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One of the reasons why many people hesitate to quit Smoking is that they are afraid of terrible suffering in the process of withdrawal from nicotine. But in fact this dependence is not as strong as, say, drugs. Withdrawal from nicotine causes withdrawal symptoms, does not cause any pain or other physical suffering.

“My cousin smoked for 20 years. And then threw a very interesting way — she started eating dog biscuits! She chewed them when she wanted to smoke, and so craving was gone. – Chris T.

An unusual way to be free from addiction

To make a deal

“In exchange for giving up the costly habit of buying a pack of cigarettes a day, I made a deal with myself that instead allow yourself at any time you want to buy a lottery ticket.

I haven’t smoked a cigarette since then, and it’s been more than 25 years, and it’s safe to say I’ll never do it. I would like to say that one of the lottery tickets has won me a million dollars, but this has not happened, at least has not happened yet! “Is Liz Rubin.

Quit Smoking with a cocktail with soda

The cocktail with baking soda will help get rid of addictions

“I read a newspaper article where a doctor said that to quit Smoking, it is necessary to mix in a glass of drinking soda, and drink it. To do so twice a day for the first week and once daily the second week.

I have smoked pack a week, that is nearly 30 cigarettes a day. On Monday and Tuesday, I drank two glasses of water with soda. The taste was similar to something like Alka-Seltzer. Then I smoked two cigarettes. On Wednesday I thought I’d smoke a cigarette, throw, and finally.

And continued to drink water with baking soda until the end of the week. In General, I didn’t even need the second week. Since then I have not smoked for 20 years.” — Joan Panizza.

Hypnotize yourself

Encoding – one of the ways to quit Smoking

“I’m a practicing psychologist in new Jersey. In 1976, I already had a PhD degree, some experience in hypnosis, and I smoked about a pack a day. On a new year, a friend asked me how I got it going with the practice of hypnosis, and asked if I could help her to quit Smoking. I brought her into a trance that lasted about an hour. Next week, we spoke with her by phone, and at that time she was Smoking. And in that moment I realized that she did not smoke for a week. I’m hypnotized! Once or twice almost started and now even thinking about it I can not; since for more than 30 years without a cigarette”. — Sheila Sidney Bender

Start small

“I made myself a contract. Spruce refuse habit to smoke a pack a day, then once a week allow myself a cigarette. Last summer I smoked just two cigarettes, and in the autumn never smoke. I think I did it!” — Kevin Kilpatrick

To drag in the mud

“My late grandmother tossed all her smokes except one single cigarette, which she hid in a hood in the kitchen. When she wanted to smoke, she took out the cigarette, did a puff, then put out and again hid in the hood. Over time, the cigarette became more dirty, greasy and prokopchina. This “life-saving” a cigarette became less and less attractive, and in the end she threw it away. I haven’t seen her doing it”. — Jessica Ward

To bury the evidence

“Once I wrapped a carton of cigarettes in polythene and buried them in a flower pot on the back porch, so I had to dig out a pack, take a cigarette, and then bury it back. It was 18 years ago!” — Pat Owens

To pay

“Two of my good friend agreed to quit, or to pay another thousand dollars, if the first will not leave. Being honest, hard-nosed and not willing to lose, they did it! Since then, she both don’t smoke”. Mike P.

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Who of famous people categorically do not like this kind of clothing, and who has an incredible collection of jeans?

On the eve of the birth of jeans in the program Sravi way with leading Alena Vinnytsia and Alexander skichko said about star denim. As to this kind of clothes are the stars?

Travesty diva Monroe prefers dresses, but admits that jeans with sneakers she loves. Although, according to her, this kind of clothing it is not so many.


“First, in jeans conveniently, second – practical, third, in my wardrobe of jeans, perhaps, pairs of five or more. Why would I want more?“ – said Monroe.

So, the first jeans Monroe have style “bananas”, and soon she had a fashion at that time, “varenkov”, which the young fashionista did by yourself at home, like most young people of that time.

“I remember we boiled jeans. Buy classic jeans, threw them in the digestion. There I rubbed half the soap, added a capful of white. And three hours so cooked. The result was a terrible “varenkov”. The blue color just disappeared. They became non-white, and gray-blue, stranded, norcenni. Especially if they are pre-roll“ – shared transvestite diva their own recipe for “tie-dye“.


However, she remembered that her mother went to Poland, where bought for a young girl fashion jeans. But if something isn’t liked, then she stitched them together with my mom.

TV host of the program Morning with Ukraine channel Ukraine Nikolay Matrosov remembers their first jeans. He, like Monroe, which they just did.

Remember, only appeared jeans immediately became fashionable, they were boiled, so-called “varenkov“. What is with those jeans I just did. As a result, they spread apart. But above them I experimented scared: and linen were boiled, and rubbed brick.

Sailors now admits that it’s even a little bit ashamed of what have done so with their first jeans.

Colleague Matrosova Svetlana Katrenko also remembers their first jeans. According to her, she loved them very much, even though they were not comfortable.

“The jeans were just oak. I can’t say that they were from the “Soviet jeans“, but they are really uncomfortable, hard, blue, some dark. But the same fashionable and classy“ – shared memories of the presenter. According to her, the jeans gave her parents, when the fashion went to ragged pants, leading them not a little frightened by his grandmother.

Singer Olga Gorbachev is rare in jeans. She admits that she is a lover of feminine clothing style and calls jeans “the national dress of American farmers”. Moreover, she believes that jeans negatively affect women’s energy.

It is comfortable, practical, but hardly contributes to our feminine energy. In addition, it is so banal for the male gaze, which I think is not attractive to men.

So, Olga Gorbachev wears jeans only on a business trip or on a long flight.

From the TV presenter and actress Polina Logunova jeans a lot, she confesses that she loves when it is worn with heels, then the image in regular jeans becomes more feminine and graceful.

“This is a very feminine and beautiful under the heels only. Then it’s good. To emphasized figure, buttocks tightened. And when the only shoes and a sweatshirt, it’s really feminine,“ – shared his opinion of Polina Logunova.

We will remind, the wife of Yuri Nikitin shared bold video.

How to wear your favorite jeans:

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Hence the lack of complete harmony with themselves and with the outside world, without which in our time, alas, nowhere. How to learn to love myself? In fact this depends on how well you will be treated by others. Simple tips every day will help you to get closer to perfect harmony and attain the desired confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

1. Identify the causes

First you need to determine the causes of your insecurity and dislike of myself. Perhaps the origins of the complexes is found in your childhood, because in some cases parents, without realizing it, laying in us negative impact on all our lives. If you are disappointed in all the men’s field, perhaps the reason could be your bad experience. If you understand why, to understand themselves and their relationships with others will be much easier.

2. Having overcome them

The causes were identified, and now your task – to cope with them. Or just forget about them. If not, you need to work on yourself and convince yourself that all your negative past is just a rewarding experience, which was necessary to the perfect harmony and absolute happiness. Don’t let negative emotions take hold of you, and then life will be wonderful.

3. Identify its advantages

There is no such person, which would not be the strengths. Surely you have it, and in large quantities. You only need to define them correctly. Let’s say you consider yourself to be overweight, but at the same time you have a feminine shape. And at work you love and appreciate. And your character is likely to have the traits that you need to amaze myself.

4. Develop them

When positive qualities are identified, to focus all their energies on their development. Emphasize the dignity of your appearance, emphasize your best traits, to improve our knowledge and skills. In General, do everything to get closer to the ideal, which will give you the opportunity to feel on top.

5. Communicate with strong people

Your environment should consist mostly of those people to which you can aspire, and from which you can take an example. As a rule, the losers just turn us on even more negative way. Think about it: perhaps it’s time to reconsider your social circle and improve it.

6. Change for the better

To accept yourself for who you are is fine, but work on yourself never hurt anyone. Change your hairstyle, update your wardrobe. If you’re worried about a couple extra pounds, join a gym. Work on character traits, refining them, developing the best and fighting the worst. Think about what you want to change, and work safely on it.

7. Please yourself

To love yourself, you will need to make yourself pleasant surprises. Reward yourself for the successes, give yourself the gifts of new shoes and a trip to the beauty shop, go to events that interest you, and which you have long wanted to visit. All of it is uplifting, makes you love life, and, consequently, themselves.

8. Improve your skills

To develop professionally. Read good books, attend trainings, courses and seminars that may be useful to you in your work. The success in the career field can be a great way to help you increase your self-esteem, because if you are a valuable employee, you already have something to love himself.

9. There’s no comparison

Comparison with whoever had the most negative effect on our self-image. In any case you should not compare your figure with the girls from the gym, and career success – with your boss. You are you. You have very special data and skills, so just enjoy yourself and do completely forget it.

10. Be yourself

The last Council. Probably the most valuable. Under any pretext do not lose their individuality. Accept yourself and appreciate yourself, develop your best. Remember, you are a bright and unique personality, so you have good reason to love yourself. Believe that you deserve the best, and then it won’t take long.

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What really do men want?What women like men?

For a certain percentage of women marriage is the purpose of all life, and all they do, is aimed at “catching“ the man who on a white horse. But what qualities really appreciate men in the fair sex, understood not all.

Ask Reddit conducted a survey (and we, for its part, asked the opinion of a few single males) on the subject of what are the qualities of the woman that man would want to marry. Read and meditate.

1. “When my wife was still my girlfriend, she told me this phrase: “Trying not to love you is like trying not to feel hunger“. It was the most beautiful thing I have heard ever. And she toes trying to take off my socks, and then I fell in love completely,“ – Alex, 32 years.

2. “Trust, ability to communicate, sexual compatibility, understanding and the ability to forgive, and at least a few common interests – for me these are the main criteria of a successful marriage“, Fred, 28.

3. “I realized that he met his future wife, when I stopped to close his mouth. She was not beautiful, and I didn’t have some incredible sexual attraction, but I constantly wanted to talk to her“, Thomas, age 42.

4. “For me it is of great importance to her sense of humor. It has to be like me. If we can’t laugh at the same things, we can’t be together,“ Alexander, 29.

5. “She must have the ability to make me happy, while doing nothing. I want to Wake up with this woman in the same bed on a lazy Sunday, and enjoy just her presence,“ Eugene, 30 years.

6. “My future wife is my best friend, with whom I am well in bed,“ Andrew, 24 years.

7. “This is a woman who has their own interests, which it is burning,“ Steve, 30 years.

“To be able to cook a masterpiece do not have – together deal, but I’m not a foodie“, Roma, 31.

8. “The smell. Driving me crazy scent of a woman, and I’m sure I’ll find my future wife in it by the smell“, – bill, 35.

9. “She needs to be honest and open, and easily find common language with my family and friends. I, too, must be comfortable in her family. Otherwise, nothing good will come of it“, Eric, 27 years.

10. “I have to love her. And she must love me. We marry those we love. And we love not for qualities or achievements, but just for the fact that this person came into your life,“ DEZ, 25 years.

11. “Years up to 25 I was sure that it must be just beautiful, and the rest doesn’t matter. Then I matured and changed point of view. First and foremost, of course, we should love each other because “it runs in the family“ – is working. It must be an interesting person, in fact, be your best friend, as most of the time I still, somehow, going to spend with her. Out of bed people quickly get out, and then often don’t know what’s outside it to do. Sense of humor must be (afraid of people without a sense of humor). Must love children, because without them anywhere. It is desirable to have more than one child. Not necessarily eight, but at least two. And, please (this I swear), let it be monogamous, not hiding behind “modern views“ which are in fact veils lust. Well, I end as I began: her beauty is already not a requirement, but I would like to was a nice bonus“, Roma, 31.

So, ladies, throw shave your eyebrows and draw on their place of eyebrows. It seems men don’t really like it.

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Those that You hate about me? Those without which, You would think that You would be better?

I suggest to try to sell them to me. Or exchange. I guess I’m not willing to pay the money, but might offer You something for exchange. Try?

I want to sell my greed.

It can be very helpful for You if You not easy to act. When I’ve already paid for something, it is my greed that makes it to use. Greed makes me purposeful. Only due to greed I have more than a year been working out (after all, the annual subscription) due to their greed I quickly developed in each of your professions, because I felt sorry for the time, which in the case of my inactivity would have been wasted. Greed makes me to read purchased books, and read, in principle, because I have a e-book, which also cost money. Greed makes me to experiment in cooking after I was tempted by the next shiny saucepan. I can’t say it brings me no joy, but I’m too lazy to act purposefully. Greed balances my laziness.

Laziness, however, I am also ready to put up for exchange.

I think everyone could use a little bit of laziness. Laziness, on the one hand, really motivates me. I love to relax, often as early as 6am start to work. And 12 absolutely free! And on the other hand laziness allows me to take care of yourself, because in the heat of passion I ignore your fatigue or even pain. Laziness does not allow me to overwork. She whispers softly her voice: “that can wait a week, don’t have to do” and I often inferior to it, saving strength for something more important. No wonder, too lazy to call the mother. Not every mother is able to care for the person.

I think my temper might come in handy.

It allows potential aggressors to stay away. For example, merchants and Gypsies. Or soft manipulators. They bypassed me.

I will appreciate their own curiosity.

It bothers me because all my childhood I heard about Barbara, paplateles nose for his curiosity. And ruined himself to the cat. But maybe your childhood is not filled with such sayings, and You can use curiosity to the fullest. This as You can always feed. You will be able to have the information. And in today’s world, information is everything. You always have the full picture, not scraps of information about the world. You will be able to live in spaceland at the time, how many others live in the flat. It is important not to lose your curiosity in any situation, and You will always be able to quickly and correctly react to changing conditions.

And finally the gem offer me is stubbornness.

No one and nothing will shift You from Your position. Stubbornness for a person with greed, laziness, impulsiveness and curiosity is truly indispensable thing, because it makes Your place special. When others would shame You for all those bad in their opinion the quality, You never doubt their usefulness for themselves, and thus anyone of them You can’t take that away. Stubbornness will not let You give up there, where everything has been turned back. Stubbornness – Your most reliable engine.

Try to sell me what I hate in myself. Maybe You will be able to access the value of this for himself.


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When this butter has long been one of the most respected products the Tibetans. The most famous method of using the oil is a product called “tsocha”. It is composed of butter made from Yak milk, green tea and salt. This drink Tibetans drink several times a day.

Good health and longevity of inhabitants of the region known to all, so you might want to reconsider your attitude to this product.

Here are ten reasons why you should give credit to butter for health and optimal weight:

1. Butter is the most easily absorbable source of vitamin A. it supports the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland.

2. Fatty acids butter facilitate absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, K. From this it follows that the vegetables become more useful (and delicious), if you eat them together with butter.

3. The use of butter does not lead to excess weight. The chemical structure of the constituent fatty acids is such that after absorption they are spent only on energy, but not body fat. After the use of oil there is a feeling of satiety. The latter reduces the feeling of hunger and, consequently, prevents overeating.

4. Butter is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants give the oil a powerful protective properties against cancer and atherosclerosis.

5. Raw butter contains a so-called antipopulist factor (Wulzen factor). The latter has a curative effect for arthritis, cataracts and reduced elasticity of arteries.

6. Butter is a good source of iodine. The iodine in butter is effectively the intake form. It is the decline in the popularity of butter in favor of margarine has become a major cause of an outbreak of goiter (thyroid gland growth) at the beginning of the last century.

7. Butter improves the health of the digestive tract. It reduces the incidence of diarrhea in children and constipation in adults.

8. High levels of vitamin K2 can help prevent tooth decay and osteoporosis.

9. Fat molecules butter relieve chronic inflammation and prevent the penetration of toxins through the wall of the digestive system.

10. The secret ingredient in oil is a substance called biturate. It lowers the level of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides (lipids), and increases insulin sensitivity by an impressive 300%. Surprisingly, consumers of butter is less likely to happen heart attacks.

There is no doubt that butter fell victim to the conspiracy of those who receive profits from the sale of cheap vegetable oils and TRANS fats.

Please note that butter made from the milk of pasture-fed cows, many orders of magnitude higher on the medical qualities of oil nepastumsi of murenochek. Therefore, it is worth every effort to look for this oil.

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The right makeup and the right hair color have a rejuvenating effect are not worse than anti-aging cosmetics. It you don’t need – we just need to shift the emphasis in make-up and to bet on certain colors. Use cosmetics creamy texture. The concealer is also a concern. The older a woman is, the less powder means it should be in her purse. And blush, and shadows, it is desirable to choose a liquid. Soft eyebrows – another makeup-trick with the prefix “anti-age”. If brows, avoid dark shades. Focus on your natural hair color and opt for an eyebrow pencil the same shade or darker tone. And by the way, with age it is preferable to paint the eyebrows with eye shadow, not pencil – so sestryonka turns softer and more natural. Brown and dark grey instead of black. Everywhere, where used black (arrows, mascara), go for brown shades or asphalt. They reduce contrast, which highlights the shortcomings of the age. You can also use plum tones. Warm tones for the skin. Give preference to funds with tonal shades of gold, caramel, peach. But from whitish and cold colors should be avoided, they create an aggressive image. The Straubing. Highlights the face with a cream highlighter. It can be mixed with Foundation and spread throughout the skin. Alternative to shimmer with small shining particles, which is applied to the back of the nose and cheekbones. Matte shadow and lipstick. Mother-of-pearl, and even more glitter – a taboo in the age makeup. Blonde hair. The older a woman is, the brighter must be the hair – dark shades make you look too contrasty, and it makes you look older. Glossy Shine on the hair. It also helps to look younger, so use leave-in creams to give the curls Shine or oil. It might make sense to do the lamination.

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It was formed a long time ago, from sea salt deposits that were covered by volcanic lava. Now the substance extracted from the most closed parts of the mountains — it is not affected neither the environment nor the environment. It is a pure product which has remarkable properties. The color of pink salt, this is due to the fact that it contains a lot of minerals. The base is sodium chloride, and added to it bromine, magnesium, calcium, strontium, iodine, etc. when compared to conventional salt, the latter will be pure sodium chloride, that is to rely on some useful components are not necessary.

How does Himalayan salt in our body?

She has a whole range of useful actions. This ingredient allows you to better absorb minerals and various vitamins, good regulates the level of fluid in our body, provides the body with sufficient iodine. And therapeutic Himalayan salt rids our cells of toxins, cleanses the organs, stabilize hormones, blood sugar levels. Fine it affects the musculoskeletal system, the condition of our bones and tissues. If it will be used with excess weight (instead of regular salt), will begin to escape weight. But don’t expect any crazy results — all will be within norm, slowly but surely and safe for health.

Prepare miracle liquid

The substance may well be used as ordinary salt to add to dishes. Colds make the salt solution is 26%. To make them easy. Pour on the bottom of a normal Cup a little salt, cover it all with water and put in the fridge. Morning and see whether there are any crystals. If Yes, there’s nothing to add. If crystals no, the solution is saturated enough, you could add a bit of salt and leave for a day. Use a diluted saline solution — a teaspoon stirred into a glass of clean water. This is a great tool for rinsing with sore throat, nasal lavage, etc.

The bars of this stuff you can just put in the room or at the bedside. Excellent properties have lamps for candles that are made from this material. Anyone who ever try this tool for a long time convinced of its effectiveness and a variety of interesting features.

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Wrong length, bad (although, to be trendy) color of hair – all this can automatically make of the 35-year-old glamorous girls the tired woman of indeterminate age. Don’t let these mistakes!

Too short haircut “a boy” or good on young girls, or women 45+. But in the “intermediate” age is not the best choice.

Hair is too long. If you wear them loose, they should not be longer than the shoulder – so you did not look like the young lady pretended to be young middle-aged.

Black hair – if this is not your natural shade, gradually move to lighter shades: chocolate, chestnut. Black hair added years (visually impair hair color, accentuate under eye circles and wrinkles).

Bleached hair is another color, which should leave the young experimentators. Platinum blond, like strips a person – become visible all the flaws.

Red and purple hair is not only old fashioned but also gives the skin a yellowish tint.

Styling “hair to hair”. Fixed bouncy curls, perfectly smooth strands, perfect bun on top – all this instantly puts you five to seven years. Prefer easy natural hairstyles, stacked slightly sloppy.

Hyperonym – unnatural and therefore underlines the artificiality of your image, depriving it of lightness and dynamics.

Kara cap – this hairstyle is remained in the 80s of the last century, it is not necessary to “pull” it in 2017.

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The contents

  • How to include children in wedding ceremony?
  • Something to occupy children while adults celebrate?
  • How to adjust wedding scenario, given the presence of children?

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