Анна Седокова сняла издевательский клип про Ивана Урганта (ВИДЕО)

Popular singer, ex-participant of the group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova avenged the famous шоумену and TV presenter Ivan Урганту for permanent jokes. The actress shot a funny clip with an actor like Urgant, who had demonstrated the best qualities “Ivan”.

In the video, the man with the mask, Ivan Urgant on the face comes to Anna Седоковой and remains at a party, however, happened to be locked. During the clip sounds new hit the popular singer, dynamic dance track called “Between us”, and the character depicting Urgant, aptly makes fun of all its flaws. “Cardboard Urgant” is full of self-admiration, sarcasm and inherent star arrogance. As reacted to “ответку” Ivan is still unknown.

Let’s remind, that Anna Sedokova decided to respond шоумену after he made fun of it in his own humorous transfer “Evening Urgant”. “Don’t know what a number of wonderful, interesting, philosophical statements Twitter Anna Седоковой”, – said the presenter. And read a few recordings of the singer: “yesterday Anna wrote: “I eat raw broccoli in the store and happy. Never could think that I would enjoy thus, writes Anna. – But the main thing in a healthy diet (as well as in all) just start”. In the end, Urgant announced that henceforth in the transfer will rubric “Wisdom from Anna Седоковой”.


Category begins with Eastern melodies and the idyllic saver, depicting the Japanese Sakura and birds. Further action is returned to the Studio, where suddenly at the table instead of Urgant sits Anna Sedokova in декольтированном red dress. Moreover Sedokova not real, and cardboard. But in the next second, instead of smiling performer’s face appeared, Ivan Urgant, which diligently makes wise and благонравное facial expression.

Urgant reading from a piece of paper, slowly, thoughtfully, as aphorism, recording, performer: “you Need to fill itself up to the end of knowledge, experience, feelings. Then you will want to drink. Time half-empty glasses in the past.” TV presenter makes a meaningful pause and earnestly looking at the camera. Reads further: “the Only way to be with the best man to become the best woman.”

In General, of course, Anna has the right to “revenge”, but that’s not it better to get rid of “wisdom” on Twitter?

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