10 самых ожидаемых фильмов о великих женщинах (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Pleasure to introduce you to the most expected films of the great women, where they have played some very good actress.


PREMIERE: September 5, 2013.


Adaptation тредной fate of Linda Lovelace, star of the cash and the cult порнофильма “Deep throat” is about a woman with the clitoris in the wrong place. For a basis the Director took the book Eric Дэнвилла “All about Linda Lovelace”, and the main role gave Amanda Seyfried, which until recently have not admitted to such scenes of a cannon (although no one episode oral sex movie no).

The history and truth, quite terrible, but optimistic: the girl from a strict Catholic family meets the unlucky порнографа (played by Peter Сарсгаард), to marry him, helps to make a career, and two years later they filed for divorce, accusing home насилиии coercion, to pornography, and is becoming an activist in the feminist movement.

For the first time “Lovelace” showed back in January at the Sundance film festival – all immediately noticed that the second “Boogie Nights” did not work, but it could be worse. Among the definite pluses: James Franco as a young Hugh Hefner, episodic Chloe Севиньи in the image of the journalist, Juno temple role of the best friend of the main character and Sharon stone with Robert Patrick in the role of parent.

“Diana: the Story of love/DIANA

PREMIERE: 10 October 2013.


Melodrama about the last years of the life of Lady Di, the icons and the people’s Princess, he decided to make Oliver Хиршбигель, author of “Bunker” about the last hours of Hitler and the free remake of “Invasion of the body Snatchers” with Nicole Kidman. The role of the main tragic heroine 90 claimed Jessica Chastain, but bypassed Naomi watts, that is certainly not double Diana, but, judging by the trailer, convincingly able to reincarnate. From the brief but impressive life of Diana authors of the film took in the sights of major milestones in the last two years – charity and novels with Pakistani heart surgeon Хаснатом Khan (played by Navin C. Andrews from Lost) and мультимиллиардером Dodi al-Файедом.

The authors have their eyes on the fact of how difficult it is to live under the continuous monitoring of the press and as Diana tries to flee from Buckingham Palace and the paparazzi. Alas, the film has already known the final of this story, as you know, to break off in a Paris tunnel. This is not the first film about the life of Princess Diana (there were about seven), but the heroine has never played star level watts.

“Grace of Monaco”/GRACE OF MONACO

PREMIERE: winter 2013-2014


Nicole Kidman tries on the role of the famous Hollywood blonde grace Kelly, who refused the career for the throne of the mini-state of Monaco. This history: in the film we see Kelly in the status of the wife of Prince Rainier III of Monaco (played by Tim Roth): кинодиве our eyes have to plunge in the political backstage and solve the big problems of the small country. However, without an excursion into the Hollywood past will not do: in the frame exactly appears Alfred Hitchcock, who was known to be extremely unhappy with what his favorite blonde Kelly refused to appear in “Birds” and “Marnie”.

Another celebrity, involved in the story, Maria Callas, which will play Paz VEGA (“Lucia and sex”). The daughter and son of Princess grace of Monaco is already criticizing the film, accusing the authors of the “senseless гламуризации reality”. However, it is hardly stand the way specialist байопикам Olivier Daana – we should not forget that his “Life in pink” not so long ago brought оскаровскую statuette Marion Cotillard.

Burton and Taylor”/BURTON&TAYLOR

PREMIERE: the year of 2014.


Telefilm BBC about the complex relations one of the most beautiful and complex Hollywood couples Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Last year Taylor tried to play Lindsay Lohan (downfall), but this time it got to the point where more experienced and suitable age Helena Bonham-Carter, perfectly knows what marriage with another creative person (ironically, the namesake of Richard Burton, Tim). Say, actress sought to enter into the role, not with the help of makeup, but only to feel the world of experience of the legendary Liz.

Burton is a genius actor, known for a complex character and friendship with strong alcohol plays a Briton Dominic West from the series “the Wire”. The entire plot of the 90-minute television drama revolves around the preparation of both the Broadway production of “Private life” in 1983, the period when their relationship once again tested for strength. And have not gone: the pair had married and dispersed twice, but this episode was the last in a relationship that lasted almost 20 years: a year after the divorce Burton died. Director Burton and Taylor” Richard Laxton – again not a novice in the genre байопика: on account of his film about British gay writer Quentin Crispus “Englishman in new York” with John Хертом in the title role.

“Big eyes”/BIG EYES

PREMIERE: presumably 2014.


Spouse Helena Bonham-Carter, Tim Burton is preparing to pass on to film the story of an American artist Margaret Keane, famous for its sad portraits большеглазых children. Burton, her longtime fan, hatched this idea than one year; images of kin influenced “Битлджуса”, “Nightmare before Christmas” and “Corpse bride” (Director even ordered the artist painted his first wife Lisa Mary).

The project six years spent in the city and to start the process, Burton had to take out of the chair producer on a folding chair Director. It’s no wonder that this permutation of the film immediately formed a prominent castes: the main character will play Amy Adams, and its despotic husband is a typical villain Christoph waltz. No bright scenes isn’t waiting for us: Margaret was hostage to her husband, who, forcing her to sign the pictures of his name. The good news – Margaret Keane 86 years old, and she’s still alive. From bad to – date shooting is not appointed yet.



PREMIERE: presumably 2015.

Director of the film “casino Robbery” Andrew Dominik has officially confirmed that its next staging will be a film about Marilyn Monroe. True, it would be unconventional biopic. The script is based on the controversial book “the Blonde” by Joyce Carol Oates – фейковых memoirs Norms of gin. Dominic has a dream “Blonde” and finally knocked the money and move a project forward.

In the interview with fire in her eyes promises that will remove the “Blonde” in the spirit of the films of Roman Polanski and terrible tales – on the edge between reality and dream, with Freudian motives and immersion into madness. The main female role long promised Naomi watts, but with the male until there is intrigue. Everyone hopes that the project would fit brad pitt fan, friend, producer and star of two films Dominica. But we will find out later: remove the “Blonde” should only next year.


PREMIERE: unknown.


Surprisingly, the biography of Janis Joplin still nobody экранизировал, although her life and death worth it – she was one of the first in the “Club 27”, the long chain of stars, not lived up to 28 years (among them – Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse). Currently in development at least two film project about her life and death. “Janis Joplin: Accept it, while you will do” Director “Treasure” and “Газетчика” Lee Daniels, and the basic role of preparing star “Man of steel” Amy Adams: she desperately breaks your voice to buy rough notes with husky.

On the other hand, the film with the working title “Janice” is going to shoot Sean Дуркин, which, despite its youth, is able to shoot women in tragic circumstances (and we highly recommend the show of his “March, Marcy Mae, Marlene with Elizabeth Olsen). Do not expect this star level Adams, but Дуркина has up its sleeve other trump – right on songs Joplin.




Rodham — maiden name Hillary Clinton, and the film just tells about the period when it was still known by this name. This University years, advocacy and start senatorial career future first lady of the United States. It will not do without love line: then Hillary met her future husband bill Clinton.

For setting wants to undertake Director James Понсольдт (“stuff”). But finding the singer of a young Hillary appeared snags. Carey Mulligan, is considered the main contender, suddenly refused from the project, and so far, the producers are looking for a replacement. In the short-list – Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Chastain, Emma stone, Reese Witherspoon and, again, Amanda Seyfried. Release байопика appointed by 2016 and most likely appear in the next presidential race, in which should participate the real Hillary.


PREMIERE: unknown.


On the outskirts of Hollywood maturing biopic of one of the first lady of the United States – Studio Fox Searchlight for years worked on the project “Jackie” four days of life of Jacqueline Kennedy after the murder of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. This is the case when the Studio is trying to attach an interesting scenario: the thought of him and Spielberg, and Darren Aronofsky, who wanted to give a major role his then wife Rachel Weisz.

However, at present the Director is vacant, the Studio decided to go with the other hand and tried to persuade the main role of Natalie Portman. A vicious circle: the idea of it seems to be like, but it all depends on who will be the Director. If the actress is still agree, it would have to bear comparison with a number of colleagues who had already played Jackie, Jacqueline Smith (“First lady”), Roma Downey (Woman named Jackie”), Joanne Whalley (“Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis”), Katie Holmes (TV mini-series Kennedy Clan”) and Ginnifer Goodwin (“the Assassination of JFK”).

Source: Maxim Сухагузов/Wonderzine.com

Photo: AP/Scanpix, filmz.ru, kinopoisk.ru

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