Как отстрочить менструацию перед отпускомКак отстрочить менструацию перед отпуском
Your vacation nothing must spoil, and all you need is a pleasant company, new swimsuit and good mood! But nature is sometimes presents us with unpleasant surprises, and menstruation, the law meanness may coincide with the dates of the leave. How to stimulate this nuisance read on.
There are two effective ways that are often used by athletes before the competition and celebrities before important shootings: the use of oral contraceptives (COCS), and receive progestins or gestagens.
How to use combined contraceptives? The simplest solution would be, if you are already taking COCS. If your monophasic pills, do not take a break between meals, that is, when one packaging, immediately start taking the other. If three-phase, then from a new package take pills the third phase. But, if in the first case, the effect of contraception continues, here you need additional protection.
Only to postpone the date of commencement of the critical days, monophasic KOK you can start to drink from any day of the cycle, but not later than three days prior to menstruation. We must remember that the effect of contraception is effective not 100%.
Is it dangerous to take monophasic pills without a break?
There is no threat to your health. If you are taking COCS, during the seven-day break, you are not real monthly, and menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding that occurs as a result of a rapid fall in the concentration of hormones in the blood after пропьете all the pills. Recent research suggests that the bleeding is not necessary and you can take KOK without interruption from 60 to 80 days.
As a progestin delay the onset of menstruation?
Drugs-gestagena, as a rule, used to extend the cycle. Begin to 14 days before the date of the beginning, at least 5 days. Close to a day when menstruation was to end, and then in 1-3 days will begin menstruation. If you have chosen this way, be sure to consult your doctor!
KOK there are many, and every drug has its own dosage of hormones. When the wrong reception of the contraceptive effect is lost. It is important to remember: push the top of the cycle only in rare cases and not make this a habit.
There are folk remedies for postponing monthly?
There is no unambiguous answer, because for one they can act, the others do not give absolutely no result. Medicine also says nothing on this account. Vitamin C can affect the profusion of discharge, but this is not drink lean on lemon, parsley and drink Vitaminka. If there are no serious stomach problems, you can try such methods.
Bathing with a tampon?
Doctors recommend to refrain from swimming in the water in this period, especially during the active discharge. The cervix is expanded, the mucosa is not protected, so there is a high risk of catching any bacterial infection. You can swim with tampons, when menstruation practically ended.
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