Актриса Мария Голубкина придумала себе мужа-космонавта

Statement 39-year-old actress Maria Golubkina that she married a pilot-cosmonaut in Star city, was just a figment of the imagination, daughter of the legendary Soviet actor Andrei Mironov.

In this artist admitted in a conversation with reporters of a glossy magazine, trying to get the first exclusive pictures of her husband, reports Heat.ru. It seems that not too often effervescent in the press Golubkina, saying about marriage, just decided to do PR for themselves.

Reporters long tried to persuade Голубкину show pictures with the “mysterious” weddings, and, in the end, Maria acknowledged married she never left. Just invented a beautiful story to interest journalists. The actress said that she just needed to appear on a spectacular opening ceremony of the Moscow international film festival.

“Look, something is not in the movie I was not invited… – frankly told Mary. – I think – we should do something! And I realized that if once a year so “marry”, you can earn a good income!” By the way, one of the glossy editions recently paid actress substantial sum for “exclusive” interview, in fact, that was only a “canard”.

Golubkina, by the way, not against further support to the beautiful legend about my wedding with the astronaut. “If you want, let us something will be done. – accepted the proposal already another gloss Maria. Journalists deceive already one as it is not interesting, so let’s together deceive our Russians?” laughing, she added, and proposed to make photo from afar, from the back, with his “new husband”.

As it turned out later in the day, when Golubkina allegedly married, in the Gagarin registry Office of the Leninsky district of combined marriage only three pairs. None of the famous people of the staff of the Palace were noticed.

Recall that Maria Golubkina furor on the red carpet of the Moscow International film festival for their wedding dress. Then the actress admitted that in the second married. Her husband was a pilot. Recall that the first husband of Mary was a showman Nickolay Fomenko, from whom she had two children. The couple broke up five years ago by mutual request, maintaining friendly relations.

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