Яблочная диета: худеем за 6 днейЯблочная диета: худеем за 6 дней
Mode of this diet is hard enough, so think about how your body is ready for these kinds of stresses, before moving to food apples. Probably, you will be quite Apple fasting day to make the right choice.
Apple fasting days can be spent by such schemes:
– to eat as many apples and additionally to drink green tea or still mineral water;
– for the day to eat not more than 1.5 kilo of apples and drink anything;
– every 2 hours to eat apples and drink half a glass of kefir.
If Apple fasting day for you to easily and even brought the long-awaited ease and cheerfulness, you can try and calculated for 6 days malic diet.
In the first day eat 1 kilo of apples and a few slices of black bread, in the second 1.5 kg of apples and a little bread, in the third 2 kilos of apples and, again, a few slices of bread. Then begins the countdown: the fourth day 2 kilos of apples and bread, the fifth day of 1.5 kilograms of apples and bread, the sixth day 1 kilo of apples and bread. You can drink as much as you like water, green tea and herbal teas.
As an option you can try a more gentle Apple mode. In the first day eat one Apple, the second two, the third three, and so on until the number of fruit will not increase to seven. Then each following day eat one Apple smaller until there is one Apple a day. This mode does not require restrictions in food. Apples themselves will reduce appetite and the more fruits you eat per day, the less you will want to eat something else.
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