Как завоевать доверие ребенкаКак завоевать доверие ребенка
Babies need touch the closest people and wary of strangers touch. Older children feel this need is not so sharp, but they need a hug, a fleeting affectionate either encouraging or the comforting touch. According to him our son and daughter determine the measure of our love.
If you are running a child, injured, let and not big, but you know exactly what he’s hurt, and at this moment refuse to comfort him, that will become a bigger problem? Wound or unwillingness of the native person to care?
No wonder children, embracing parents, trying to show the strength of their children’s love. For them touch a sign of trust. Let ten or more years earlier, your son refuses to embrace, in defending its independence, but until that moment, try to touch show him how much you love him. This is important for understanding the future of man, that touch is a kind of communication. Also, don’t forget to care even when conduct the educational process and cursing the child. And by the way, you already know how to properly scolding a child.
Often in the offices of the psychologists or banal girl parties even young wife complain about how meager their pious on the gentle embrace. All of this originates from deep childhood, the child is simply the time has not realized the power of touch and have not experienced it myself.
Why, if the stepfather or stepmother appears in the family, when children less than 8-10 years, a relationship with them to establish closer and more trusting than if the children have entered a period of maturity?
The case is in most cases not in a transitional age and difficult character, and in the absence of touches. Both children and adults without touching never become family. That is why understanding is not expected. New spouse who can’t touch your baby, feels his parents in full. And if the responsibility for the fate of such a child, adults can still feel, the true deep affection extremely rare. Another deep attachment to parents affect how the child is accustomed to independence.
True friendship is also to some extent depends on the touch. The boys in this case, there is the advantage they can greet each other by the hand, and through handshakes send your mood, or other feelings, such as moodiness, fatigue and fear. The desire to draw closer to one of the reasons why the handle go and friends, and this phenomenon is observed, from kindergarten and ending with high school, and sometimes later.
If you are not accustomed to touch people around, make yourself at least a few times a day to do it. Watch what you feel about it? Will your relationship with your children closer, if you begin to kiss before bed (before school, before going to the club)? The action for yourself and learn how to induce the child’s desire to act.
Touch is the key, which can easily get to everyone, but it is important to feel which way it turned to the door trust opened.
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