Как увядяет наш организм и как правильно о нем заботиться?Как увядяет наш организм и как правильно о нем заботиться?
You could call this article old Age scheduled, because it it’s when one or other body starts to lose its elasticity and flexibility. But, as the call, so it will float, so we our ship will call Care for the body. It turns out that the first name frustrating and suggests an idea about the inevitable withering of the organism, while the second can inspire us to a more careful attitude to yourself and give birth to a new strength for action. Because our body is not a burden but a friend. Closer and dearer to him we have no one.

The brain is the most complex and important organ of the body. He controls all the processes of the organism and gives commands to all the authorities. Special attention should be paid to the brain after 20 years. The main destroyers of its cells are the diseases, Smoking, alcohol and drugs. Do not forget that the brain is a need to fill the thought process, observation, reflection, life processes, assimilation of new information, and so the Brain loves complexity and puzzles, so do not be afraid of life’s difficulties they condition for developed and healthy brain. This body is resting in a sleep from 11 PM to 2 am.

The skin also needs special attention after 20 years. On the one hand we look perfectly and up to 30 years of wrinkles is not expected, but Smoking and excess ultraviolet light even at this age can add 10 years to appearance. Leather loves moisture, so drink plain water for her can be a real elixir of youth. It is also worth remembering that a long stay in the same state (whether tantrum or happy euphoria) may result in the appearance on the face masks as a sign of youth of the skin is a naturalness.

According to medical statistics, the volume of the lungs after 20 years, begins to gradually diminish and muscular system that controls our breathing, weaken. As a result, by the age of 40 some are literally suffocate. And what do you want? It was after 20 gym classes were far behind and began working on new material with a sedentary lifestyle, a Cup of coffee at the computer and скрюченным spine. In such a situation подышишь full breast in room, where oxygen is not? To save your lungs, make it a habit to walk in the open air about two hours a day. The greatest activity light comes from 3 to 5 am, therefore, very important to sleep in a well ventilated area.

Muscle and skeleton
It is believed that up to 30 years after a couple of sessions in the gym most easily reach the relief muscles, and after this age to train becoming increasingly difficult, and the need to wait longer and longer. After 40 years of our body loses from 0.5 to 2% of muscle in a year, and the bone starts to ужиматься and man is shallow, sometimes to the 80-th years in becoming a 5 cm.
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Muscle and skeleton is the musculoskeletal system, whose main function to move in space. If you bought a nice car, but don’t use them, then eventually may notice that he is in a worse condition than its peers, which regularly travel to their owners. The same rule applies to our bodies: it needs constant motion.

Some say that the breast should be small, the second that big, I propose to focus on the fact that the breast should be its own and is what it is. It is believed that in 35 years of chest begins to lose its elasticity, as it reduces the amount of adipose tissue. For our chest is important to create comfortable conditions, because to pump it like a muscle, stand, alas, will not succeed. What is not to love our chest: a sharp поправления or weight loss and a wrong choice of underwear.

Eyes, teeth and heart
For 40 years it becomes clear how well we were treated to his body. Quite often you can hear stories about that at this age village vision, erupting teeth, and the heart was пошаливать. And that each of us is now doing for these bodies? If this applies to our eyes, then what are we enjoy: views of dawns and sunsets or picture on our monitor?


By age 50, kidneys, which are filter that removes harmful substances from the blood, can start to lose its function and decrease in volume. Their performance may be reduced practically twice, which leads to incontinence of urine and pain when urinating. By this time, and prostate in men may increase in size (due to increased absorption of the hormone testosterone), which leads to problems with urination.

Stomach and hearing
Healthy stomach maintains the balance between harmful and beneficial flora, which a man can break due to malnutrition. From the point of view of psychosomatics, stomach problems start when people incorrectly internalizing what happens in life. According to statistics, stomach problems arise for 55 years, and at this age, grow up children and parents, it is often hard to accept the results of their education.
In the age of possible hearing loss. In physiology reason for this may be the loss of the so-called hair cells, which trap of vibration in the air and send information to the brain, and psychosomatics says that people just won’t listen to what they say to him, surrounding, and ceases to perceive new information.

Taste and smell
It is believed that up to 60 years the number of taste buds on the tongue is reduced by half, and it is the same with the sense of smell. Probably many people are familiar with the expression that, aging, people lose the taste of life. And maybe Vice versa? Losing the taste of life, a person ages?

By the age of 65 voice fades and becomes hoarseness. The reason is that the soft tissues of the larynx lose elasticity and tone. Men and women can occur interesting metamorphosis: a man starts to sound a little higher than before, and the woman, on the contrary, you may discover that her voice became more brutal and басистым. Although, if you watch some of the singers and теледикторами find that many of them kept their voices unchanged throughout his life. What was their secret? May the joy they get from singing and communication?

The liver is the most stubborn and tenacious body. He is able to recover quickly and with low costs. Nature inherent that the liver is almost never get old, as has the ability to regenerate. Sometimes the doctors transplanted liver 70-year-old donor younger patients.

As you know, the dry data. And perhaps, in your environment, there is a man whose body in 25 years is worn and the who and by seventy years filled with vitality, breathe a full breast, perfectly sees, hears, moves, digests food, etc. Required us life examples and knowledge are always there with us. But what to choose for themselves, and whose experience enjoy a private matter.

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