Halle Berry is no longer just an Academy Award winning actress. “Halle Berry” is also the name of Jared Goff’s favorite play. On Sunday, during the early going of the Los Angeles Rams’ game against the Seahawks, microphones picked up Goff shouting out instructions at the line of scrimmage. By the sound of it, Goff checked into a play called “Halle Berry,” which sounds remarkably similar to the name of a certain actress who won an Oscar for her performance in “Monster’s Ball,” a move that came out when Goff was 7 years old. Yep, that’s definitely what Goff was saying:
Goff using @halleberry as an audible in the #Seahawks #Rams game is incredible 😂(SOUND ON)pic.twitter.com/IPo5I7Qf65— The Rush (@therushyahoo) November 11, 2018

Well, that’s fun. Time to move on. Except that … Berry noticed. So, she asked Goff and the Rams for an explanation. 
Hold up. @JaredGoff16 @RamsNFL – What is a “Halle Berry”?? 🤔😂 https://t.co/nQyaWHQRrn— Halle Berry (@halleberry) November 11, 2018

When Goff found out that she’d tweeted about it, he reacted appropriately.

“Wait, hold on, are you serious?” Goff said, per ESPN. “She heard it!”Naturally, Goff responded to her directly. He explained that it’s his favorite play.
It’s my favorite play ever https://t.co/YLWi7c3DNE— Jared Goff (@JaredGoff16) November 12, 2018

And that’s how “Halle Berry” became the best line-of-scrimmage verbiage since “Omaha” and “New York Bozo.” Unlike those others two calls, the Rams’ choice of words is much easier to explain. Berry is a famous actress. The Rams are from Los Angeles. As ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry reported, “McVay said he named the play after Berry because of her beauty, and that it was a compliment to the Oscar winner.”The Rams went on to beat the Seahawks, which moved their record to 9-1. Meanwhile, Berry is set to appear in “John Wick: Chapter 3.”Advantage: Berry. 

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