7 фактов о здоровом питании от Лилии Олейник 1. What we eat is much more important than we realize. The quality of food depends not only the health and appearance of the person, and even the thoughts that visit us. The simpler the food, the easier it is words and actions that ultimately shape our destiny.Read also: 10 FOODS THAT SHOULD NOT EAT FOR BREAKFAST

2. It has long been observed that the atmosphere of eating and how we eat have a direct impact on us. No wonder they say, the slower you chew, the longer you live. In addition, the slower we eat what we have on the plate, the slimmer look. And help this quiet and cozy atmosphere in the circle of loved ones or friends, soft and bright fabrics, soft music and warm light, and unhurried conversation.

3. In appearance human food also plays a role. Skin color, body type, General condition depends on the products directly. No wonder about chubby talking like bread and apples called rejuvenating. Want to be young – buy only fresh foods to look beautiful – use the maximum amount of fruit, berries, vegetables and herbs in your diet. But if you like bright life – even on the plate will be more bright colors – lush greens, ripe berries, soft seeds, colorful vegetables and fruits.

4. Health is our most priceless gift, is also easily corrected and restored with the selection of certain products. We know about the impact of apples or garlic, like every natural product not affected by the treatment carries a certain healing effect on the body. The more fresh natural foods on your table – the more energy in your body.

Liliya Oleynik – founder of the network of healthy cafe food Cafe I Live, the press service

5. For each person the most useful products are those that grow in his region. But if we learn we take into account seasonality, time of day, our inidual predisposition, we can like a kaleidoscope, each time picking up a beautiful picture, collect the most tasty and healthy dish for yourself.


6. Another very interesting fact is the compatibility and utility of products. Clearly, the first position is berries, as a separate dish and vegetable salads with plenty of greenery. Difficult compatible heavy foods such as meat, fish, dairy, and with a strong taste. But since no people are alike, and cannot be the same power system, so the world is varied and harmonious at the same time. The best way to feel that you are now the most suitable is skip dinner, in the morning to imagine all the possible meals and to feel that it responds to you now. Children very easy to identify when you nicely lay out a variety of fruits and vegetables-greens, and the child will clearly get exactly what they need.

7. And the most important thing in nutrition is fun! If you say that blueberries are the healthiest berry in the world, and you do not want – do not eat. And don’t forget to thank the Universe and people for the abundance on your table, bless the food, treats often friends, acquaintances and not friends – and on the table you’ll always be the best!

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