Как летом избежать пищевого отравления?
In the summer you should abandon the use of dried fish and confectionery with cream.
In addition, when buying food products, it is necessary to pay attention to the term of their implementation. Ready meals must be implemented within 6-12 hours after manufacture. Violation of conditions of storage and realization of products accumulate pathogenic microorganisms and toxins. It becomes a cause of food poisoning and intestinal diseases. Special risk products with natural markets, implemented near the exits of the metro stations.
Most often pathogens Salmonella found in eggs, milk, meat. Dysentery and gastroenterocolitis you catch of the infected milk and vegetables, botulism after consumption of dried fish. However, 50% of cases of intestinal infections caused by eating, drinking homemade (according to statistics, in Kharkov, Ukraine). That is, people don’t relate to the acquisition and processing of products.

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