5 причин не посещать страницы любимого в соцсетях5 причин не посещать страницы любимого в соцсетях
Social network stronger tighten our day. All our life, our emotions, mood and feeling moved to their pages.
The man, his movements, food habits, character, activities, Hobbies and other things, we learn just from the pages of social networks. Sometimes, trusting all the information presented there, we lose the feeling of reality and come up with something that may not actually be. Especially hard loving couples. How many jokes and anecdotes appeared on the topic of how young people react to the activity of their halves in social networks. To not to be like the heroines of these stories, just stop to visit the page of your favorite social network. Remember the ancient wisdom – Even what you see with your eyes, not always reflect the truth.
WANT gathered for you the 5 main reasons why you should not go to the page of your favorite social networks.
You save trust in relations
If you cease continually update his page in search of new comments or likes from his friends, colleagues and just pleasant to communicate собеседниц. More credibility to your man and confidence.

You save your nerves

If you do not see superfluous, for example, photographs of his friends from the party in that day, when he insisted that are delayed at work. This is a compelling reason for the scandal, but he you to anything.
You can avoid a flood of unnecessary information.

That nothing positive, creative, interesting and new in your life will bring. Do not pay attention to things that don’t make you happier!
You will avoid the acquaintance with the new way of your chosen one

A virtual image people often make cardinally opposite of that to which you may be used to. Revealing the new face your inner self, your loved one can show itself in the best light, although it is only the desire to joke and to gambol in social networks.

You don’t have to make a mountain out of a molehill
And you can’t seem jealous boring, which imagining himself miss Marple in detail investigates virtual life of her lover. A woman very easily deduced from itself. For example, the absence in the column Marital status mention that he is in a relationship with you, could provoke a scandal. Although men such detail is certainly very important for you, generally overlooked.

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