Наносим тональный крем, как профи (видео)Offer to meet with the best tips of makeup artists.

Perfect color

First and most importantly, the color of Foundation should match the color of your skin. To do this, you should test the product on your arm or the neck and on the cheek this will give the most accurate result. In addition, it is desirable to take a mirror and go outside – in the daylight the color of the product might look slightly different than in a dark room.

The right texture and tools

Color matching is important, but the texture is also key point when choosing a tone means. Girls with dry skin suitable liquid and creamy tinted means normal – liquid, creamy and powder, with a greasy liquid + matifying powder (it should apply on T-zone).

Of course, this depends on personal preference, but the best tool for applying liquid Foundation coating is a flat brush with short dense bristles. Use it to apply concealer in a circular motion, if there are problem areas – drive and point. For a creamy texture will be a perfect sponge.

Concealer is very capricious in application ambercaplan.com

Be especially careful with the powder. It can visually reduce the pores and remove the Shine, but is also able to accumulate in the folds and wrinkles, and even more of them to emphasize. Therefore, it should be applied in small quantities and exclusively on the T-zone.

Strategic point

We often apply concealer all over the face, but makeup artists suggest to do it only in exceptional cases and on every day just to mask dark circles and/or pimples. Your skin will look natural is to breathe.


1. If concealer is applied in stripes or spots, this means that: a) the skin is poorly hydrated, b) the brush needs to be cleaned.

2. If you have enlarged pores, before using makeup, apply a makeup base.

3. In order to hide redness around the nose and nasolabial folds, use the creams and a small brush.

See video on how to correctly apply concealer:

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