10 фактов про секс, которые должна знать каждая девушка

1. Horny man will not notice your shortcomings

Overgrown bikini line, excessive fat wrinkle, stretch marks… it is as important to us girls, daily critically studying herself in the mirror. A man who passionately wants you, doesn’t matter at all, but your response passion and excitement.

2. Sex in soft, fresh, comfortable bed clearly underestimate

Okay, you – super modern and progressive pair tried to do it in the toilet aircraft, cinema, the beach, or even in the water. But the truth is, try to love one another traditionally in bed. See you like it! By the way, then you can lie curled up, this is another plus!

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3. Erotic stereotypes really work

Rose petals, scented candles, bath foam, champagne… Corny? But still nice, right? And if you can heroines romance novels, why you can’t?

4. Don’t look at other

Boyfriend girlfriend may 10 times a night? And another man can meet her for hours? Do not engage in comparisons and adapt to certain standards in bed not available. Here, as with money:

it is necessary that not a lot or a little, and to give the two of you.

5. The more you have good sex, the more and more you want

Everything is simple – «taste of pleasure it makes you want to enjoy again and again!

6. Do not be ashamed of their sexual desires

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In other words can say what you want sex, where and how you want it.

Especially, if the sex is good – see previous paragraph.

By the way, a man insanely exciting, when a woman wants it and is not shy to show it!

7. Woman need time to tune in a sexy mood

Men usually difficult to understand. Another two hours ago you gave instructions on work, half an hour ago and checked the child lessons or changed him diaper, and then – Bang, and you’re clicking on, had to become a sex goddess. Explain that you need time to step back, take a shower (alone!) or sit quietly for half an hour with a book. Then you can have fun.

8. Masturbation is great, even if there is a permanent partner

And nothing shameful in it! Caress yourself, have fun, by the way,

let favorite as a «random» witness of the process

– and caress will turn to an exciting sexual game!

9. Think about orgasm – the surest way to «run» it

«Oh, well he is not coming to an earlier faster… maybe I frigid? But the beloved is trying to — Maybe simulate?» – throw away such thoughts! Focus on pleasure: fuck sex picture! And orgasm will come, and what!..

10. Sometimes all that you both need to, just sleep together

Photo: Flickr//by MyDearValentin

It is the «sleep»and not to «sleep». You do not necessarily all night making love selflessly to be the perfect couple. What is it used? Relations are developing, and sleep in the arms can now bring you closer not worse simultaneous orgasm.

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