Оживляем сезон: 12 спектаклей, которые стоит посмотреть летом-2013

Оживляем season: 12 performances, which are worth seeing in the summer-2013

Although summer in theaters classic is a «dead season», the opportunity to enter the hall of the theatre always is. So where do go театралу summer?

Classics, stories on the topic of the day and play for dessert» in «Sovremennik»

First, of course, in «Sovremennik». One of the giants of the Moscow theatre card traditionally in summer, and its halls are not empty. Moreover, a company works honestly: no anadromous names, play and premieres of the season, and the main cash names of the posters. For example, you can go on to become classics of the «Three comrades» Remark: in the formulation of Galina Volchek busy Ivan Стебунов, Sergey Yushkevich, Megastar Chulpan Khamatova and new star – Nikita Yefremov.

«Три товарища» «Three comrades»

Performance «Генацид. Rustic joke» put the young Director Kirill Вытоптов, and, besides the beautiful dog that is wound in training pants on stage and stick to all in search of affection, there is an immediate plot, a hell of a satire and a lot of good, if not very stellar actors.

«Генацид. Деревенский анекдот» «Генацид. Rustic joke»

And for dessert at the «Sovremennik» you can see the «Pygmalion» by Bernard Shaw staged Volchek. Great funny Sergey Makovetsky and delicate in appearance, but flint in the soul Alena Babenko. As it is now possible to speak of «стронгли рекомендед».

«Пигмалион» «Pygmalion»

Musical, Chronicles and experiments in Theatre. Mossovet

Theatre. Mossovet closes the season at the end of August, so if you don’t view the main performances моссоветовского repertoire, now is the time. Kept permanent classics and headliner posters, musical performance of «Jesus Christ superstar» – «Mossovet» plays several times a month, with various artists.

«Иисус Христос – суперзвезда» «Jesus Christ superstar»

And here’s another: put Yuri Yeremin beautiful historical Chronicles «the Kingdom of the father and of the son, Viktor Sukhorukov in the title role. If you knew Sukhorukova only as киношного artist, believe me, this work will be shocked. The young Tsarevich Fyodor performed by adult great artist stays in memory forever: tiny arms, quiet tenderness, great sadness…

«Царство отца и сына» «The Kingdom of the father and the son»

For gourmets and lovers of experiments Theatre. The Moscow city Council plays «Cynics» Мариенгофу. The young Director Sergey Aronin done on a small area «Under roof» of the moving story of love and death in a clever and accurate scenery Catherine Ряховской. By the way, and here without stars not done: Evgeniya Kryukova, Sergei Vinogradov.

«Циники» «Cynics»

«Some fresh content», theatrical hit and Shakespeare’s tragedy «Satyricon»

Theatre «Satyricon», recently added to the huge building another – «Raikin-Plaza», also open during the summer. Now, after a fun day of shopping, you can go for a food for thought. «Satirikon» is not only the cause of quite a fresh premiere «ЛондонШоу», but many other performances from the extensive repertoire, making discounts on summer.

Сайт ТЦ «Райкин-Плаза» Now the shopping center «Raikin-Plaza»

«Romeo and Juliet» directed by Konstantin Raikin – absolute theatrical hit. Then the young play a young, Juliet is not a lady approaching retirement age, and a young and inexperienced, hot and naughty girl. Here a lot of music, a lot of wonderful dances and other than fighting with swords (and it is the ability to move and famous disciples Raikin).

«Ромео и Джульетта» «Romeo and Juliet»

If you want to see on the stage of the master – you are in «King Lear» by Yuri Butusov. And let this play almost seven years, the history of the unhappy father, devoted daughters, in the performance of Raikin still надрывна and modern.

«Король Лир» «King Lear»

Plays by Bulgakov, Brecht and Schwartz in the Moscow theatre «Hermitage»

Another traditionally working in summer Playground – Moscow theatre «Hermitage» where almost all the performances made the artistic Director of the theatre, film Director and writer Mikhail Levitin. Here replenish their cultural baggage you can, for example, on Bulgakov’s «Зойкиной apartment – this old, but successful performance of the teacher adore led schoolchildren, so summer is the time to look at it calmly, not being distracted by the flood of catharsis adolescents.

Or, you can show «Courage», the recent premiere of «Hermitage» is the staging of the famous plays by Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage». The hundred years war, and the life will not stop: here you are, and love, betrayal, tragedy, loss, and acquisition. Here the classic «зонги» German Brechtian theatre – musical false rooms.

«Кураж» «Courage»

Another reason to go to performances of the «Hermitage» – the coming of the Prime Minister. «My shadow» play by Eugene Schwartz’s play famous, but Levitin made it your own. In addition, in the main role – guest star, actor Ramtha Evgeny Redko, the winner of the national theatre award «Golden mask».

«Моя тень» «My shadow»

The word «Hermitage» and his performances at all strange thing: the spectator comes and runs away after the first act or… remains with this theater forever, watching all the performances and does not understand how he lived before the meeting with the troupe, in which there is not a single star. In General, it is worth a try: summer is a great time for the theatrical experiments!

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