Аллергия на солнце: как распознать и лечитьАллергия на солнце: как распознать и лечить
Summer sun all love, it gives a pleasant warmth, a nice tan, and a good mood. But, unfortunately, some people instead of pleasure, is a side effect: Allergy to sunlight. How to treat this disease read below.
Reasons for the appearance
The sun exerts a great benefit to the organism, providing vitamin D, which affects its proper development and the nervous system. Its deficiency causes a prolonged depression and may cause a bad skin condition. But excessive ultraviolet radiation causes various diseases, including solar urticaria.
The sun is not an allergen, but, nevertheless, is able to activate them, especially those who suffer from the disease of the liver, napochechnikov and kidney. Also contraindicated sun people with weak immunity in which immediately arises Allergy, which is called in medicine, photodermatosis, pregnant women and those who take contraceptives such as amiodarone, griseofulvin, tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones. People with fair skin and freckles on the skin at risk of sun Allergy even in the Solarium.
Basically, the first reaction is already 2-3 hours after sun exposure: arise reddening of the skin, spots and blisters. People with good immunity signs can appear only through 18-72 hours.
Who is more susceptible to фотодерматозу may develop symptoms in бронхоспазмазмах, sharply reduced blood pressure or even lead to loss of consciousness. It is worth a closer protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, blanking service most of the body, or being in the sun, abundantly use protective equipment.
Mild sun Allergy causes itching. Unfortunately, drugs that can quickly deliver you from the unpleasant symptoms, no illness is treated gradually.
When you defined the diagnosis to start immediate treatment. You should begin with the causes of the disease: effects of allergies, with symptoms of itching or stinging of the skin, are eliminated through the use of ointments with the content metiluratila, lanolin and zinc. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe hormonal ointments. From the popular media choose slices of raw potato or cucumber or a cabbage leaf.
When liver disease and kidney should take medications that contribute to the improvement of data internal organs, metabolism and regeneration of skin cells. Take all the vitamins A, C and E, nicotinic acid and antioxidants. From inflammation of the skin will help indomethacin and aspirin. These drugs to antigistaminna group and have no side effects in the interaction with UV light.
Treatment of complex diseases will take from two days to several weeks. Basically, the Allergy is manifested once, and after treatment is permanently. If the disease recurred, complicated form of Allergy is manifested in the form of eczema. In this case, you contraindicated appear in the sun.
Remember: before starting the treatment, you should consult with your doctor.
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