Hypnose mascara Eyes Doll

In January it became known about collaboration designer LanvinАльбера Elbaz and brand Lancome. The result of their interaction – collection Lancome Hypnose Show by Alber Elbaz – will be on sale on June 25.

The key linkages of the collections were four dead: Hypnose Eyes Doll, Hypnose Star, Hypnose Drama and just Hypnose (last creators call it a truly «mystical»). Each new adorned «dress» from Alber Elbaz and has a rich black color!

Тушь для ресниц Hypnose Star Hypnose mascara Star Тушь для ресниц Hypnose Drama Hypnose mascara Drama

Тушь для ресниц Hypnose Hypnose mascara

In line also represented products:

– Reticulation eyeshadow Eyes Doll;

Палетка теней для век Doll Eyes Reticulation eyeshadow Eyes Doll

– Монотени Eyes Doll;

Монотени Doll Eyes Монотени Eyes Doll

– Reticulation eyeshadow Star Eyes;

Палетка теней для век Star Eyes Reticulation eyeshadow Star Eyes

– Монотени Star Eyes;

Монотени Star Eyes Монотени Star Eyes

– Reticulation eyeshadow Drama Eyes to create a smoky eyes makeup;

Палетка теней для век Drama Eyes для создания макияжа smoky eyes Reticulation eyeshadow Drama Eyes to create a smoky eyes makeup

– Монотени Drama Eyes;

Монотени Drama Eyes Монотени Drama Eyes

– False eyelashes. «Eyelash volume XXL – a new way to emphasize the beauty, combining fashion and humor with a slight note of frivolity,» say Lancome makeup artists.

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