Лучшие пилинги для тела перед загаромЛучшие пилинги для тела перед загаром
The secret of beautiful and perfect tan is well prepared for the skin. Peeling before the leave must be your usual procedure in the program of body care. WANT picked up for you the most interesting recipes peelings before tanning.
Question do or not do before peeling sunburn are many who goes on vacation. Definitely do. Even if you are already covered by a slight Golden tint, spending the summer in the city boundaries or at the local beaches. After the peeling, the essence of which clean the surface of the skin from the dead cells, your body becomes smooth and elastic, and the cells themselves skin will start to receive supplemental oxygen, which will improve their livelihoods. Tan lie on a smooth, flawless skin smooth and last longer, because the body is already prepared. In addition, many peels have anti-cellulite effect, that’s well worth considering before going to the beach. So, before peeling sunburn – be. And its taste, ingredients, and the consistency you choose.
Sea salt peeling

The most popular, fast and effective recipe. Pour into a comfortable capacity of sea salt. Sponge or sponge slightly moistened in water, collect salt from the vessel is applied on the body, light massage movements and uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the skin. Procedure duration – 10 minutes.

Peeling with тамариндом
Exotic recipe is originally from India. Mix 1 tablespoon тамариндовой paste, which you can buy in any Indian shop, with 1 tablespoon of honey. Add 0.5 cups of natural yoghurt and a pinch of red pepper. Carefully stir the ingredients and the resulting mass is applied on the body massage movements. You can feel a slight tingling of pepper, but beautiful toning and anti-cellulite effects you provided.
Peeling of seeds of flax

1 tablespoon of flax seeds boil in a small amount of water to the consistency of a thick mass. Crushed 2 tablespoons of dry seeds and add to the already размокшим, mix thoroughly. A damp sponge or sponge dipped in mass and cause skin massage movements. Well rinse with cool water.
Flower peeling
Will make your skin soft and smooth to touch it is a real pleasure. In a blender or a coffee grinder chop 1 st.l. ovsyanyh flakes, and 1 tablespoon dry rose petals and lavender. Add 2/3 Cup of coconut oil. You can substitute olive or flax. Add 2 drops of neroli essential oil and петигрейна. Carefully mix the ingredients, inhale the aroma that is not easy peeling, but a real procedure aromatherapy for the entire body. Apply with massage movements. After the procedure there is no need to apply moisturizing skin care products.
Sugar peeling

This peeling also among the favorites. For it is desirable for use fine sugar. To add 2 st.l. sugar 1/2 Cup natural yoghurt. If you feel that the amount of peeling is not enough to cover the whole body, increase the proportion. If you want more delicate add more yogurt, if you prefer a more thorough exfoliation add more sugar, then the mass becomes more dense. Put on a body massage movements. Procedure duration – 10 minutes. Then, take a cool shower, thoroughly wash the remaining peeling, to leave no sticky feeling after yogurt and sugar.

Almond peeling with avocado

Half of a large Mature avocado, peeled and finely grate. 100 gr. almond grind in a coffee grinder and add to the avocado. When applying peeling of the body, pay attention to the areas of the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. You will notice how the skin in these areas instantly tightened, becomes more elastic and less visible signs of cellulite.
Peeling of oatmeal, honey and milk
This peeling by their taste and aromatic characteristics are not inferior to the tub of Cleopatra, and skin after it is flawless and gentle as a baby. Mix honey, oat flakes, lemon juice and milk. Calculate the proportions of the ingredients, based on the weight and body surface area to be cleaned. Cause peeling massage movements. If you can, hold it for about 15-20 minutes on the skin, the effect will be even better. Rinse with peeling cool water.
Peeling with red wine

In blender, chop 200-300 gr. red grapes. Add 2 tsp. brown sugar and dry red wine, 2-3 drops of essential oils of grapefruit. Carefully mix the ingredients and apply on the skin with circular movements. A huge advantage of this peeling that it nourishes the skin with beneficial antioxidants, making it more resilient under the influence of negative factors of the environment. So do this before peeling sunburn extremely important.
Coffee peeling
This will give your body peeling easy and gentle, honey and caramel color terrace and better prepare pale skin to the adoption of sunbathing. 2 tablespoons thick of natural coffee mix with 2 tablespoons olive oil, and 1 tablespoon milk. Add 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder. Apply on the skin with massage movements, rinse with cool water.

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