Как обычная соль помогает похудетьAdjusting the dosage of salt, you can adjust the weight.

British researchers confirmed the data of Russian researchers in 1994 as a result of the experiment with a group of astronauts — it turned out that salty food does not provoke thirst, as previously thought, it provokes hunger.

But observing laboratory mice showed that the feeling of hunger appears from the fact that the body begins more actively to burn fat and muscle tissue. Thus, to maintain previous weight requires 25% more food. It should be noted that because the study was conducted on mice to speak of the identical action of salt on the human organism impossible.

Expert Stanislav Cherkasov said: “If you bring these figures into the formula, you can calculate how much salt is required daily to use this or that person depending on the indicators to increase or decrease the weight”.

It does not matter what you use salt: regular, pink, black, superequations and so on. Table salt, which you can buy at any grocery store, may be even more useful. Especially salt varieties “Extra”, because it has the largest percentage contents of sodium chloride, which affects the regulation of body weight, not less than 99,7, in a normal salt — coarse ground- 97-98%, and in fashionable pink or Himalayan is generally 86%. So, in order to obtain the required dose of sodium chloride, you need to eat 15% more.

These findings cast doubt on the effectiveness of salt-free diet, which, however, can lead to weight gain due to the large amount of fluid in the body.

According to experts, for the adequate support of all body systems, including and to maintain weight you need to consume per day from 7 to 10 g of salt. Exceed this quantity is not recommended. The expert did not rule out the emergence in a short time salt new fashion diet based on this study.

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