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A green building revolution is under way in Latin America, one that will improve the health and well-being of future generations, and it’s being led by women.  Thanks to a new cash injection, this is a revolution that will spread far and wide, creating resilient communities at the forefront of fighting climate change.

I am here in Hawaii, co-facilitating a writing workshop with my friend and Goddess-friend. Twenty-one glorious, brave, bold and yes, audacious humans share their stories. Life stories. Bits and pieces, a moment, a memory shared, spoken, told.

WRighteous   Love    Today, November 2, is the 20th anniversary of my Dad’s death, in memory of him, I share this story: It had been imbedded in the palm of his hand. They had to pry his hand open, and remove it.

In the United States, 75 percent of incarcerated women are also their children’s primary caregivers. And while these women are spending time in prison, their children are often spending time in some form of foster care. For women of color, these numbers are even more staggering, The Pew Charitable Trusts found that one in nine Read More →

Honestly, truthfully, I go back and forth. I feel like I have vertigo. There are moments I feel so strong, so full of piss and vinegar, so determined, so ready to make a ruckus; to strut my sassy and crazy and look at me stuff. And then there are days I want to crawl into a ball Read More →

The American Dream — a bright future that gives immigrants hope for security and success upon arrival in the United States. Yet, over time, the American Dream has transformed from an open welcoming for all to a selective term catering to white privilege. As a result, immigrant women are often tossed aside, overlooked and undervalued. Read More →

WRighteous Today’s column is dedicated to Jamal Khashoggi Words. The irrefutable power of words. They can lift you, inspire you, move you, rattle you. They can shape you, mold you, flatten you, devastate you. They can cut you deep.

Us in the U.S. is Women’s eNews’ weekly update summarizing all of the past week’s actions, policies and legislation that are being proposed, as well as passed, impacting women’s rights in the USA. Since our audience spans the globe, Women’s eNews wants to ensure that our readers are provided with all of the facts since Read More →

NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS)—New York’s new paid family leave policy is being lauded as the best state-backed measure yet to guarantee the protected, compensated right to care for new babies or ailing close relatives. The policy, adopted by the state earlier this month, will entitle a worker, starting in 2018, to half a week’s pay for Read More →

CHICAGO (WOMENSENEWS)— American women have been growing older without a roadmap since the upheavals of the 1960s. This has been both liberating and perplexing for me. Many women of the baby boom like me peer around the corner of 70 years old and ask, “What’s ahead? Is there a script for how I might live Read More →