Подорвались на МИНИ: 20 модных мини-юбок для лета-2013

Being hit MINI: 20 fashionable mini skirts for summer-2013

The mini skirt there are two dates of birth, and two of the discoverer, who in various ways have contributed to the invention popular today, a short skirt. In 1923 to mini-skirts for the first time asked French designer Andre Курреж. He is considered one of the major designers of the XX century, because he made a number of revolutionary changes in women’s fashion. His mini-skirts fiercely criticized Coco Chanel, who believed open women’s legs bad manners. In the end, about the mini Куррежа all forgotten, and patent their skirt he had not.

Forty years later to mini-skirts again turned British designer Mary Quant. It is often and write today inventors mini. Girlfriend Mary did house cleaning and scissors to cut off the hem of her long skirt to help his homework. At this moment the guests went Quant and immediately figured out what will produce in your collection 1962 – mini-skirt. Her invention was so successful that soon Mary Quant became famous not only in Europe, but in the USA, and received the title of «Woman of the year» and the Order of the British Empire. Guided by the idea Quant, in the late 60s shorten started not only skirts and coats, dresses and coats.

Mini skirts are not liked by many women around the world. So, the first ever woman President of South Korea, decided to prohibit in their country mini skirt as immoral clothes and introduced this year ban on the wearing short skirts, which threatens to each нарушительнице fine 45 dollars. The example of South Korea ban mini skirts now he is thinking in other countries, for example, in Azerbaijan. To us, this practice was unlikely to get, because Russian women even 20-degree frost does not prevent wear a mini. So that we can enjoy their legal right to walk in short skirts and look for a new silhouette short skirt for summer.

Isabel Marant Isabel Marant Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Prada Prada Balenciaga Balenciaga

Mini skirt with a print

In fashion graphics, floral prints, the largest cell and abstract paintings on =bright summer skirts http://www.wmj.ru/moda/tendencii/yarkie-letnie-yubki/. The top pick in the colors of a picture on a skirt or should tend to universal things like white shirts or black top on the straps.

Rebecca Minkoff Rebecca Minkoff Balmain Balmain Dolce Vita Dolce Vita Peter Jensen Peter Jensen

Mini skirt with a high waist

In principle, any high-waisted skirt visually lengthen legs, but the mini skirt with a high-waisted their beautifully reveals. To achieve the maximum effect, emphasize the waist strap, and the top tuck under the skirt.

M Missoni M Missoni Miu Miu Miu Miu

Mini-tweed skirt

Tweed is the ideal material for the manufacture of mini-skirts. Приверженницы strict classics, probably, will prefer твиду in gray, brown, or blue color, to have the opportunity to wear a tweed skirt to work. Others may like and bright shades of tweeds summer.

Diane Von Furstenberg Diane Von Furstenberg Nina Ricci Nina Ricci

Asymmetric mini skirt

Asymmetrical cut will make your skirt an individual thing. If asymmetric hem of the skirt, heels shoes is needed, and the top should be simple and plain, so as not to distract attention from the unusual skirts.

Matthew Williamson Matthew Williamson Leutton Postle Leutton Postle

Leather mini skirt

If you haven’t tried wearing leather skirt, do not miss the summer chance. The skirts of color and black leather look as appropriate with strict jackets and shirts, as well as with informal shirts and tops.

Alice + Olivia Alice + Olivia Alexander Wang Alexander Wang

Mini skirt denim

For the very hot weather even more suitable than himself, denim, and the thin cotton with imitation of denim. As denim, it comes in all different colors, with fading or faded texture.

Topshop Topshop Monki Monki


Very short mini-skirt – risky clothing, though the girls, who wear them, taking such a risk consciously. If you really want to show tanned legs in ultra-mini, take care of quite closed and free top and avoid high heels.

Motel Motel Hurley Hurley

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