Как сработаться с бывшим парнем?Как сработаться с бывшим парнем?
Senior friend and kitchen philosophers know: you cannot relax wherever you work, and work where one can rest. But they know they from experience. And what do the young people who work in large companies, all under thirty, all life in work, family wait. Add to that total occupation, one premise, a local network and Skype with pretty smiles and convergence appears almost inevitable.

Once a reservation. With the exception of family pairs. Husband and wife can work in one company, no one нервируя not an occasion for slander. Not the degree of passion. Another thing colleagues in the mixed team. Someone with someone too often drink coffee, simultaneously goes out for a smoke, accidentally going to work together. If a girl starts Dating a guy that has complicated his relations with other employees. Now his girlfriend might misinterpret his pleasant conversation and easy verbal flirting with other girls.

Jealous girls dedicated to the

But such relations, light and полушутливые, are often the only discharge in a tense office life. If a girl thinks her boyfriend must change the way you communicate with the rest of the female people, then it becomes a problem. The team appreciated the humor, mild, calm in difficult situations and the ability to concentrate when дедлайне. Now, if someone asks him to move buffet or set up a printer, both partners нарвутся on condemning opinion, sour face and ignore list in Skype. Jealous girls categorically it is forbidden to have Affairs at work. In case of failure, they arrange a tantrum, spoiling and without that dull office landscape sad expression on his face, and if such a girl leaves, all relieved. So, drawing on the work of the novel, a need to tune in to a relationship that will not want to burden others. Each of us has enough problems, and nobody wants to working time to be distracted by the clarification of foreign relations.

And was there a boy?

Painless option relations which are not final round. Suppose you drink coffee, go to the cinema or cafe, hours talking on the phone and share their problems. This does not mean that you have something. It is not a relationship, rather relations, but not love, and to be quite friendly. Way to pass the time with a nice person. These usually last a long time. As soon as she decides that her something must guy and vanished. For example, had sex, and she decided that this is serious. She has a problem and she wants to, he decided. She is bored, and she bothering him with his talk. And a favorite pastime of passionate natures wait for the call. Well spoils nerves, deprived of sleep and mood. So if you think you have, but has not developed a novel, stop. Think you really’ve lost something or nothing else? Loss of imaginary relations is not a tragedy, and insight. Now you can wait nothing from others, and to live for myself. Straighten your back, head proudly raised, the head imaginary crown, and forward.
Suppose it was all the same…

I wonder what is the difference between light and serious relationship. Easy relationship quietly parted. A strong passion and formed hole the size of heart. And what is the difference? How much in love with a girl? Or that note damaged her self-esteem and now the whole office is discussing its problems? And if not worked together, it would be easier? On whose initiative parted ways? Someone prefers to immediately resign out of sight, out hearts out. As Anton Pavlovich Chekhov wrote, one pain always reduces another. Put you on a cat’s tail, which has a toothache, and so will she. The stress of finding a new job can help to gather, not to become limp, set new goals. Someone does not want to remain without work. Then you need to straighten his back and lift his head proudly, buy flowers and new underwear, but an old discarded. Take the first invitation for a date, smile and live with the smile always. Because of viewers are watching you. Too many people are aware that you now have hard times. And pity can finish you.

We are all civilized people

This is misleading from the same area that cannot meet their colleagues. If we do not eat fellow at dinner, it does not mean that we developed. A horror, if the former, you need to communicate at work. Behave neutrally, not aloof and not whined. Speak politely, briefly, do not contact requests. Take care of yourself, your inner state. Be calm, well-groomed and beautiful. It is likely that the former first to make a mistake, arrange a demonstration courting another colleague, third, fifth. Take these easy-to-read characters with humor and understanding. Soon it will start to whoop interfere with work and make a confusion in the team, perhaps the boss tells him to the door. In this case, the moral advantage is on your side. Maybe all перемелется, and you’ll be able to work peacefully, you have a pair, and establish friendly relations. But the most probable third variant: he will build the intrigues you. We must be alert not to look for excuses, and in the case of injustice to fight back. You can talk to the boss, explain the situation and assure you that you are a professional, good work and don’t want to interested colleague leaving you free to reputation.

Good women’s team

It can support, but may devour. Much depends on who threw on whose side the sympathy of the collective mind and from the sex ratio in the team. If many women and guys like hot cakes, it may happen that with shouts of the free, Free to yesterday’s friend will open the hunting season. People start drinking coffee with him, speak to souls to feed sandwiches. Pain, of course, unbearable, but this is better. If such alignment of forces you have no one to talk to. And it is not necessary. To do this, have close friends outside of work. This is the case if you are still in love. But another variant is possible: you got rid of relationship that you interfered live and develop. Learn to lose without losing dignity, learn to control yourself. You can give a lot of kind and hard to execute advice: never fall in love, to hide his personal life from his colleagues, not to worry, not to be attached to a man. I want to quote sherry Argob, the author of remarkably wise book Rules. Most often, the best advice to a woman who believes that is still in love with the former, simple: the Next! We strongly recommend to all the girls read this book. Following the Rules, you can start a new relationship, get married, do not make stupid mistakes. Believe in the ocean lots of fishes.

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