history of the publications were moments of open provocation. Thus, in 1955, the company Хефнера filed a lawsuit on the Postal service, олицетворявшую in those years, censorship, and won the case. The result was not only the compensation of 100 thousand dollars, but the Federal ban on interference in the editorial policy. 0

Lesbian and Girl of the month

As a kind of barometer of public sentiment, Playboy magazine caught momentum sexual liberalization of the United States. Even a rabbit on the logo Playboy, was inspired by erotic drawings of the artist George petty, who openly published. As said when something he Hugh Hefner, «photo of a beautiful woman – it is something that a man must be able to admire at any age.» The rubric «the Girl of the month» began with Nude photos of Marilyn Monroe. In this publication, and had laid the elements, which are successful on this day: attractive picture and a personal narrative, demonstrating the interest of the heroine to sex. 0


Advertising policy initially assumed compliance with the image of Playboy, that’s why in the appeared only high-quality and expensive goods. In addition, the media class New York Times and the New Yorker were placed ads, emphasizing the public image of the life of Hugh Хефнера as the stars of the publishing business. Follow began merchandising campaign with «rabbit» logo, which lasts up to now. It can also be attributed page on Twitter, where the founder of Playboy openly talks about business and personal life. 0 Not hard to understand that Hugh Hefner is a living embodiment of the concept of Playboy. A man who not only interpreted, but also symbolizes the American Dream in the world culture: the Creator of the prosperous media Empire, the owner of the network of clubs, shops and the mansion Playboy Mansion, appearing in public only in the company of beautiful women. Read More →

Лучшие постные рецепты блюд 2013
Lenten recipes all the more part of our lives. But who of us do not like to eat? In any time of the year, in weekdays and holidays sitting down at the table, we want to see to it that the original, unusual, fine.
Recently, more and more people became fast. Someone on religious views, someone finds this diet, and some good cleansing of the organism. But, despite the ban during a time of fasting скоромного (dishes of meat, milk and eggs, as in some of the posts and fish), still want to eat tasty. Therefore, we want to offer a few recipes lean cuisine that are available and are easy to prepare.

Meatless recipe stuffed with champignon caps

Ingredients: mushrooms 1 kg, onions 2 cloves, 1 St. low-fat mayonnaise, fresh herbs. Take a large mushrooms, carefully separated from the cap legs. Wash and peel the tape. Of legs prepare the stuffing: grind the meat on a meat grinder, to them add fried until Golden brown onions, cooked until ready Fig. Mix everything into a homogeneous mass, add salt and pepper to taste. Put the cap on, put on a greased with vegetable oil pan, each hat on top greased with vegetable mayonnaise, put a sprig of greenery. Bake in the oven at a temperature of approximately 150-170 With about 20 min. Serve hot.

Meatless recipe: carp baked

Fresh Karp clear from the scale and guts, wash. Make fur small incisions, in each insert a clove of garlic. To RUB salt and spices to taste. Put carp on the pan, put a few slices of lemon (a little bit, that he was not too sour), fill with pickled onions and pour the sauce.

Pickled onion: onions cut into half rings 0.5 cm thick, add in an enamel bowl, pour the boiling water. Let stand for 15 minutes and drain. Pour the vinegar so that the bow was in him fully immersed. Let stand for a few hours. Vinegar drain. Bow ready.

Sauce: mix in equal proportions low-fat mayonnaise and mustard, add salt and spices to taste. Baked carp in the oven at 200 C until ready (about 40-50 min.).

Meatless recipe eggplant baked in the oven

The recipe is simple to cook it you need: eggplant large 3 kg, onions 1 kg, 2 cloves of garlic, tomato paste 4 tbsp. l., salt 2 Art. l., vegetable oil 1 of the article. Aubergines wash, after cutting off at the edges, cut into rings large or medium. Now you need to add salt 2 tbsp. spoons of salt and leave for 2 hours, went to the bitterness. Cut onions into half rings, and carrots sliced. Garlic cut into two halves. All these add to the eggplants, as well as spices to taste, for example, dry adzhika. Then fill all the vegetables vegetable oil and mix well. Put on a baking sheet with high sideboards and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

Tomato paste dilute with water (two liters). Pour the juice of all the vegetables and back into the oven, let languish 1.5 hours at 180-220 With. In between you two times to get a baking tray and move vegetables. And now Lenten dish of eggplant is ready, we shift into a container with a tight fitting lid.
Meatless recipe onion soup with celery

To prepare, we need the following products: large bulbs, 2 PCs., celery pedunculate 3-4 PC., carrots large 1 PC., tomatoes in its own juice or fresh 2-3 PC., leeks-2 arrow, ginger root (piece) of 1-2 cm. Carrots and onions finely chop the tomatoes, celery and onions, leeks, cut into medium-sized pieces. Water previously boil, pour all the boiling water and leave to cook until ready. Peel and chop the ginger (you can RUB on a grater or grind in a blender, adding a little water), and in the soup. Allow 10 minutes the soup mixture.
A pleasant appetite!

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Маменькин сынок: как с ним строить отношения?
Love of the mother, of course, sacred feeling. But how often, educating their sons, mothers so they suppress their will, that grow such individuals these momma’s boy. And women, who then they found, had to live under the sword of Damocles: And my mom thinks….

The Prince without the white horse

Every working day in our office begins the same way: Inna (through tears) tells a fresh dose of news about the harassment and nasty things that her mother-in-suit. In this beloved husband clearly on the side of his mother, so that she may do.
One day a wise Olga Pavlovna could not stand it. Tell me, Inna, ” she said to the Martyr, ” here you have a growing son. He is now 6 years old, but imagine that in 20 years it will lead to the house of some foreign girl. The ice begins to tell him what to do and how to select the salary, require the attention…
I never have, ” screamed a young mother. So what do you want from your mother-in-law? – laughed Olga Pavlovna. But almost all the female staff was not to laugh, because, really, we are raising our ненаглядных sons as princes of the blood, not giving anything to do about the house, completely isolating of all household and everyday problems, and then the women have to shoulder the economy, and even under the disgruntled comments mother-in-law.

Harmful Baba

Most often with a bunch of sissies big problems with personal life. Of course, leave mother one in four walls is not noble. But to live with him under one roof could not even an angel of the female kind.
My mother is not just strictly controls Dating beloved children with persons of the opposite sex, and, literally, does not lose vigilance for a moment. Where is miss Marple! Because only she knows what a woman should be with his son.
If you ask a mother make Ryder future daughter-in-law, the Madonna with Philip Kirkorov seem скромнейшими people without unnecessary queries.
And since the nature of such a set of perfect qualities, as is her own apartment, higher education, successful career, fashion appearance, universal home worker, all who is able and never устающая, the main thing is that recognizes the supremacy of the mother of the beloved on all issues from the global to the local has not yet created, applicants have to endure strict castings, the outcome of which is well-known: I’m Sorry, but my mom said….
My great-uncle, not wanting to hurt my mother, is not officially married, until beloved mother did not leave this sinful world. Only at the Wake inconsolable son told stunned relatives: his common-law wife and 15-year-old son. It is difficult to imagine what it was worth the sons of love.
The word mother’s law

It is amazing, but Mama’s boy are both very successful and charismatic men.
Andrey Mironov (1941-1987) is a great actor, a favorite of several generations, star of Russian theatre and cinema glaring example of this type.
The fate of his relations with all of the women decided to mother Mary. On stage, she famously exposed the hypocrites and tyrants, and in the life of behaved even tighter. So, Maria Vladimirovna, only one of the outposts in the house of the beauty-actress Natalia Фатееву, forbade to the son and to think about marriage, the pretender had a son from a previous marriage with Director Vladimir Basov. For all student parties mother Mironov strictly looked at the young ladies, with which Andrey danced, instantly gathered at the poor dirt, and, of course, not one of them did not correspond to the ideal.
Marriage with Ekaterina Gradova (working as a radio operator Kate from Seventeen moments of spring) broke down after 5 years. The actress to the smallest detail remembers the first audience with the future mother-in-law: Maria Vladimirovna sat with her feet in the basin, near the bustling педикюрша. She was very surprised visit: what about the number of roses? Mironov pushed the bride into the next room and whispered to her mother. What?!! – heard Gradova. Further there was an order: Andrey, put his bride, if she is going to put his feet in the basin. And poor began to do a pedicure, while the Prime Minister of the theater of Satire fought with my mother.
And the book of Andrey Mironov and I’m one of the passions of the actor Tatiana Egorova can be used as a tool for the study of the psychology of Mama’s son: only to discover that Tanya is with child by their beloved son, Maria Vladimirovna взбеленилась: a single meter of the area of it will not be! Kid on this light did not appear…
Not escaped the stigma and fearless now the 67-year-old Sylvester Stallone: the woman in his life has been and is the mother of 92-year-old astrologer Jacqueline Stallone. It has had such an influence on his son, which, at the time, sly refused to marry a beautiful actress Cindy Crawford. The reason is very good: Jacqueline identified – stars against their marriage.

My son!

Particularly complex variety bunch of sissies – boys growing up without a father. They are extremely spoiled by their mothers, the decisive time the child has no father, she will become everything to him. And it becomes! Dr. Sigmund Freud might even hundreds of volumes of настрочить psychological research that is about the relations between mother and son. And young girls, влюбляющимся in such a boy, fall on their own bitter experience to know the negative sides of female education. For the psyche of the boy who grew up in the women’s environment, even against his wishes, will be women. And whims, obstinacy, confidence in the fact, that the whole world was created for him alone, will become the basis of character.
Great actor Alexander Kalyagin said: My mother, Julia Мироновна Зайдеман, gave birth to me late, in the forty years before I was a child died… Educated me, mostly women: mother, aunt… And through my whole life was unshakable confidence of a woman, located next to me, wiser than me, smarter, tactful, kind of intelligence. But so are the women not all mother’s sons. Dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze, too, was raised by a single mom. In December of this year he will celebrate 40 years, and his family he never created.

In the fight to regain our right of your

This dashing slogan anarchists fit to take their life motto all the women who had the misfortune to love Mama’s boy. What to do? First of all: never, for any price, not to accept life with the mother-in-law under one roof. Gain an inexhaustible patience: for every your step, soup or blouse should stand comparison with мамочкиными. And it is, by definition, impossible. Most importantly, try to, as you can rarely meet with the mother of her beloved, and his nerves save, and the old woman let badgering someone else.

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Рецепт маффинов от Миранды Керр
One of the angels brand Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, laid out in his Инстаграме photo personally prepared маффинов and shared a recipe of cooking.
2 tablespoons of oat flakes, 2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp. soda, 1,5 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tbsp. honey, 1/4 tablespoons of yogurt, 1/2 tbsp. Apple juice, 2 egg yolks, and 1 egg protein, 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1/2 tsp of vanilla sugar, 2 apples, 2 bananas, 1/2 tbsp. chopped nuts.
In a blender sleep oat flakes, nuts, grind them to flour, add baking powder and baking soda. Then pour in the eggs, yogurt and Apple juice, knead the dough. Separately mix the coconut butter, cinnamon, vanilla and honey and put in dough. Apples and bananas small crumbs. Mix with the masses. Put in shape and bake in the oven for 40 minutes. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

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Variation on the theme of «smartphone and tablet in one device.» On a plan of Asus, Padfone 2 is suitable for those, who are at the same time and smartphones, and tablet. The device consists of a transformer: the mobile phone can be connected to a docking station, which turns it into a full pad.   Due to the fact that the docking station, in fact, is only a screen with the battery, connect the phone to her is almost instantly, without wasting time on synchronization settings. As a result, all programs, games and content are available immediately on the two devices, and both of the gadget work from one SIM-card (which, moreover, supports modern standards 4G-networks). Hybrid is equipped with a 1.5-GHz dual-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. The device is available in three variants: with 16, 32 or 64 GB, card slot is missing, but the Asus offers the possibility to expand the data storage, offering free access to 50 GB of clouds for 2 years.   Resolution of the screen of the phone is 1280×720, which is quite enough for high-quality pictures, but the resolution of the 10-inch tablet creators clearly saved, it is only 1280×800. The smartphone is equipped with rear and front of the cameras 13 MP and 1.2 MP, it works under control of OS Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.   The Asus tried to solve the eternal problem of Android-based devices with a quick discharge of the battery and equipped phone battery with a capacity of 2140 mAh. The developers claim that the periodic use of Padfone 2 may last on a single charge for up to three days. The creators also equipped with a docking station the ability to completely charge the phone for an hour and a half. Power battery for the tablet is 5000 mAh – at first glance it’s not much, but considering that he is deprived of its own processor and memory, the charge must also be enough for a long time. The cost of the Asus Padfone 2 on the Russian market is about 30 000 rubles. Read More →

Как обрести счастье и богатство за короткие сроки?
It is very simple. Happiness is when you get what you want. The wealth of this is when you just enough. All of the riches you can find in my blog.

The main secret of wealth I will reveal to its RICH program, which will start already on June 10. Managed to sign up!

And today I also tell you a little secret. The path to a sharp increase in the life of the СЧАСТЬЯиБОГАТСТВА is located in GRATITUDE.

No need to talk, let’s try.

1) Write 5 things in your life for which you are GRATEFUL to God.

2) Remember the 5 things that you received in the last year, of which dreamed of (their not you have enough, and they appeared).

3) Remember the 3 people who helped you and thank them again.

Write in the comments, what makes you feel happy.

We do not know how to use the happiness, not if we’re planting it, as not know how to use the wealth, not earning it (George Bernard Shaw)

– I’m fat?
– No.
“But lose weight would be a good idea, Yes?
– You me and the like.
“But the delight is not calling, Yes?
– Call the rapture.
“But not mad, Yes?
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