Актер Джонни Депп признался, что ослеп на один глаз

The famous Hollywood actor johnny Depp admitted that he had serious problems with eyesight; it was almost completely blind in one eye, and during the examination of the second eye (the actor was diagnosed with myopia.

“I see everything very, very blurry. I have never been very good vision”, – quotes the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” rbc.ru.

It turned out that the corrective glasses with tinted Windows, which recently forced to wear a 50-year-old actor, are not part of its image, but a necessity.

Depp also said that because of poor eyesight got enough problems on the set. For example, if he plays a character who does not wear glasses, you can see objects, located just a few inches from his face.

In addition, the actor said that very often thinks about leaving Hollywood: “I believe that until I have the ability, desire and the creative spark to do what I do now, I must do that. However, at some point I will need to finish it and focus on just live your life”.

Recall that johnny Depp is a three-time nominee for the award “Oscar” and the winner of “Golden globe”. In 2012 it to appear in the Guinness Book of records as самоговысокооплачиваемого actor who earned during the year $75 million

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