Балерина Илзе Лиепа раскрыла подробности развода

The famous dancer Ilze Liepa, a few weeks ago, surprised the public by announcing a divorce with her husband Vladislav Паулюсом.Пара married 14 years ago and is raising her three year old daughter Hope, but now Ilze said that her marriage was a “mistake”.

Liepa reluctant to communicate with the press on the subject of personal life. But now decided to make some notes regarding the separation from her husband because of the increased attention of journalists to this issue.

“I think the mistake I made it was then when I decided to connect his life with this person, – told the artist Heat.ru. – I did not seek any material benefit or social status. It’s important for me only one thing: the kindness and care towards me. But the years of joint life, probably, spoil some people, good intentions to dissolve, feelings fade, and interest to the person with whom you live, disappears. All this I’ll admit that and understand, but in result, the situation turned into a psychological pressure within the family. I was not able to stand it, especially because it was next to my daughter.”


Ilze Liepa with her husband and daughter.

According to Ilze, it has long kept the problems in the relationship. But in the last few years the couple could not communicate with each other and agree on simple things. The “man of my dreams is my father and my brother. This generosity, kindness, and generosity are the qualities, which I really appreciate and respect. In my husband I have these qualities, unfortunately, not found”, – said the ballerina.

The star said that divorce was appointed on 9 July. And she hopes that with Vladislav she could leave without unnecessary scandals and mutual claims. “I would hope that now, in the time of divorce, again, the enhancement of its positive qualities. I want to see it as a manifestation of responsibility and sobriety. Vladislav understand why I took such a decision. I hope he will respect it.”

Let’s remind, that in January last year also collapsed marriage brother Ilze, dancer and choreographer Andris Liepa. The initiator of parting became his wife, Catherine. Experience of family life Andris was 20 years, the couple also have a daughter, whose name is Ksenia.

Source: kleo.ru

Photo: Maris Морканс/MixNews.lv, ITAR-TASS/Scanpix

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