Лысые и красивые: 12 женщин снялись обнаженными для календаря

In the UK, has released a unique calendar for 2015 models have become bald women suffering from diseases that cause hair loss, in particular, alopecia. The calendar can be purchased on the website Pretty Bald (Bald beauty”) in ten British pounds.


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“There are many calendars with naked models, but it seems to me that no one was so hard to undress, as we –

for many girls this was the first public appearance without hair”,

the authors of photo shoots, writes The Daily Mail.

On the cover of the calendar, all girls lie naked on a green lawn and on the sides of them are busts mannequins in wigs.

Photo: video screenshot

In another shot the two models hold the axe and firewood, and the next three naked women in black jackets stand beside the dog and the head of a mannequin in a wig. All photos hairless model smile.

The authors of the calendar tried to demonstrate to those who are suffering from hair loss that bald people, too, can be beautiful. All pictures were made by the photographer Marcus green. It is noted that

all funds raised will be directed to charity.

Alopecia is a pathological hair loss, which leads to thinning or disappearance in certain areas of the head or torso. The most common types of the disease include androgenetic apoleia, diffuse or symptomatic alopecia or alopecia, and scars. There are several ways to treat the disease, including hair transplantation.

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