This ancient beautiful tradition has a practical value: this drink, like coffee, should really drink water – not only in order to better develop its taste.

One alkaloid – good, two – better

Espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte drinks, made using coffee beans, invented many. However, from the point of view of the action on the nervous system of man is a fundamental difference exists only between the coffee drinks like whole-grain coffee and freeze-dried, that is, of soluble.

The fact that the coffee bean in its structure is inhomogeneous. Its outer shell contains all of the known energizing alkaloid called caffeine, has a pronounced tonic effect. In the inner part of the grain is another alkaloid – theobromine.

In the manufacture of instant coffee uses only the inner part of the grain; the outer sheath is separated and goes on medication or energy. But if we are dealing with coffee beans, you need to remember that it contains two alkaloid.

The reverse process

When we drink coffee, these two alkaloid comes into our body at the same time – but to act starting at a time. Initially started caffeine that its action is associated an invigorating effect. But after about 25 minutes on the scene theobromine.

Here’s how it works: caffeine has the ability to narrow the blood vessels in all organs except for the kidneys; they, after a couple of SIPS of espresso, vessels, on the contrary, are expanding. The result is a spike in body pressure and urination; the latter is associated with an improvement in renal blood flow.

However, not half an hour passes as the person becomes a bit sleepy; however, many feel not too pleasant tugging sensation in region of kidneys. This started the action of theobromine: the pressure of all the bodies increased, and in the kidneys have dropped.

In order to avoid disrupting blood flow to the kidneys, it makes sense after each SIP of coffee to take a drink of water.

The effect of a 30-kilometer

With instant coffee all the more interesting. Because it is made from the inner part of the grain, which the caffeine content does not exceed 10% and theobromine pretty much the effect of it is somewhat different than from whole grain.

Namely, vigorous phase is not as pronounced, some missing completely, but this drink has a distinct effect of drowsiness. So if someone of your friends complains to you – he’s supposedly paradoxical reaction to coffee, I do not want to run and jump, and sweetly sleep, then, most likely, he’s having no grain, and coffee.

Truck drivers often buy yourself at the pump tins with the prepared coffee drinks, made clearly on the basis of instant coffee, even invented its own term – “the effect of a 30-kilometer”.

It means this: about 20 minutes after absorption of the contents of such jars, that is just about 30 kilometer, the driver usually waits for the period of sleepiness, lasting about an hour. This is the same teobromina phase, during which the sleepy.

So instant coffee is also better to drink plain water – that after he did not wanted to sleep. And even better – to drink as a refreshing drink strong brewed black tea: caffeine in it no less, and theobromine is totally absent.

Additional reasons

For lovers of good coffee there are other arguments that say that it is better to drink water.

  • – Delicious as the first time. If you without further ADO just to drink coffee SIP by SIP, the second SIP will not be so breathtaking as the first. A clean water wash over the taste buds and as a result you will fully enjoy every SIP.
  • – Pressure is normal. Those who are afraid of extra time to drink coffee because of the risk of high blood pressure, plain water can provide a great service – it can weaken the effects of caffeine; if you drink it the coffee, the heart will not beat like crazy.
  • Teeth like pearls. Coffee contains pigment tooth enamel. But if after every SIP to drink a little water, the pigment will not have time to penetrate and the teeth will remain as white as it was.

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Censorship is a way of limiting freedom, and when the censored works of art, it smells like revolution. If someone thinks that bans on display of artistic paintings — the case of the Imperial past, it is not quite true. Then do often impose restrictions on a demonstration of some of the paintings. But history repeats itself, and here are a few testimonies to this fact.

  • Rural procession on Easter

    Vasily Perov
    The Church — then and now the chief censor, who believes that art can prevent anybody to believe in God. This picture was forbidden to display and reproduce in 1862 for immorality.

  • The Palestinian series

    Vasily Vereshchagin
    The realistic manner with which Christ is depicted in the paintings of this series, could not leave indifferent the censors. Therefore, it is forbidden to bring in and exhibit in Russia.

  • The mystery of the 20th century

    Ilya Glazunov
    Glazunov — opportunistic artist, but he managed to run into a censorship ban. In the seventies he tried to expel for this canvas. However, if he had replaced the image of Solzhenitsyn, Brezhnev, all would be done. But the master did not agree with this requirement.

  • Forbidden art

    Erofeev and Samodurov
    In 2007 in the public centre.Sakharov exhibited paintings, which caused the so-called religious hatred. At least so thought the court of the city of Tarusa, and forbade the reproduction of paintings in the media. So just look at the “Black square”, and the picture can Google.

  • Dreamer

    Arseniy Zhilyaev
    This sculpture was exhibited in the Tretyakov gallery and was banned because of excessive realism. By order of the Director, it was withdrawn from the show because she supposedly haunts. According to the authors, the figure of a sleeping man needs to Wake up one day and lead the people to revolution.

  • The last supper

    Nikolai GE
    The triumph of materialism and nihilism had the censorship Board in this painting in 1863. That is why it is forbidden to reproduce in copies. However, it was bought for the private collection of Russian Emperor.

  • Khodynka

    Vladimir Makovsky
    The revolutionary spirit and sympathy towards the Bolsheviks played with the artist Makovsky cruel joke. This spirit has been imbued his painting “the ice Palace”, which for a long time were not allowed to demonstrate and reproduce in Czarist Russia.

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You went to the mirror, and you captured the horror: “Is this tired woman with extinct eyes?” Do not worry! Look carefully: because you have very expressive eyes, correct shape of the face and adorable smile. What else do you want to look irresistible? Just need to freshen up: relieve fatigue, to hide defects of the skin and to emphasize the dignity. The time you have only 30 minutes, in consequence of this — and more!


To begin, remove the fatigue accumulated during the hard working day.

If you are at home. Head straight to the shower where you can freshen not so much the body but the soul. The best option — a contrast shower: first, a good warm up under the spray of warm water, then turn cold. Therefore change the temperature a number of times, preventing chills, shameful feelings. Will finish on a cold note. Later Pat the skin with a fluffy clean towel.

The first step is done — you got out of the shower rejuvenated and confidence of the forces!

If you’re at work. Also take a contrast shower, but … only for hands, substituting at least 3 minutes palms under hot, then cold water. The effect of the procedure is almost the same as the later common soul, claim to perform reflexology.


For this in order to cheer up, drink a Cup of strong black tea or a Cup of green tea with lemon. Tea can be supplemented with a few slices of chocolate, which is an effective remedy for tiredness, depression and bad mood. It supplies our body a “fast” calories and energy.

Another method to get a charge of vivacity — to make the massage of the ears. The fact that the ear has a large number of biologically active points, conformable to that or any other body and energy associated with them. Massage the ears gives a good shake-up the whole body. Matnog drip a little oil (the bottle with him almost constantly, it may be useful to have) on the finger pads and light fast movements RUB the ears, paying special attention to the lobes.

And do not care what they turn red, it will soon pass and you will be energetic and cheerful throughout the evening.


If you’re at work. Put on eyes cool bags with ispaim tea (better if before that, they rest awhile in the refrigerator) or cotton swabs, dipped them in tea leaves. Sit back, relax and think about something pleasant. Only 5 minutes — and tremendous effect: your eyes look like you actually daily sleep for 8 hours, not sit in front of computer from morning to evening, time to walk in nature and to do sports.

If you are at home. Instead of tea, remember to put on the eyelids and skin around the eyes with grated potatoes. Perform the procedure on the couch. At the same time enjoy your face mask. Can use purchase or make a mask yourself. For this purpose, suitable all kinds of natural ingredients.


If you’re at work. Probably, you will be able only to touch up makeup. Acting carefully with a cotton swab, wipe off the remnants of the “grown old” cosmetics. Will ponovite shadows, brighter, draw the contour of the lips and paint them with lipstick (if you can find a purse, then more intensely coloured than during the day), prints daytime fatigue hide under a light layer of powder.

If you are at home. Before you apply makeup, remove the remnants of “morning luxury” if you did not do this before taking a shower, in this moment of time. Clean the face with milk, the remains of which, clear tonic.

Wash. Cool boiled water will freshen just vdohnuvshy the skin. Wipe it with a piece of ice — it will give your face a natural glow. Apply a cream. Now the skin is cleared, calmed and ready for makeup that will make you irresistible!


Tone cream will lie exactly, of course, if it is applied quickly and evenly over the entire surface of the face and neck. Some drawbacks (shadows under the eyes, age spots), hide using camouflage pencil.

Liquid eyeliner is applied only on the upper eyelid. Carefully guide a thin and precise line, which will stay on the eyelids all night. Brown mascara will make the makeup more natural.

Matte lipstick — the best end luxurious makeup. Apply it with a special brush. Lipstick will lay down more thin even layer, will last long on the lips, but in addition, the brush will certainly help to trace more graceful line.

Full manicure — long enough procedure. In consequence of this, if there’s no time, just give your nails a proper shape and apply varnish. A perfect option Polish matches the color of the lipstick. But due to time constraints, it is possible to use and transparent: if in a hurry to paint my nails are not very smooth or Polish will suddenly lubricated, it will not be evident.

Spirits are also strong female weapon, but your target is not to stifle him, and to endear and fascinate. In consequence, apply a number of drops for the ear, elbow, wrist and neck, and coming from you, the gentle aroma will be absolutely enough.

Again look in the mirror. Whom you now see in it? Don’t be surprised, this amazing cute lady — you! Remember this feeling — the feeling of self-confidence and a sense of their own irresistibility. Take it with you for the evening, and you will see how it will be transmitted to those around you.


So, are you ready. Now try amazing smile (it suits you so perfectly!), and take on Board 3 more, koie will certainly help you to conquer and captivate the opposite sex:

Straighten up! Graceful and seductive curve of the back — as it turned out, this detail instantly gripped the minds of men and is remembered forever.

Learn to shoot eyes (since you brought them to full combat readiness!) Look the man straight in the eye. Assuming up to three, slowly turn your head to the side, as if to divert the gaze. And now sharply turn away. And that’s all. Works perfectly.

To be attractive just. Hard just to look attractive.

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The pursuit of jewels can lead to serious illness greed, and with it, as you know, to live is not very nice. Gold fever is treated with great difficulty, so we offer you ten commercially viable alternatives to gold.

Postage stamps

Once bond market guru bill gross said that it would be better to invest the money in rare stamps, because with them, certainly nothing will happen. Nevertheless, he continued to trade in the stock market, losing a total of about $ 100 million and earning even more. Over the past six years the market dynamics of collecting is growing at an unprecedented rate. Special indexes GB30 show the growth dynamics of prices for postage stamps of 74%. So do not rush to give the stamp album to his nephew — it is possible that in the closet collecting dust your wealth. Лист британских почтовых марок, 1840 год.

Chinese ceramics

Here is a couple of thousand years China is the leading supplier of ceramic art. Those who managed to get himself a pair of Chinese vases from the Ming dynasty, there is a great chance to capitalize on the rising prices of Asian ceramics. Analysts predict increase in the value of art come from ancient China by 45% over the next five years. Just a couple of months ago, a porcelain Cup with a cock of the Ming dynasty was sold for $ 36 million at Christie’s auction. So do not be lazy to visit the nearest antique shop. Пиала времен династии Мин, приблизительно 1368 год.


The rising prices of vintage wines exceeds dynamics of growth of cost of gold and oil. On this occasion in the UK even created a specialized Fund focused on investing in wines from Bordeaux Chateaux, producing a strictly limited quantity. Вино с годами не только улучшает вкус, но и растет в цене.


Old posters with the autographs of dead rock stars, things owned by celebrities can cost a fortune and is able to enrich its owners. But even if you own such a thing solely for the love of art, do not be afraid to lose in price — the cost of these things is growing every year. Гитара Элвиса Пресли была продана за 4 миллиона долларов—рекордная цена, для музыкального инструмента принадлежавшего знаменитости.

Old cars

The indices show that over the last 10 years, the investment value of classic cars has increased by almost 500 percent. Rare cars, released over thirty years ago, with proper care, and the state can bring its owners a lot of money, provided that they manage to sell. So, for example, recently a vintage Ferrari 250 GT was sold for 8.8 million dollars(despite the fact that it was purchased in 2011 for 5 million). Aston Martin Lagonda 1970 — объект охоты коллекционеров по всему миру. Цена на хорошо сохранившийся экземпляр начинается от 300 тысяч долларов.

Wrist watch

Growing demand, limited supply and low cost of maintenance — you have every reason to invest in a luxury watch. For example, collectibles, Rolex or Patek Phillipe not only do not lose in value, but will increase, making you a happy owner of rather big percent.


“Diamonds are forever” — sung in the famous song, and price indices confirm this. Buying diamonds — the lesson is more difficult than selling gold, but can bring much more profit with the right approach. The diamond market is one of the most stable in the world and shake it unless the opening of the unseen fields that is unlikely to happen in the near future. Определить «чистоту» алмаза гораздо сложнее, чем пробу золота.

Rare coins

Private and independent stock indices numismatic market can become a place of battle for untold riches in modern currency. Rising prices for rare coins is 220 percent over the past two years and continues to grow.


To make money on autographs — not a new idea, but it is working today. For the painting of Elvis today it is possible to obtain a five-digit amount. And if you wait another five to ten years, the figure will only increase. Buying autographs are not only collectors, but also major museums and foundations with the aim of preserving the undeniable cultural value of the signature historical figures.


Пит Мондриан, «Красное дерево», 1910
Experts call for investment works of art meaningful version of gold. And it’s not just that works of art are more interesting to watch than the bars of filthy lucre. The rising prices of art objects is growing steadily and adds every year. The undoubted commercial benefits of art says at least the fact that 76% of transactions in the art market are made primarily for the purpose of resale. Read More →

News about … issue 2 the most interesting, most unusual. Withamye interesting news of social networks, the world of show business, and not only..

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Model plus-size (“forms”) Ashley Graham starred in the beach in a bathing suit for Glamour magazine. Picture made for the newspaper, the mannequin was published on his page in Instagram.

In the framework of the photo shoot, the model posed with palm leaves on his head. In the caption to frame Graham pointed out the hashtag #beautybeyondsize (“beauty beyond size”). The picture got more than 200 thousand likes in the social network.

Publication of A S H L E YG R A H A M (@theashleygraham)

Just tuned on the page for Graham in Instagram following of more than 4.4 million users.

Earlier in June it became known that two models plus-size participated in the survey for the Italian version of Vogue magazine. A native of Dublin, TIA Duffy and model Karyn Inder took part in the campaign of the publication under the hashtag #BeBodyAware (“Know body”). The women refused to hide their imperfections, including cellulite.


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When it comes to male hormones, it becomes immediately clear that we will talk about the testosterone. However, testosterone is only one of many products and activities of androgens — chemical control system of the body, which is responsible for muscle mass, hair, low voice and all those signs that are called men. But how exactly do these invisible controllers of men’s health.

  • Testosterone

    Developed muscles, confidence, and sexual activity all have a direct dependence on the concentration of testosterone in the blood. However, many men lack this wonderful hormone. It is associated with unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits: Smoking, fascination with alcohol, poor diet, lack of sleep and physical activity. And nature has decreed that, after 30 years, any man begins a slow decline in the level of testosterone in the blood. Appear health problems, lowering the tone and many of the problems associated with the content of testosterone and regulation of life processes.

  • Androstenedione

    Androstenedione is the main androgen secreted in the body. This hormone is weaker than testosterone, however, can become a strong natural steroid when needed. At the same time, when excess adipose tissue is converted to estrogen — the hormones, which are called “feminine.” Thus, roughly speaking, Androstenedione is able to help athletes and harm to the deniers of the sport, that in itself is consistent with the male character.

  • Insulin

    Insulin is required by our body to transport glucose into the cells for energy. Insulin is produced in both men and women, but in combination with a set of purely male hormones, it is incredibly important for recovery after stress. Meals with a high glycemic index so that the pancreas begins to produce extra insulin. If this happens regularly, the body develops resistance to insulin and, as a result, diabetes occurs. Legumes, vegetables rich in fiber and whole grains helps to reduce blood sugar levels. But it is best to increase the amount of physical exercise: muscle tissue is the largest consumer of sugar in the body.

  • Dihydrotestosterone

    Dihydrotestosterone is the most active form of testosterone that is responsible for all manifestations of samavati — from hairy body to the large pores of the skin and increased discharge of subcutaneous fat. In addition, the hormone responsible for hair loss the follicles of hair react to him as a strong toxin that kills hair follicles.

  • Adrenaline

    Adrenaline is a catabolic hormone and affects virtually all types of metabolism. Under his influence is the increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood and increased tissue metabolism. Adrenaline stimulates nerve fibers that runs an increased stimulation of all internal organs. Hormone improves the functional capacity of skeletal muscles (especially when severe fatigue). This effect is one of the mechanisms of organism adaptation to long-term chronic stress and increased physical activity. It enhances wakefulness, mental energy and activity, causes mental mobilization, the reaction of orientation and the feeling of anxiety, worry or tension. Epinephrine works in conjunction with the rest of male hormones and can become a powerful stimulant.

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