20 самых нужных пар резиновой обуви для лета-2013: «за» и «против»

Rubber footwear was very popular in the 80s, and it was then that she first appeared on the light in all the colors of a rainbow. Today rubber shoes experiencing a come back, appearing in the collections of how expensive brands and democratic as high boots rider, shoes with straps Mary Jane, sandals acid colors, flip flops and ballerinas. Whether to spend the money and buy the summer rubber shoes instead of leather? Examine together, having considered all pros and cons.


Perhaps one of the advantages of rubber footwear immediately list three. First, the shoes are durable and, unlike sandals or ballet shoes of leather, easily withstands multiple seasons active use, not submitting mind that you purchased it actually already a couple of years ago. Secondly, rubber shoes perfectly carries humidity, and therefore ideal for rainy weather and the beach. And finally, thirdly, rubber shoes is almost always at an affordable price. The brands known for their quality footwear at reasonable prices, sort of See by Chloé, MICHAEL MICHAEL Kors, Stuart Weitzman or Jeffrey Campbell, the price of rubber sandals with thongs even without outlets rarely passes the barrier of $ 100 (look for them on the phrase jelly flats in online stores), and the more expensive brands like Bottega Veneta, Sergio Rossi, Burberry Prada or you can always find and in the summer, and in winter collections of so-called Wellington boots – high rubber boots for the price in 2-3 times lower than the average cost of these brands shoes.


However, both the supporters and the opponents of rubber footwear and there are many. First of all upset with the fact that in the rubber shoes feet not to «breathe» and after some time walk in closed boots inevitably becomes hot. With this unpleasant effect is noticeable as in the usual high rubber boots, and, unfortunately, in the ballerina of the so-called innovative soft rubber. To the touch the material really seems like a cud and sometimes, as in the case of Melissa shoes, even smells suitable, but in the closed soft-shoes or shoes in the heat consistently provides you real mini-bath for your feet. Another significant disadvantage, which builds on the previous one: rubber shoes tends to RUB his feet. Due to the lack of natural ventilation in rubber shoes feet sweat, skin becomes wet, and it produces corn. This means that, in order not to RUB your legs in the summer in rubber boots, you will need additional patches and lotions. And many agree that the rubber shoes looks cheap and suitable only for recreation by the sea, Hiking in the pool or exploring the country. Designers with this stereotype struggle as can: decorate rubber sandals bows, rivets, studs and tassels, making them similar to ordinary sandals, and use thin rubber patterned lace, braid or even the skin of a snake. Here Stella McCartney would just us agreed: it is better rubber with imitation of Python skin than a pair of leather, made of several innocent snakes.

Сандалии из резины See By Chloe (3 500 руб.) Sandals rubber See By Chloe (3 500 rubles) Балетки из резины Melissa (1 900 руб.) Pumps, rubber Melissa (1 900 roubles)

What do you think of rubber footwear? See our selection of 20 of the most necessary for the summer rubber pairs and share your opinion in the comments!

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