Женское счастье связано с формой черепа

Under the form of a female head, you can judge how long and successful relationship will be the lady with men. Such a lovely found our favorite British scientists.

Researchers from the universities of Stirling and Glasgow published in the British Journal of Psychology in their observations, which allowed to make a conclusion that under the form of a female head, you can make predictions about the personal life of the woman.

As already wrote MixNews.lv, recently found that males for flirting choose the ladies with more feminine facial features (type of actress Natalie Portman), and for long-term relationship with more masculine (a type of singer Pink). It now appears that the same applies to the skull shape.

Turns out that women with less attractive in terms of standards of female beauty skulls (oblong in shape and with square jaws) were estimated several hundred volunteers as more appropriate for long-term relationships. But the representatives of the beautiful sex with a more rounded skulls and феминными facial features were quoted most often only as suitable for short intrigues.

Some experts even remembered краниологию – science skull shape. She was extremely popular in the 19th century, and many enthusiasts краниологи genuinely believed that the skull of a man shows his mental abilities. And Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso generally amounted classification of skulls “potential criminals”. Subsequently many postulates of the craniological data were recognized антинаучными.

Certainly, a study by British scientists look like nonsense, but a grain of sense in them is still there. Men choose more courageous (read less beautiful) women for a long relationship for the reason stated in an old Russian proverb: “a Beautiful wife strange woman. The less attractive a woman is, the more loyal she is to her husband, believes a strong floor. But the beauty of women is still able to shake the man’s confidence in yourself.

Source: medikforum.ru

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