Алексей Воробев петь не может, но снимется в голливудском триллере

Singer and actor Alexei Vorobiev almost fully recovered from the accident. He appeared on the red carpet of the Moscow international film festival, and is now in Hollywood, where is preparing for shooting a new film. It seems, because sing Alexey until may, he decided to concentrate on acting career.

Vorobyova was invited to the shooting of the film “Vatican records” Director Mark Невелдайна. Shooting of a large-scale drama-Thriller about the expulsion of the devil will begin through a couple of weeks. This will be the debut Hollywood project Aleksey and on the set him to work with such famous actors as Michael Pena, Джимон Hounsou and Дугрей Scott.


According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, previously Vorobiev was approved and on one of the key roles in the movie “sin City 2, but the accident has not allowed the artist to take part in the shooting.

It is worth noting that after a terrible accident in January in Los Angeles now sparrows looks good. Earlier it was reported that the actor suffered in a road accident: multiple fractures, extensive bleeding in the brain, in connection with what he was partially paralyzed left part of the body. Within a few months the artist was under the supervision of American physicians.

Recently sparrows visited Smolensk and Ulyanovsk, where the action took place “Russian rock in support of Russia”, where the sparrows for the first time after the injury appeared on the big stage, but so far only as the leading, as fully to sing, he can’t yet.

Source: kleo.ru

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