7 продуктов, которые помогут ускорить рост волосIn addition to special shampoos, masks and haircut on the growing moon, to grow hair will help and a change in diet.Salmon

Fatty acids omega-3 contained in the fish, strengthen the follicles and stimulate hair growth. Scientific experiments have proved that the consumption of for six months products containing these acids reduces the period of telogen (resting phase of hair follicles). In addition, salmon is the vitamin B12 and iron, which also help hair to grow faster.


Oysters are a storehouse of zinc, through which the hair not only grow faster, but also acquire Shine. Just one mollusk will more than compensate for the daily requirement of this element. Of course, treat yourself to this delicacy each day is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, in the diet include wheat bran, beef liver and meat, pork, as these products also have sufficient zinc.


Chicken meat is rich in animal protein, and we need it for the production of keratin, a substance which is 80% of the hair shaft. The shortage of protein for only 2-3 months leads to suspension growth and hair loss.

Contains enough animal protein and other lean meats (Turkey, rabbit).


Eggs contain the following essential elements for growth and normal condition of hair, as protein and Biotin. Biotin in dietary supplements is recommended for hair loss, but get along with food, it will be much more useful. In addition, eggs contain leucine (responsible for cell ision) and other amino acids required by our hair.


Almonds contain vitamin E, which activates hair growth and strengthens them. 30 grams of these nuts (about 15-20 pieces) is 70 % of the daily requirement of this substance. In addition, almond is also such useful for curls substances, such as Biotin, fatty acids, vitamins of group B.

Pumpkin seeds

In seeds contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, which are responsible for hair growth, as well as B5 and B6 provide health of the scalp. With a strong loss of hair often need to include in the diet of pumpkin seed oil, because, according to the study, it helps even in severe forms of baldness.


In the composition of the lentils in the record number being present iron is one of the most important elements for healthy hair growth. So, a serving of lentil soup contains about half the daily requirement of this element. In addition, these legumes contain zinc, choline (normalizes blood circulation of the scalp), and other useful items.

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