5 способов отличить настоящий жемчуг от искусственного

1. Assessment irregularities

Remember, how it is formed pearls. For many years the foreign body that went into the sink-жемчужницу enveloped layers of nacre. And it happens, as a rule, rather uneven. In addition, the Foundation for future decoration – a grain of sand – rarely has the correct form. Cultured and natural material only seems perfectly smooth. Having handed over the surface of the natural stone (or attaching it to the teeth), you can feel the slightest features of its texture and shape.

Photo: AP/Scanpix

Than the smoother will be investigated roundness, the more likely that you forgery.

By the way,

if you’re going to spend on tooth enamel natural pearl, you hear a squeak.

2. Suspension of the jewel in his hand

Reference points to the gravity of the jewels. Imitation of natural pearls can be very effective. Often when you create such glass ornaments apply dyes with real pearl that visually attached to fakes exclusive similarity with real stones. However, artificial pearls are often made of hollow or filled them with wax, and so they’re pretty easy. Take the pearls in hand, estimate its weight.

3. Look inside

Photo: Flickr/by James Jordan

Explore the holes in the beads. To make stone necklace, make a hole. The edges of the holes can tell much about the true nature of pearls. Looking at natural stone, you’ll find inside the same lustrous pearls. And where drilled forgery, will be chipped surface layer, shirts that do not cover the basis of plastic or glass.

4. Jumping or not?

Drop the rock on the floor. One of the simplest way to check pearls – throw a bead with a height of about half a meter on a hard, smooth surface of the floor or a table. Natural stone effect of a high-density structure will bounce up like a ball, while

its synthetic analogue simply roll.

I must say that for natural pearls such method of testing did not dangerous. Fake same, especially if it is not a very high quality, and can crack (in this case, all depends on the force of the blow).

5. Reference points for the price

Look at the price tag. Price does not always mean something (is extremely expensive branded jewellery), but the main trends are:

natural pearls are more expensive fakes.

Too costly production waste products shellfish. But producing balls made of plastic or glass – very cheap.

All kinds of advertising campaign, promising consumer sale pearl jewelry on the «ridiculous» prices – just a marketing trick.

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