И в пир, и в мир, и на выпускной, и на тусу: самые модные прически лета-2013 для длинных волос

Well-groomed long hair decoration girls. However, in summer, the word «decoration» asks in rhyme with «trouble»but with the precious length do not want to leave… magic Wand modern Rapunzel – various types of hair styling and hair styles, suitable for office and the beach, prom and the picnic, stroll through the town and meeting in a cafe.

What hairstyles for long hair summer-2013 the most topical? What is fashionable styling for the prom, you can quickly and easily make the most? WМJ.ru enlisted for you tips stylists. Today in our beauty team Arkady Серопян the hairdresser-stylist, beauty salon Red Lodge, and Ekaterina Хлыстенкова coach-technologist Eliokap Top Level image laboratory Solaria S.r.l.

Аркадий СеропянЕкатерина Хлыстенкова

Kosim and spin! Trendy hairstyles for long hair summer-2013

In favor of what to do is a beautiful choice? Natural straight long hair, smooth tails, beams, big hair, careless hair, gathered behind in the Greek style, direct and oblique проборы, plaiting (for example, asymmetric spit or «fish tail») – that’s what our experts recommend «wear» on the head of a hot summer, to stay fashionable girl.

Хиппуем and обожествляемся! Current hairstyles summer-2013

From spring to summer smoothly flowed such popular styles of hairstyles for medium and long hair, as the classical, romantic and gentle Greek, outrageous grunge (especially interesting this rebellious image, emphasize our experts, looks on blondes). 

Crowned too the Kingdom! Fashion hair ornaments summer-2013

What hair accessories – must have this summer? Stylists recommend us to replenish personal Treasury rims with flowers, «cat’s» ears, ribbons, straps of feathers, ribbons (one-colour or patterns), decorations, lace, accessories, artificial and natural pearls and stones.

A few ideas from podiums: Missoni «voting» for bandages hippie, LUBLU Kira Plastinina the headbands with flowers or berries, Enchanted Atelier and Dauphines of New York – for tiaras and headbands with transparent large rhinestones and artificial pearls, Red Valentino – for Flirty hoops in ретростиле with a large bow. Fendi like futuristic neon plastic headbands, and Dolce & Gabbana – luxurious, bright silk shawls and kerchiefs.

Paint-lightning! Trends in coloring summer-2013

What is interesting to remember, if you want to refresh or change the color of your curls? The word – our experts on beauty.

First of all, this summer at the peak of popularity effect Ombre – transition from dark roots to the light ends. Trend shades for hair light – beige and sand colors with a transition from thin clearing strands to wide.

Leading tendency of summer-2013 is the natural color of hair. For those who want to change the color, it is recommended technique of painting «brondirovanie», which goes all. Blondes, for example, use cold, grey shades in combination with natural color. Creative person can try hair coloring tips separate vertical strands. Actual shades for brondirovaniya – preferably natural, also allowed the color of pearls, graphite and violet.

If you have already managed to congratulate Jennifer Lopez named a star on the Boulevard Hollywood walk of Fame, pay more attention to the image of the Latin-American diva. As time is an illustrative example of fashionable coloring in the technique Ombre – lightweight effect of burnt in the sun hair J. Lo is very face!

Edit the ball! 2 the idea of summer hairstyles for prom

What hairstyle to the prom, and to quickly and simply, and beautiful, and your own hands? Two master classes from our experts are waiting for you!

Romantic curls from Arcadia Серопяна

    Roll the hair on the hot rollers, soak for 20-25 minutes. Secure the future hairstyle varnish during wrapping. Carefully remove curlers and spread evenly curls.

This is a win-win situation, which would be to face the girl and make her way to the final ball memorable.

Asymmetric spit from Catherine Хлыстенковой

    Before creating curls combed thermoprotection hair and do focus on the ends of the hair – hair must be resilient. Using tongs (Curling), cheat big hair. Harvesting future hairstyles ready, choose the side of asymmetry and divide the hair is parted from ear to ear. Occipital part until tie it in the clip. Begin to work with the parietal area. Spin the big spit on one side and slightly dissolve it, do wide and free and fasten a clamp. Connect the spit with the remaining hair. To do this, we continue to weave braid until the middle of the occipital area. Fix the invisible braid (all laying their need about 10) in two parts, in the end of tatting and in the middle, that was not visible transition. The second half of the hair with curls gently pull a string and assign beautiful barrette.

The result is asymmetric spit, coupled with her on one side curls. Locks can be collected in a form of a lush tail and fix the invisible. You can also leave curl bangs or curl face. Instead of pins can be used live or artificial flower brooch hair with large stones, pearls or a bow.

If you have long hair, how do you like them lay in the hot Sunny days? We are waiting for your opinions and advice – we, as before, we award prizes for the best comment of the week for registered users!

3 summer fashion ideas cauda equina

How to weave «fish spit»

Tie-bow – with their hands!

Do braid-beam

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