18 июня в Риге откроется самая большая игровая площадка для детей

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Sunday 18 June at 11:00 with various creative activities for children and musical performances will be open Playground of the future of the sports district on the site of the former stadium LOU (of Gertrudes street, 116A).

The territory of the new sports block in the center of town is 4 hectares, of which 7,000 square meters is given over to the largest in Riga play area for children. It is equipped with Playground equipment of various types and elements designed for children of two age groups – pre-school/primary school age to seven years and for children aged eight years and older.


photo: publicitātes

At the event dedicated to the opening of the Playground, will perform the children’s vocal group Knīpas un Knauķi, Poppy and Karameles, dance bands Mazais andžiņs, Kaspīne. Their ideas show circus Studio Jaunība and the magician Dante Pecoli. There will be games lubimimi fantastic heroes of the creative Association Pasaku nams. Children waiting for the bubble show and other surprises.

Based on the visual design of the site is the story and symbols of Riga. Used blue paving stones and the rubber coating is visually “ide” Daugava: where there is an island with vertical elements to climb the pyramids, and for mooring of the ship.


photo: publicitātes

On one Bank of the river Daugava is a stylized Old town with characterdelimited – copies of the Duomo, Black cat, towers and bridges with the heraldic signs. This “place” is intended for children of preschool age. Here, you can also run and workout and play various role playing games on specially designated game elements. As in any old city, this area will have their own secrets that little explorers will be able to discover, following specific pointers.

For younger kids there will be a special swing with a special scale, where you can swing with their mothers.

To cross an artificial river Daugava will be an opportunity for the two trails on the ropes or on the bridge hitting a green Pardaugava with its skyscrapers, amusement rides, but for older children, use will cotribute can not only in joy and pleasure, but also for physical development.

Visually connects the shore and a special “phone line”, through which children can communicate with one another – each in his Bank. Further along all the platforms will be installed benches for parents, and “the mouth of the Daugava” in the pavement you will find a fountain that will refresh on hot days.

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