Анастасия Волочкова заявила, что уходит в монастырь

Ballerina and just character Anastasia Volochkova is always glad to please many fans and readers of his microblog various news. This time she эпатировала public statement that gathered in the monastery. And not in the female and the male.

“I decided to leave the monastery… In a man!!!” – said Anastasia Volochkova on his official page in social network Twitter. And published a photo which poses in monastic garb. Moreover, the expression Anastasia on this picture shocked even the most loyal fans of the actress.


According to Anastasia, that looks nuns.

However, this Volochkova’s calmed down. A little later, she added: “Chose the monastery near the Large.. I Will отмаливать sins Iksanova…”.

Apparently, Volochkova still can not outlive his retirement from the Bolshoi theatre, and therefore constantly remembers the Director of the theatre Alexander Iksanova, and intrigue in the walls of the main theatre of Russia.

Also recently, the artist commented on the attempt on the artistic Director of the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theatre Sergey Filin, the person who splashed acid. “The ballet world is a cruel world. I have not once occurred in the Big situations. Thank God, not acid in the face. For example, before going on stage I тесемочки, ribbons from Pointe cut in half so that they lost during the performance. In the ballet “Swan lake”, while danced in the first act, in the dressing room who is cut off from the costume Black Swan all the stones, all finish. In front of my face fell soffits, in order for me to burn. People miss, and flying soffit not hit in the face, but only touched pasted eyelashes. Now I realize that it was only the beginning…” – in an interview said the ballerina.

Photo: ITAR-TASS/Scanpix, Twitter

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