Как снова обратить на себя внимание мужаКак снова обратить на себя внимание мужа
In life sometimes there is a difference between how it should be, and how it happened. Imperceptibly pass some eventful years in a marriage, and the woman finds quite an established schedule: flowers twice a year, birthday present, a new haircut and culinary efforts remain unnoticed, I can talk only with my friends.

All of this means that a man takes a woman for granted. Perhaps before marriage it is too often showed initiative, decide whether to be sex, or go to the cinema, cooking romantic dinners and she called him. If the husband seems to you indifferent, stop paying him enough attention. Not слоняйтесь around men complaining that you don’t have someone to talk to and he did not pay you attention. No need to wait for favors from nature, or, you can pay attention. Let’s see what you can do.

Work on your appearance

We review, not whether the typed a few extra pounds. If the husband will say, and so good, don’t you relax and believe. To men considered wife beautiful and sexy, you become beautiful and sexy. Go on a diet, buy simulator, start an exercise program, but it is better to start to go to training. Look at the other women will receive additional motivation. Need a manicure, pedicure, well-groomed hair, stylish clothes and elegant clothes for every day. Not in the closet for a special occasion, and put on immediately and start enjoying life. When the husband will notice the change that is happening, you will be rewarded.

Live your life

Fill your life with meaning. After all, life is only relationship with your husband, but your friends, family, Hobbies, work. If you have a habit in the evenings to retell what happened to you during the day, or to ask for advice on and without, even the most polite man to hide behind a newspaper or monitor. Why would he instead relax, listen to what she said to Tanya or what kind of varnish choose pink or lilac. Try reading a book.

Do not talk about the relationship

Slightly wrong, and immediately let’s discuss how we got to this life. And included chainsaw Friendship. Men hate to talk about the relationship, especially if you are going to prove to him that he was guilty, no rights or offended you. They hear only the claims and immediately begin to defend yourself or run away from the conversation.

Let the lies where he lay

If a man in the evening to rest, do not move as the furniture. I wash the dishes help wipe. Let’s come together we shall cover on the table. Take away the curtains I want to wash them. Some wives behave like an evil bosses. Just set down, as she finds her husband lesson. The husband and the wife should be a personal space and personal time.

Enough to saw

The more the wife complains about life, the more futile and беспомощнее feels husband. Says that her friend and husband bought a fur coat, the resort took… Maybe wife wanted more, it is their problem. A man makes an effort works so worthy of praise and happy facial expression of the spouses. Some positive was never hurt anyone. Even if complaints are justified, пилением you will accomplish nothing. Get: нашкодил, поругали, forgiven. Try to ask him something. Do not wait until the offer help, and then, without waiting to be offended, and agree in advance. And don’t forget to thank her husband. Thank him and praise at every opportunity.

May he wants romance

Forget the words of the conjugal duty. Where debt, there favor. You can have a romantic dinner, try to seduce him and stuff, but answer: can you take rejection if a man is tired, head crammed chores and just want to relax? The husband may not be in the mood. What woman can easily opt out of tender plans? Therefore, in order not to put yourself in an offensive position and did not declare his stick like a callous, wait until he was the first to take the initiative. And definitely somewhere you will be invited to the theatre, walking in the forest, in a cinema, to be with you together.
Do not be jealous and don’t get angry

Suppose you are visiting. You are not the property of each other. Don’t need to scan, with any expression of the person he is talking to another girl and then arrange an earful. Don’t need control, when he came out with work and how many will be at home, read his mail and SMS. No need to memorize and quote that said his mother or friends. Even if my husband had a conflict with his relatives, occupy a neutral position. If you dislike his friends or relatives, never criticize them in the presence of her husband. Do not complain about their behavior.

Be careful

Neatness and cleanliness’s sexy, she has to rest and pleasure. But it seems that a man anyway, harvested in the apartment or not. Neatly dressed wife calls desire. You will be more respect for yourself and your husband will respect you more. Time for yourself, pay attention to your apartment, create the atmosphere of purity and holiday.

Apologize first

No household quarrel is not worth it to declare the cold war. Even quarreled (although shouting, fighting and blaming the wrong), you cannot go to sleep in different beds and sleep angry at each other. Try first to make steps towards reconciliation. Man, even if he’s wrong, it is difficult to set in on a throat of his vanity. See, he will appreciate your sincere generosity. Show that all this is nonsense, little things everyday. Anyway, he’s got you, you have it. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. If he will do the awkward bad deed will select the flowers or give birthday-in kitchen appliances.

More often alone

Often appear kids, and intimate life is fading away. And mom and dad had a new sexual desire sleep. Love must work quietly, so as not to Wake the children. Balance between the time spent with the children, and the time spent with her husband. For kids, you can invite a nanny, you can take them to visit or friends, you can enroll at early development. There is always one, if you want to get out to the store or clinic. For grandparents is a strong argument. So why the desire of the spouses to hold together the evening wouldn’t be the same good reason?

Be polite

Watch your speech. If you want to you hear, speak in a whisper. Cry, scandal, showdown, recall of mistakes and troubles is the reaction of despair. Remember the law of physics: the force of action is equal to the force of counteraction. The more you push on the man, the more likely it will do the opposite. Force, pressure is not a woman’s weapon. Women have more effective tools gentle look, a friendly smile, long legs, a kind soul and hands.

Don’t let yourself get bored

Such variant. The wife in all parade, a luxurious dinner in the house clean and cozy, the husband comes, hastily reap and утыкается in the laptop. Wait until you notice you and those more offended, it’s pointless. But conclusions type does Not appreciate, does not like to make premature. Devise a hobby, passion, sign up for courses, sports lessons and training. The new team, new goals and possibilities will allow you not to focus on their experiences. Live, enjoy, develop.

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