Эштон Катчер и Мила Кунис сыграют свадьбу в космосе

The former husband of Hollywood star demi Moore, a famous American actor Ashton Kutcher and actress Mila kunis (both top photo) soon they plan to get married. To mark this event they decided to… space.

To realize this dream, the groom with the bride applied to the company Virgin Group, a company specializing in space tourism and owned by billionaire Richard Branson.

Ashton and Mila plan to stay in orbit for 6 minutes, and do not stop even the fact that this idea will cost a fortune — $200 000 for the “ticket”. According to media reports, the couple has two flight scenarios. The first was to perform in space directly ceremony of marriage, the second — to have the wedding in a more relaxed atmosphere in Saint-Tropez, and the mission is to make a kind of honeymoon.


The gap between demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher was made in November 2011, when the six-year wedding anniversary actor caught in the society of another woman.

Recall that Mila and Ashton familiar quite a long time, but close only after the gap actor with a Hollywood star, demi Moore. Divorce Moore and Kutcher has not yet been completed, and future wedding and flight depend on whether former spouses divide the $ 20 million invested Kutcher in the project in the field of hi-tech industry.

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