Пособчачились: Татьяна Арно рассказала нам, как похудела на 10 кг

At the end of may one of the most discussed secular news was a video-apology Ksenia Sobchak before Tatiana Arno. The artistic value and the ethical side of the clip are not going to discuss, but with the one to whom he is devoted, talk with pleasure. Specially for readers WMJ.ru we asked Tatyana Arno talk about how she managed to lose ten pounds in one month and thereby win the argument of Kseniya Sobchak. Famous TV presenter shared with us what, in its opinion, the standards of beauty, perfect figure and what is the secret of female attractiveness. Find out the details first and first-person!

Tatiana, you a comfortable weight: some numbers on the scale, the coincidence with coffee set the standard, and the feeling of wellbeing with those or other parameters of a figure?

Mostly I judge by their clothes. I can not weighed, but I understand that I have lost weight or put on weight by how on me clothes. Most often it is jeans, my usual size – 28.

The Internet is walking a lot of versions of «diet Tatiana Arno». And how you really feel about diets and which of them tried?

Of course, I tried many different diets, and from personal experience I can say that all of them are quite effective – but only for a short period. Diets help you quickly lose a few pounds, for example, when you want to lose weight to fit tight dress, but then the weight comes back quickly.

Now I have come to realize that it is much more important to eat right, and do it not from time to time, but permanently. Need to listen to their body and understand what substances it needs, and what – not. For example, someone, like me, can not tolerate dairy and gluten, others thrive, eating yogurt and buckwheat. It is very important to draw up a diet that will give the necessary amount of energy that follow the principles of healthy eating.

What, in addition to proper nutrition and regular physical activity in your opinion, helps the woman to stay in shape?

You must take care of the skin – to visit a bath, do massages, take a contrast shower, use the creams and masks. And this is especially true for those who loses weight, as with weight loss may appear banners and other problems.

Regarding motivation, there is no universal formula. For example, my result was achieved «in spite»sport, because for me it has to be the best incentive. Somewhere in the middle of his race, I had a consultation with a nutritionist, a very good and specialist. She said that the right reason to lose weight is to understand what you’re doing it for yourself. Probably, it’s aerobatics. Because me to show excellent results, we need a sort of «tight rein», the understanding that if I don’t, I’ll not be very good.

For me, this incentive was arguing with, and someone will probably be more effective to think about the aesthetic side of the issue or the possible health consequences, as it is known, excess weight affects health. One can think of it as therapy. Treat your teeth is not very nice, but it should be done. So with obesity: just need to think about losing weight as treatment that will benefit.

Who, in your experience, men are more likely to indulge compliments: стройняшек or owners of mouth-watering bends?

I can’t confidently answer this question, because I can imagine only one of the two points of view. I never was one of the very skinny girls who can wear any clothes and walk without underwear. Certainly, such a figure has its advantages – no problems with the choice of clothes in the stores, any thing perfectly sit down on the figure… on The other hand, women with forms, which can stress cause positive emotions with absolutely everyone. And I mean not only men! Probably the thing femininity, in proximity to the historically established standard, because the fashion for harmony appeared not so long ago.

However, all this concerns only those cases when the form does not become openly weight. It’s not just about the volumes are likely to be a medical issue. You can chase the numbers on the tags service, but have high cholesterol, and a large percentage of body fat.

The main question that interests us, editors, and our readers how you managed to win an argument with Ksenia Sobchak and so to lose weight quickly? Why did this dispute arose, and why you decided to accept the call»?

Since my childhood I спорщица important for me to prove his innocence. But here I am bothered by the fact that the history has turned the public, and stay away I just couldn’t. Besides, it was an occasion to admit to herself that Ксюшиных words there is reason and I really recovered. So it was important for me to prove – first of all, myself, – that I can. And I owe a lot to Xenia. We have very good relations, and this dispute was absolutely friendly. By the way, apology Ksyusha I also really liked the song and the clip were very talented.

If possible, please share your weight loss. What advice useful to all стройнеющим to the beach season, would you give?

I must say that during the whole month I wouldn’t let a single indulgences. Of course, I didn’t go hungry, because in principle it does affect me and I can’t not eat. Therefore, my diet was not very tough, but rather monotonous. Morning started with a small amount of carbohydrates, and to give the body the necessary energy. Typically, these were a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal or cereal bread. Then – daily training, after which the hour was not there. For lunch I ate a green salad: lettuce, parsley, cucumber, avocado. I’m not one of those who can not have dinner, the main meal I had in the evening, but with the restriction that only whites. I could afford fish or seafood, lemon juice, but without greenery. With each meal I took two tablets XL-SMedical to increase the effectiveness of diet and faster achievement of result.

During this time I had no one flaw, though, of course, in some points it was difficult. I called her mother and complained, and she supported me, saying that even in my photos on Twitter noticeable my results. This support has helped me not to fall. And somewhere in the middle of the dispute, I began to see desserts. I woke up thinking «What have I done! I cannot have the sweet!», but then I understood that it was only a dream. Say, there is a superstition that if they begin to dream cakes, mean weight goes really well.

A provocative question in conclusion: how to you in a new weight? Do you want to winning a bet to return to the same seductive forms?

Losing weight by ten pounds, I realized that it’s still too so it was not I. For my age, Constitution of this weight was too small, and it revealed itself in small things – somewhere began to peek out the bones, hands were too thin… So I consciously «returned» three kilograms and in this weight I feel comfortable. Maybe someday I decide to lose weight locally, but until I plan to keep the weight that I have now.

Thank Tatiana Arno for sincere interesting answers, valuable tips and inspiring example. Had you ever lose weight «in dispute» and if so, what happened? Looking forward to your stories in the comments!

Татьяна Арно в новом весе Tatiana Arno in the new weight

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