A collection of points of the stone from Shwood. Mark points Shwood from Portland, opened for themselves a new material – stone. As a result of experiments appeared a line of Stone Collection, which consists of 2 models: Canby Stone and Belmont Stone. Each frame is created manually in Italy of thin slate with cast pewter inserts, and after adding the lens Carl Zeiss with UVA/UVB protection. 0 0 Read More →

All fans of the social network “Vkontakte” have now the opportunity to get acquainted with Hollywood actor Kevin costner — on the day he created there profile.

Of course, the profile was created for promotional purposes — before concerts in Russia, as costner now also sings. In your account Kevin published videos of previous performances, and also placed 20 photo albums.

Let’s remind, earlier it became known, that your profile “Vkontakte” started another Hollywood actor-Tom cruise.

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A bottle of sweet fragrance is decorated with funny bees
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The revolutionary stabilizing system for recording movies. Today, in order to create a really good film, the film crew will not only have to use all their talents, but also to invest seriously in the professional equipment. However in the nearest time the process of filming may change dramatically. 0 American photographer, Director and screenwriter Vincent Лафорет has developed essentially new stabilizing system for video cameras, which received the name MōVI. The device allows you to take a long term plans, «attacks» and panorama, is not using for this additional equipment, and using only shooting from the hands. A key feature of the development of Vincent Лафорета – 3-axial system of gyroscopic stabilization, which is used in the design. The rig weighs just 1.3 kg, can be managed either alone or with the assistant, which can adjust the position of the camera remotely with the help of a joystick. Now development is represented by the standard model of M10, which is designed to run with total weight up to 3 kg, and a compact version of the M5, but will soon be released to the model of the M20, which will allow to use the more massive of the camera. MōVI can be used in any conditions: the operator can run up the steps, move backwards withdraw from a car or even go on a roller – on the quality of the recording will not be affected. A small, seemingly, technology, may actually become a real breakthrough in the film industry. The announced price MōVI M10 15 000 dollars and the M5 in the 7500 dollars is nothing compared with the cost of a huge variety of rigov, стедикамов, sliders, cranes and other operator «widgets», which they successfully replaces. Compact device allows you to take the same frames much less and for a shorter period of time. All of this can lead to reduction in price of фильмопроизводства without a significant loss of quality. Read More →

Как быстро очистить кожу лица?
Proper skin cleansing is one of the main stages in the well-considered and effective care for her. We have already repeatedly wrote that the professional approach to care for any type of skin is in compliance with the three simple stages : cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protection.
Additional means of care are masks. Among them there are also a huge variety of cleaning. They are great to cope with its functions, but do not forget that all the same mask – products fragmentation of care. You can use them from 1 to 3 times a week.
I WANT to chose for you the recipe of the mask, which is suitable for cleansing the skin of all types, but especially like the owners of oily and combination skin.
You will need:
2 tablespoons yogurt, it is desirable to 1 % fat content,
1 tbsp grated potatoes
Potatoes RUB into a homogeneous mass to the state of slurry. Fluid leave a minimum, to avoid the discomfort when applying the mask. Add the yogurt and again all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
Apply the mask on for 15 minutes. Owners of dry skin is better to confine 7-10 minutes. Wash off the mask of cool water, wipe the face tonic for the completion of the purification procedure.

Do not keep it in the face of more than 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

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10 trench coat for a fickle spring weather. Spring is gradually coming into force, and therefore, it’s time to choose outer clothing in plus temperature. A light coat, with buttons and a belt is the ideal solution for off-season: protects from the rain, and the wind. Тренчкот (which translates as «траншейное coat»), by Thomas Барберри more than a century ago, add any image noble classicality, regardless of whether you select a strict model or avant-garde version of bright colors. 10 of the most urgent spring cloaks in our review.  


0 The average price of  61 125 rubles

Burberry London

0 The average price of  27 000 rubles


0 The average price of  33 000 rubles


0 The average price of  33 800 rubles


0 The average price of  22 000 rubles

Saint Laurent

0 The average price of  62 000 rubles  

Dolce & Gabanna

0 The average price of  32 800 rubles  


0 The average price of  48 000 rubles  

Paul Smith

0 The average price of  18 000 rubles

Ann Demeulemeester

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Леди ГагаShow business spread the rumor that Lady Gaga and the famous actor Taylor Kinney already in the summer of plan to get married.

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The motives of wildlife continue to conquer the fashion podiums, and consequently – street style and democratic shops. One of the most urgent prints this spring steel images of lions and tigers who look at us with t-shirts, tops, sweaters and dresses. I WANT to chose for you the most interesting model.


At first glance, such predatory grins of may seem blunt for lovers of feminine and romantic, but it is worth considering that all is learnt in comparison, and it is these prints can highlight more the delicacy and elegance.

Despite the urgency, do not get involved in the same type of things – everything is good in moderation. Look, inspired by and are looking for the ideal of the tiger!

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The consumption of red meat – beef, mutton, pork and venison – has a negative impact on the condition of the heart and blood vessels of the human. 
This fact has long been known, however, if previously it was believed that the danger lies in the presence of cholesterol and saturated fats, the recent studies on this topic have changed the point of view of scientists. It turns out that carnitine contained in red varieties of meat, after entering the human body forms a trimethylamin-N-oxide. As a result on the walls of the blood vessels are formed body fat are directly associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases. 
Fans of red meat, absorbing it in large quantities, high risk, because such a diet can cause not only a serious illness, and death. One way out is to reduce red meat consumption to a minimum, if it does exclude it from the diet does not work. 
British scientists have found the approximate safe (relatively!) the norm of consumption of red meat per day: 70 g, then there are a couple of slices of bacon. In addition, scientists have advised often indulge yourself probiotic yogurt – they alter the balance of bacteria present in the intestine after consumption of meat, resulting in reduced number of microorganisms, «guilty» in the processing of carnitine. Read More →

Как бороться с повышенной потливостью?
The most modern method of struggle with hyperhidrosis, which provides guaranteed and long-lasting effect, are injections of Dysport (the company by beafour Ipsen, production of France) in the problem area.
Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis problem, which always appears in the wrong time and makes us suffer emotional and psychological stress.
Often the situation is out of control. Telltale stains on clothes, unpleasant smell. Various methods of masking hyperhidrosis: deodorants, lotions, mixtures of different herbs, sedative therapy produce short-term results. We are not sure of yourself, irritable.
And yet there is a way out. In the modern aesthetic medicine to combat sweating with success use the drug Dysport. The drug Dysport selectively денервирует local sweat glands and blocks the production of sweat in the zone of the introduction of the preparation. The maximum effect occurs within 2 weeks after the injection and lasts for up to one year.
Dysport is injected into the problem areas in the form of microinjections. Contraindications to the procedure are inflammatory diseases of the skin in the field of the introduction of the preparation. Of course, the procedure of a qualified specialist in a medical institution.
A medical center ailaz, as the clinic of the highest category, has a great experience in the treatment of hyperhidrosis with the help of Диспорта.
Information about the preparation Dysport
Dysport used in the medical center ailaz complex of botulinum toxin type A and type of the hemagglutinin. Is made firm by beafour Ipsen international, France. Is registered in Ukraine.
Dysport works by blocking the acetylcholine in the neuromuscular junctions, weakening the muscle contractions. The doses used in aesthetic medicine, do not affect the body, and act only in the zone of the introduction of the preparation. Preparations of botulinum toxin are used in medicine for more than 20 years. Originally used in neurology for the treatment of spastic States. In 1989, the Office for the Supervision of Food Продуктров and Drug administration (USA) the FDA has approved the use of botulinum toxin at strabismus, гемифациальном spasm, блефароспазме. Since 1992, the injection диспорта applied in cosmetology.
How to prepare for the procedure?
No special preparation is required. However, the effect may be much weaker if, during either the day before the procedure, You take antibiotics or alcohol. We offer You a simple and reliable solution to the problem sweating. If you have any questions call us: 44 291-01-91. It is possible to write on the procedure through a form on the site.
A medical center ailaz: PR-t position, 12A.

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