To be honest we wholeheartedly envious of future graduates. Maybe separation from loved University, Institute or school is rather sad occasion, but still look for, what to wear to prom, long to pick up my hair and makeup, to think of holiday scenario – all this hassle is pleasant, that then become exciting memories and a lot of fun photos. The only pity is that experience this exciting adventure can be a once in a lifetime… No, we don’t offer at this point let nostalgic tears and sad to look back. Let’s review the plans for the future and will include the list summer parties your own real ball. Place, where you feel the heroine of some romantic melodrama, in the list of invitees – those who cheers you up and ready to support harsh dress code is black tie event. That means girls – only in long dresses in the floor, boys costumes. Ready to undertake organization?

Вечернее платье Amanda Wakeley (13 400 руб.) Evening dress Amanda Wakeley (13 400 rubles) Вечернее платье Carven (14 000 руб.) Evening dress Carven (14 000 rubles)

Вечернее платье Coast (4 700 руб.) Evening dress Coast (4 700 roubles) Вечернее платье Diane von Furstenberg (17 800 руб.) Evening dress Diane von Furstenberg (17 800 rubles)

You need to begin, of course, with the acquisition of dresses. Remember when was the last time you bought yourself a beautiful evening dress in the floor? Before corporate party or a wedding, where you were invited bridesmaid? But this is quite another story, and now you are planning a holiday behalf of myself, and the outfit, which you as the hostess of the evening will stand in front of the guests must be luxurious. In addition to the image of the Hollywood star will decoration with large stones (if the dress on the wide straps or with a high neck, then we’ll do without earrings and necklaces, limiting bracelets and long earrings) and sandals on thin straps. Decoration in a hair will help fix the look: the collected into a bun or in cornrows hair, you can add a bandage or a small flower decoration on an elastic band, to long loose hair – diadem or shaped заколотые studs. Variants of evening dresses and accessories for the real solemn ball you will find in our gallery.

Босоножки Giuseppe Zanotti (22 000 руб.) Sandals Giuseppe Zanotti (22 000 rubles) Босоножки Pull & Bear (2 390 руб.) Sandals Pull & Bear (2 390 RUR)

Диадема Alan Hannah (4 290 руб.) Diadem Alan Hannah (4 290 RUR) Серьги Dannijo (10 000 руб.) Earrings Dannijo (10 000 roubles)

Заколка RED VALENTINO (2 900 руб.) Barrette RED VALENTINO (2 900 rubles) Шнурок на волосы Made (1 500 руб.) Lace hair Made (1 500 roubles)

Well, invented a pretext for his own glamorous black tie party? Tell me in the comments!

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