46-летняя Николь Кидман снова в моде и чертовски хороша!

Actually, for the sake Kidman August issue of the publication came out with two covers. In one of the photos she appears thoughtful and slightly romantic, to another poses in the image of the lady-vamp style Hitchcock films.

Photo: the cover of Vogue magazine, Germany

Photo: the cover of Vogue magazine, Germany

How to summarize secular commentators, after a short break Nicole again successfully returned to the fashion business. And the evidence of a contract for an advertising campaign with the company Jimmy Choo.

Nicole Kidman – face Jimmy Choo

However, the editors of Vogue really love Nicole. And at least among Australian Actresses, she appeared most frequently on the covers of «fashion Bible» (only for the American version, she posed seven times). By the way, according to rumors, the contract Jimmy Choo added to the Bank account of the stars of several million dollars, which is not surprising for the actress And class.

Nevertheless, the record remains shooting Kidman in the commercial fragrance of Chanel No. 5 (2004).

Nicole Kidman. Chanel No. 5

Advertising is still the most expensive in the history of business: the total cost of one minute четырехминутного roller estimated 11 million dollars. And the star won the highest in the history of advertising fee for the participation in the shooting of

she was paid 3,71 million for 928 thousand dollars per minute.

Recently Nicole received an offer to play in a romantic Comedy with it’s own husband Keith urban.

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

They say, actress still believes that its gap with Tom cruise occurred not least because of the filming couples in the film «eyes wide shut» Stanley Kubrick.

Nicole and Keith – romantic couple

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