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Как вернуть коже свежий вид?
Skin is always very sensitive to the slightest change in the environment. The change of seasons, changes in temperature, lack of sunlight and oxygen, lack of vitamins and unbalanced care.
The skin loses its natural beauty and a healthy color. It becomes dull, dehydrated, there are areas prone to dryness, peeling, irritation and reddening. But in the spring of both want to think about the bad, and enjoy life more. I WANT picked up for you the recipe of the mask, which is able to return the skin fresh and healthy color, remove peeling and reinvigorate the skin. It can be prepared at home.
You will need these ingredients:
1 tablespoon of yogurt,
1 tsp. honey,
1 ch. L. oatmeal or oat flakes),
a pinch of salt.
Thoroughly mix all ingredients. Evenly apply a thick layer all over the face, neck (you can also decollete area). Keep the mask for about 20 minutes. If you have very dry skin, you can increase the time to 30 minutes. Carefully rinse off the mask with warm water. If you removed the mask are not well, you can feel a slight discomfort. In this case, wipe the face, neck and decollete tonic, not containing alcohol or delicate water.

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The owner of a new apartment in new York Elizabeth Santana there is good reason not to wash my underwear in the Laundry room of General use, which is located in the basement of the building. And the reason for this is that someone is stealing from the Laundry her трусики.

For the first time the loss of Elizabeth noticed in the past month. When she went down to the Laundry to pick up your things, I discovered that everything in place, except for her underwear and training panties.

Photo: a screenshot of the video

Puzzled by what had happened the woman had the administrator of a dwelling house view the record with the surveillance cameras installed in the Laundry. On one of them, the woman saw what could think of at the very least, an unknown young man had stepped into the Laundry room, as there was no one opened the washing machine, which lay things Elizabeth, and feeling in them, chose трусики with shorts, which carried away with it.

Santana was shaken to the depths of the soul. «It was so dirty action, ” she said WPIX-TV. “And the fact that it happened in my house, even more depressing. Firstly, I now don’t feel in complete safety here. Secondly, it is a violation of my personal space!

Some bastard can easily go into the house, climb up in my clothes and take my pants!»

Elizabeth is not the only victim of thief-фетишиста.

As it became known from the head of the economic part, three months earlier here there has already been a similar theft.

Furthermore, a Laundry room in the apartment house not the only one that has come under attack Amateur female трусиков.

«A thief stealing women’s underwear and laundries, public use, located in the houses in the neighborhood,» – said the assistant warden in an interview to a local TV channel.

Elizabeth Santana said about the incident to the police, but a picture of the thief, made with surveillance cameras, she plans to place in his house and in the neighboring buildings.

As told in the police Department, to the other allegations of the abduction of underwear for him was not reported.

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The German scientists, as a result of research came to the conclusion that the olfactory receptors are contained not only in the nose. It turns out that the internal organs, too, can feel the smell, though in their own way.

This is the conclusion of Peter Шиберле and his colleagues from the German research center of food chemistry Institute of Leibniz. The scientists presented their report at the National meeting of the American society of chemists.

“The human nose and tongue are able to feel only a very small portion of all the tastes and smells that surround us. Most of the molecules smell goes into the stomach, and then through the blood reaches and other internal organs”, “explains Шиберле.

For four years he and his colleagues were of the opinion that the components of aromas and tastes may have additional functions. Finally, the researchers focused their attention on biogenic amines – substances with a strong odor, contained in soft drinks and food. They are a kind of chemical carriers of information, included into the structure of products such as chocolate, meat, milk and cheese.

In the course of the experiment, scientists have identified the primary blood cells from the blood samples to see how they will respond to the strong smell of food and drinks. Surprisingly, but just as we strive in the direction of the source flavor (fresh coffee, for example), behave and blood cells. Command Шиберле concluded that the blood cells also have the olfactory receptors, reported “Вести.Ru”.

After several experiments, the researchers found the confirmation of your initial assumption that the heart and lungs can also feel the smells. “Does this mean that the heart can “sniff” the steak, you just ate? We’re not sure yet,” says Professor Шиберле. Smell of internal organs is part of the General process of the organism, it starts when we see the delicious food and going to eat it. This process researchers call the molecular сенсорикой or “сенсомикой”.

Note that previously Esther Фельдмессер of the Scientific Institute of the Weizmann conducted a similar study. She found that the olfactory receptors are found not only in the nose, but also in some other organs and tissues. For example, they are contained in the male genital organs and sperm. So, the subconscious inhalation of odours can occur during sex.

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At auditions for “America’s Got Talent” at Rockefeller Center earlier today, Heidi Klum was pretty much a glowing spring goddess.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little banged-up and washed-out as I emerge from that crazy-harsh winter we just had. If, like me, you could use a touch of Heidi glow in your life right now, here’s one makeup artist trick you can use to get it: Grab an ever-so-slightly shimmery bronzer and brush just a bit around the perimeter of your face–your hairline, on top of your cheekbones, on your chin. This adds a touch of healthy sun-kissed color without making you look tan (or worse, faux-tanned). Be sure to add blush on the apples of your cheeks, and some shimmery golden shadow around your eyelids (a la Heidi’s) will help your complexion too.

Raise your hand if you’re wearing a little bronzer today! Where do you like to dust yours?

Photo: Getty Images

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When a breakup is many years in the past, a friendly hello might be a mature way of showing that you’ve both moved on and are happy for each other. But what if your family was the one reaching out? And um, what if it was this super awkward situation involving Britney Spears’ family and her very famous ex?

Last week, Britney Spears’ little sis Jamie Lynn (who recently got engaged!) tweeted to Brit’s famous ex, Justin Timberlake, saying “”@jtimberlake Weird hearing ur music as an Adult. Ha Not only do I appreciate it. I GET it. #jay #crymeariver #mirror.” Come again? If it wasn’t weird enough for her sister to be tweeting her ex, it’s extra weird since that song was allegedly about Britney. And not in a good way: the video showed JT seeking revenge on what people claimed was a Britney look-alike for cheating on him. And um, Jamie Lynn now “gets that”? Huh. Well then. Britney reacted by giving a huge, forced smile and posing as if she really needed to pee and had forgotten how she naturally moves her arms. I mean, I’m just assuming, since that’s what she does pretty much every time she’s seen in public these days. (Said with love. I adore Britney. Never stop the endearingly unpolished poses, Brit. I love your new hair! Call me!)

Britney and Justin were so young when they dated, and so much time has passed that I don’t actually think it’s that weird for her family to make casual contact with him. But the subject matter of that tweet seems pretttttty uncomfortable to me! For the record, Jamie Lynn later clarified, “I hope you all know that my tweets are only to support my sister @britneyspears. anything left over was to @jtimberlake #sisterlove #4eva.” She’s since deleted both tweets, and the main aftermath seems to be that I will now have “Cry Me a River” stuck in my head for days.

Would you think it was weird if your family reached out to your ex? Do you think this particular situation is weird because of the back story? Or is it just fine either way?

Other uncomfortable encounters with exes:
*Lena Dunham Got Blocked On Facebook…By Her Ex’s Mom?! Awkward!
*Reader’s Dilemma: “Can I Wear Lingerie that My Ex-Boyfriend Gave Me?”
*My Ex Boyfriend Got Married This Weekend

Photo: Thinkstock

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Что такое онлайн-бронирование услуг и как это работает?
Sometimes you want to in a day was more than 24 hours. And let the system point of time we do not change, but the personal schedule can be optimized with the help of online букингов. What is it?
Online букинги this modern services that allow to book services through the Internet, and thus substantially save our время.То is on those transactions that usually is spent from 15 minutes to a half day, can now be carried out in two-three clicks. The services of online-booking is good still that solve the problem of the barrier in communication does not need to choose your words and fainting from unexpected questions call-center operator or administrator of the institution. Now, what kind of services can book Ukrainians with the help of a booking?
Book a table at the restaurant
This can be done with the help of resources,, and The functionality of the sites is somewhat different, but the principle is the same. On the start page of the online-booking you choose the location of the restaurant, the time of the visit, type of cuisine, and the average check. Filter shows all meet the request of the results, and you have only to decide. When the restaurant and the provision selected, simply click on the Reservation button (options Booking of the table, the Reserve, the Reserve). Reservation confirmation comes in the form of messages to a mobile phone or e-mail, sometimes you return.

The main advantage of online-booking a table in the fact, that on a site of a booking you see the scheme of the hall of the restaurant and see what kind of table you want to reserve. Also, you can immediately make an order dishes and drinks from the menu to the parish in the restaurant immediately to start a meal.

Many restaurants offer good discounts to clients who have a reserve in a mode online usually, these suggestions are displayed on the start booking. The service of online booking is not paid.

Sign up for beauty service
To bring beauty, do not need months to wait, when the beloved master happen window in the chart. The most actual beauty of the proposals are collected on the site Here you are in the four clicks can sign up for the service in a comfortable for you place at a convenient time for you. On букинге available offers from beauty salons, clinics of aesthetic medicine, SPA-комплекосв, tanning salons, fitness centers, private masters.
As the service is running? At the start you choose the service and the preferred location of salon/clinics, etc. Filter displays all the results for that address, and proposes to clarify the price. When all necessary parameters are set, you make the choice. On the page of the desired interior or of the wizard shows the schedule of work of the employed, and free records. Choose the appropriate time, leave your contact telephone number and e-mail (all information is confidential and is used salon/master only to confirm the recording). After a few minutes the mobile phone will receive a message with the code to complete the online entry, and after you’ll call back for her confirmation. Service online-recording is free of charge.

For the convenience of users of the site there is a catalogue of services, salons and wizards, which considerably simplifies the search. If you have any doubts about the selected procedures, detailed information on it you will find a blog version. And, of course, here too, you can get a discount or become a party to the beauty of the shares.

Book tickets/hotel reservations
Online booking of railway and air tickets a wonderful alternative to a several-hour простаиванию in the queues to the cash desks. Will tell you about the principle of work of a booking on the example of the online-service, the purchase of airline tickets
On the main page of the site you are offered to choose the date of departure, point of departure and arrival. Also you have the opportunity to choose the class of service and number of passengers. The service will show all possible variants of direct flights with connections or connections to other airports. After making your selection, you click the Buy now button and fill out the fields, associated with the confirmation of identity and the payment for the ticket.

The most convenient way of payment – a plastic card, but also it can be accomplished via the terminals PrivatBank or IBox/QIWI. In the cost of the ticket is included service charge. Before you made the payment of the ticket can be exchanged, after he exchange and is not refundable.

The site not only can you buy the tickets, and hotel reservations arrival at the right time. In addition to the places and dates have the opportunity to choose the type of hotel, a way for accommodation and additional services, and services.

The advantages of online booking services
Above we have described in some detail the advantages of the work of the service of online booking services. But I would like to note some points that we personally noted as indisputable merits.
1. Time-saving online booking takes from several seconds to several minutes
2. Book now or buy the service can be in working time nobody will see it and will not hear
3. There is no fear of communicating with other people all of the communication is reduced to a phone call from salon/institution/company to confirm your reservation
4. The services of online hotel reservation services work with reliable contractors
5. Ordering service online, you can get a substantial discount.

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